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Today we’re going to kick things up a notch and apply some old school design ideas to enhance your landing page using the first 4 of the 7 principles of Conversion Centered Design.
Landing pages are so effective because they only present one action for a visitor to complete. I’ll demonstrate these principles through the use of design concepts, real-world experiments and how to apply them practically within a landing page. This is a classic technique used to hijack your visitors eyes and create a tunnel vision effect.
Here a circular arch creates a frame for the feature in the distance, preventing your eye from wandering elsewhere in the photo.
This landing page makes good use of contrast to give the top third of the page the most dominance. Use a single color hue (with a variety of tones) for your entire landing page, except for the CTA.
As directional cues, arrows are about as subtle as a punch in the face, which is why they work so well.
In the second example, the power of suggestion is in full effect, as the baby still gets lots of attention, but the area he is looking at receives a lot more than the first example.
Call attention to the most important page elements by using strategically placed and angled arrows. The purpose is to use simple spatial positioning to allow your call to action (CTA) to stand out from it’s surroundings and give your eye only one thing to focus on. The more space that is left unused, the more attention is driven to stuff that’s on the page. In the example below, the muted tones of the meadow drive your eye to the antelope positioned in the corner. In the next example your eyes are afforded the freedom to move around the different page elements with ease. Give your page elements breathing room to produce a calming effect and allow your CTA to stand out from the rest of your design. Notice how the form stands out more in the version on the right, due to an encapsulation container.
Using the same color as the CTA will naturally allow your eye to follow the trail down to the CTA after reading the contents of the header. February was a record month for Pinch of Yum, as we earned $1,288.40 more than the previous high last month. We want to do our best to keep you in the loop with what we’re doing behind the scenes with Pinch of Yum in hopes that you can learn something from us and apply it your blog.
Companies like Google AdSense and BlogHer offer a great way to generate advertising income from your blog. Companies like Google AdSense and BlogHer are not the only way to generate advertising income from your blog. With that in mind, let’s talk about how you can go about setting up a system to partner with brands and remove the advertising middle man.
Remember, we’re attempt to create long-term relationships with brands, so that means we want to build a billing system that allows us to use recurring billing. We had already signed up for Website Payments Pro because we use it on the Tasty Food Photography sales page to process credit cards. Love, love, love to see the blog thrive and the work you guys put in be rewarded, hopefully I’ll be there one day… thanks to your tips of course, thank you so much for sharing! I read about DFP a few months ago and was intrigued – but a little confused when I looked into it. We don’t have a ton of ads that come through BuySellAds, but when we do it has been really slick. Before long, one of them pointed to a plump pigeon in a tree, and the three of them stopped and took aim. It guides the visitor toward completing one specific action, using persuasive design and psychological triggers as devices to increase conversions. They remove unnecessary distractions and focus visitors on a single, targeted conversion goal.

You can think of it like creating a window on your landing page where your CTA is the view. If you’ve been in a marketing role for a while, you’ll have likely heard the ongoing argument over button color.
To apply this to a landing page, you’d have a primarily green hued page design, with a contrasting orange button. It makes you more inclined to spend the majority of your time digesting the content within the blue area, which contains most of what you need to know to make a conversion decision.
They help to guide your visitors towards your conversion goal, making the purpose of your page obvious as soon as they arrive.
With so little time on your page, visually guiding the user to the checkout is a smart move. The couple looking to the left direct your eyes to the form on the left which is the desired interaction point of the page.
Tie a sequence of arrows together to define a path for the visitor to follow, ending at your CTA. Your eyes are forced to jump all over, and you can assume the next destination for your visitors’ eyes will be the back button. To illustrate how they work, let’s walk through the evolution of a lead gen form using encapsulation, color contrast and directional cues to transform a bland hidden form into a more effective designed form. This is most often done simply by placing the form in a containing box to provide a contrasting background. Notice how there are two primary areas of the form that are brought forward by the use of color and contrast: the form header and the CTA. The header should contain pertinent information describing what you are getting by submitting the form and the benefit of doing so.
These arrows add extra visual persuasion to the form; the first arrow moves your attention from the introductory copy to the form header (which should contain the description of the purpose of your form).
If not, you can open a free Unbounce account (60 seconds to sign up – no credit card required).
And the next frontier we’re going to try and tackle with Pinch of Yum in regards to generating income will be establishing long-term partnerships with reputable brands. But we’re hoping that starting from scratch and talking about the process as it happens will be helpful. That being said, it’s hard to budget your income when you know that your next payment from a certain advertiser could be half of what the last one was. This frees us up from having to send out invoices every month, and it frees the brand up from having to enter in their payment information every month. It’s important to be the one to pick up the phone (or press the compose button) and start the conversation with the brands you want to work with, because they might not necessarily be knocking on your door and asking to advertise on your site. I would like to do more of that but it’s really a matter of me not having enough time being I only blog on the side. It is so nice to know when I have a question about how to get started monetizing my new blog I can find so much of what works right here! Also like how you break down the use of Double Click for publishers and Paypal Recurring billing.
This intense focus is why landing pages sit at the heart of the concepts of Conversion Centered Design. In an eye tracking heat map study, a baby was used to see what effect it would have on visitor attention. In short, it would be nice to build a consistent stream of income as opposed to one that fluctuates from month-to-month. It works the same way as other ad networks in the sense that you get HTML code and drop it into your website where you want the ads to appear.
After meeting with Bob he decides that advertising on Pinch of Yum might be a good way for him to increase sales at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market as well as his online store.
Using PayPal and Recurring Billing we enter in Bob’s billing information and set the billing date to the 1st of every month.
And reaching out to connect with people is exactly what we plan to do as we attempt to develop some of these brand partnerships.

