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If your website is a shop then you can now observe how many people came into the shop, the duration of time they spent on each aisle, the number of items they looked at, even where they came from among other things. There is so much scope to expand and grow your business based on the extensive information it provides. Have a quick look at the total number of sessions, new users and organic searches of the week. Also know your bounce rate and the average session duration.This report allows you to look at the bigger picture. Look at this screen-shot for instance, this website has really low bounce rate (which is a good thing) so the folks here know that’s one area they don’t have to worry about.Each metric in Google analytics represents a unique insight.

It will help you answer some important questions such as on which days of the week and at what time is the website most active.The variation in the visitor sessions can be the result of the experiments you are carrying out across all channels. If you launched a new campaign last month, then you can evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign this month compared to the previous month.
This is where it becomes much more vital to keep a track of how this metric is doing.A great website design and a great content are the only things that can make your audience stick to your website. It is free and provides ROI.So, make it a point to link your ranking keywords and at the same time improve the rankings for low performing keywords. Linking your Google Search Console (Webmaster tools) account with your Google Analytics account can provide much more in-depth analysis of your keywords. Also, look at each channel individually to compare this month’s performance to the last.Know which days of the week works best for which medium. For organic medium, the traffic trend in a week will be different for different type of audience. It will also help you analyse how these websites are contributing to goal conversions.Break down each medium’s traffic by traffic sources.

Some social media channels suit of only a specific set of audience and some do not.You will be able to identify the popularity of your website across different networks.
If you have specific networks as goals, this will let you know if you met the targets or not. Incompatibility of certain browsers with your website is one of reasons for loss of traffic. Developers are now having to create multiple version of a website suited to different devices.This report will tell you how your website is performing on different devices. Also, if you have specific locations as goals then you can keep tabs on how your website is performing in those countries and cities.This metric helps you find out more about your product. This enables Google Analytics to tell you where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to you.This will aid you in tracking the number of visits the campaign sent to your website.

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