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With ever-changing technology and continuous advancements in the digital field, it’s hard to stay on top of online marketing best practices.
I haven’t even bought a turkey for Thanksgiving yet, but here at work I’m already well into 2015 projects — tweaking next year’s plans and figuring out how to meet my marketing goals. You can download the entire media kit pdf, or you can get the same information by navigating this website.
If you’re looking for creative solutions to help you meet your 2015 goals, take a look through the media kit, then contact Toks, Walter, or Peggy. Your account executive can help you develop a strategy that includes print ads, tablet ads, online banners (desktop and mobile), newsletters, and dedicated eblasts.
Christianity Today offers many opportunities across multiple platforms that allow you to engage with an influential Christian lay or church leaders’ audience. The Christianity Today of this millennium is more than just a magazine — it’s a global platform that conveys your message to our dedicated audience. Ask any business manager to name the first things he cuts back on in tough economic times, and you will likely get this answer: advertising and travel. I cannot tell you how many times during my 15 years in advertising I have asked the question “Who is your target audience?” and the client on the other line had no clue. A lot of marketers and business managers assume that the Christian market is all the same, or that all nonprofits are the same. I know it’s not even Christmas yet, but like many of you, we’re already hard at work on plans and projects for 2013. You can download the entire media kit pdf, or you can get the same information by navigating our ad website. Whether you’re focused on a single, targeted opportunity, looking for an ongoing, integrated campaign, or want to develop a customized marketing program, contact us to explore creative solutions that meet your marketing goals and needs.

Mobile Advertising Watch is a leading technology media property dedicated to covering the rapidly evolving world of mobile advertising, reviewing new solutions, giving reliable and actionable tips and breaking important technology news.
According to a new survey of 300 digital advertising, media, and marketing leaders and stakeholders, viewability was the top contender in the anticipated challenges arena. The survey, conducted by The 614 Group, a global digital consultancy, and AdMonsters, a professional community and conference series for digital ad operations and technology leaders, asked respondents what they thought the biggest challenges would be in 2015.
While 63 percent chose viewability, with about seven in 10 saying they “do not believe a majority of digital publishers will achieve high viewability delivery by the end of 2015,” ad fraud was cited by 26 percent as a chief concern for the coming year. Social media ad spend will sharply increase as brands realize the importance of social media marketing. Marketers will find new ways of making native advertising less promotional and more relevant.
Either way, you’ll find information on our print, digital, mobile, and social opportunities that can connect you with over 3.5 million responsive consumers every month. With the launch of our iPad app for Christianity Today, Leadership Journal, and Today’s Christian Woman, we now combine the branding capabilities of print advertising and the strength of online advertising by linking the publication to the digital world and all its benefits. By targeting both the medium and the audience we can create a campaign that offers affordable and unique opportunities to pinpoint the audience and geographical locations and make your advertising campaign more profitable overall. Contact us today to discuss what options will fit with your goals and what ideas we can bring to the table to help you expand your impact. Before you start an ad campaign, ask yourself, “Whom are we trying to sell to, and what will they be reading? So they call the first religious or niche publication they can find and start negotiating a price. It’s of little use to simply advertise the fact your company exists; your advertisements have to give people a specific reason, with an incentive if possible, to come to your business and make a purchase, to actually become a customer.

Either way, you’ll find opportunities to reach over 2.5 million engaged consumers and maximize your impact through our print, digital, mobile, and social media programs.
7) — This new digital magazine, published in cooperation with the Hispanic Evangelical Association, is designed to help you command the attention of Hispanic Christian leaders. You’ll be the only advertiser with all the ad placements, in both desktop and mobile formats.
57) — With smartphone and tablet use growing by leaps and bounds, mobile banners help you reach customers on the go.
This is poor targeting and often the campaigns do not work, leaving the managers frustrated and disenchanted. Just like you would do your due diligence in picking stocks and bonds for your portfolio, you need to invest the time to make sure that the publisher you advertise with is the right vehicle to carry your message. When people see a company or product being advertised continuously they naturally start to lend credibility to the business, building overall brand awareness.
ActionX claims that click-through rates on these types of ads are two to three times higher than a typical mobile ad. Once two full sentences were completed, a virtual medal was given to consumers and they had the option to replay the game.Up until recently, the focus on alternatives to banner ads has focused on playing up touch interactions such as rich media.

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