It’s a wonderful tool (although it took a little bit to learn how to best utilize it, and it’s still a work in progress)!
When I was a newer blogger I reached out more and as time goes by, the brands do find you but still building those relationships is important and can be intimidating but I try to not let it stop me from reaching out to them sometimes! It sure beats having to Google it and spend all of my time as a busy mom looking for what I need to know! It doesn’t hurt to have the option, as the only time an ad will show is when someone has purchased one through BuySellAds. Also you should consider having a contract for each ad so that when the time limit is up you can re-evaluate the relationship and over time increase how much you charge per month. I think you are allowed to place backlinks in your Flickr descriptions which could help you with SEO.
Also, Pinch of Yum would link to their website whenever we use maple syrup as an ingredient in a post. Lastly, we would agree to provide them with statistics about the ad impressions and click-through rate at the end of every month.
You just have to do some research and align yourself with companies that have good healthly budgets to spend on sites like yours.
If your website is a shop then you can now observe how many people came into the shop, the duration of time they spent on each aisle, the number of items they looked at, even where they came from among other things. There is so much scope to expand and grow your business based on the extensive information it provides.
Have a quick look at the total number of sessions, new users and organic searches of the week.
Also know your bounce rate and the average session duration.This report allows you to look at the bigger picture. Look at this screen-shot for instance, this website has really low bounce rate (which is a good thing) so the folks here know that’s one area they don’t have to worry about.Each metric in Google analytics represents a unique insight. It will help you answer some important questions such as on which days of the week and at what time is the website most active.The variation in the visitor sessions can be the result of the experiments you are carrying out across all channels.
If you launched a new campaign last month, then you can evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign this month compared to the previous month.
This is where it becomes much more vital to keep a track of how this metric is doing.A great website design and a great content are the only things that can make your audience stick to your website. It is free and provides ROI.So, make it a point to link your ranking keywords and at the same time improve the rankings for low performing keywords. Linking your Google Search Console (Webmaster tools) account with your Google Analytics account can provide much more in-depth analysis of your keywords. Also, look at each channel individually to compare this month’s performance to the last.Know which days of the week works best for which medium.
For organic medium, the traffic trend in a week will be different for different type of audience. It will also help you analyse how these websites are contributing to goal conversions.Break down each medium’s traffic by traffic sources.
Some social media channels suit of only a specific set of audience and some do not.You will be able to identify the popularity of your website across different networks. If you have specific networks as goals, this will let you know if you met the targets or not. Incompatibility of certain browsers with your website is one of reasons for loss of traffic.
Developers are now having to create multiple version of a website suited to different devices.This report will tell you how your website is performing on different devices.
Also, if you have specific locations as goals then you can keep tabs on how your website is performing in those countries and cities.This metric helps you find out more about your product.
This enables Google Analytics to tell you where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to you.This will aid you in tracking the number of visits the campaign sent to your website.

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