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Market your business with the help of the tips and insights offered through these top 30 best marketing blog sites for 2016 for Internet marketers, small business owners, publishers, advertisers, bloggers. For this reason, we have enlisted 30 such blogs that will always keep you updated and informed about the changes in content marketing arena. These blogs have been publishing amazingly useful content for a long time and have gained a really good fan followings. And the blogs offer great insights on how you can promote your small business effectively on the Internet.
The Content Marketing Blogs are full with buzzing and successful ideas for business marketing.
The good people over at COLOURlovers set out to investigate an interesting question: what are the most dominant colors online?
One of the first things that leaps out is that there are two sweet spots on the color spectrum: the highest number of brands cluster around the blue-indigo area, and another, somewhat smaller, group feels at home centered around red.
On the face of it, you might expect companies offering similar services to brand themselves differently. To return to the real estate analogy, this actually squares with the counterintuitive real estate choices of certain businesses. If you’re anything like me – always looking for ways to save time, make the most of the resources you have, and stay on track with news and events in your industry – you need a quality reading list.
Thanks to the growing number of blogs popping up online, digging through the abundance of content to find resources that consistently provide value is challenging. As you can see in the following graph from Statista, the total volume of posts and blogs is continously growing – and – yes, it can be easy to  miss important stuff from leading internet marketing blogs. With the TOP 25 internet marketing blog list in your Feedly account – you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.
Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ve surely heard of Brian Clark and Sonia Simone. This is a very inspiring blog on content marketing and blogging, based around John Morrow’s advice and tips.
If you've heard of Hubspot and Content Marketing, you must have heard of Marcus Sheridan, the “pool guy.” Sheridan is an inspiring speaker who honestly shares his marketing wisdom on how to get your business out there, and finally start blogging!

MarketingProfs offers a massive library of tips on all things related to digital marketing, and content creation. Moz has been the leading authority on SEO for years, and now they’ve branched into inbound marketing. This is one of the most reputable SEO resources to include among your go-to internet marketing blogs. QuickSprout is the go-to source for practical marketing tips, advice, and inspiration from Neil Patel.
HubSpot provides an overwhelming amount of marketing tips and advice that are professionally and conveniently packed for marketers at companies of all sizes.
CrazyEgg's focus is on data and marketing, specifically tips and tricks on things to analyze and monitor. SproutSocial is a leading social scheduling tool, and their content is a fantastic resource on how to improve your social and SEO.
They did their best to get scientific about it, studying the colors in the brands of the top 100 websites.
In this, it would seem that the web's brands are similar to corporate brands in general, which Wired examined in a 2003 infographic of their own. But the infographic suggests that in some categories, brands again cluster around certain colors. Why is there a diamond district, rather than having diamond dealers spread themselves across a city? If you want to launch a social media company to take on Facebook, your best bet is a classic cool shade of blue. Avinash Kaushik is the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, and the way he blogs about data-driven decision making has totally won my heart. It offers great, professional advice and tips that are completely actionable, making it a must-have for your internet marketing blogs reading list.
This skill is harder than you think, but reading his blog is the perfect place to hone your abilities. Rand Fishkin has built the kind of community that we should all aspire to, and the Moz blog offers an almost overwhelming amount of fresh information on digital marketing.

You’ll find practical, tested and vetted tips on content marketing, conversion optimization, and more. This is what Unbounce is all about – conducting scientifically-sound marketing experiments to develop landing pages that convert. This blog offers an immense amount of value for both beginners and a more experienced crowd.
This is my go-to place for advice on how to maximize your ROI, build and sell new products. When designing yor marketing campaigns, this blog can help you keep user experience in mind. With tons of regular contributors, it’s both a leading internet marketing blog and a community center for both passionate social media gurus, and aspiring experts. A leading digital expert, his thought leadership and articles generate conversations all around the web. So news aggregator can’t automatically find it, i had to manually copy paste the rss feed url.
I’ve been watching a majority of these, I for sure recommend keeping up with Moz as the tool is needed in this industry. The websites offer great tips for business, products,or service related marketing trends for 2016-2017.
Specifically they set out to compare how websites in similar categories branded themselves. And other companies have made a reputation for staking out one corner of the spectrum and throwing their elbows at anyone who approaches: T-Mobile actually considers the color magenta to be trademarked, and has even sued or threatened lawsuits against others who have used it. This list of Internet Marketing blog sites will prove very handy while you are promoting a Small Business.

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