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The field of Marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of business today and there has never been a better time to earn an online marketing degree. After looking high and low for all the schools in the country that offer degrees in Marketing, we then narrowed the selection to include only those that offer their programs in a 100% online format.
Western Governors University offers a reliable and affordable online marketing bachelors degree for students seeking to get a bachelors degree directly from their computer. The Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management from Western Governors University is perfect for entrepreneurs and experienced professionals who are looking to augment their existing education with a degree in Marketing.
Work towards a career in business at Bellevue University by taking online marketing courses.
Bellevue is a much decorated university, earning awards as a Top 20 Online Bachelor’s Degree Program and Top 10 Online Bachelor’s Degree Program for Veterans from U.S. Work towards an online degree in marketing at The American Public University for under $7,000 per year. If you’re interested in sales, advertising, and promotion and fantasize about working in a fast-paced environment, then a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from American Public University might be for you.
Thomas Edison State College offers a reliable and affordable online marketing degree program for students seeking a career in business.
Learn about product development, sales and brand management, wholesaling, public relations, and market planning and analysis through Thomas Edison State College’s Marketing Concentration within the Business Administration major. By the time you graduate from Granite State College with an  affordable online marketing degree in Marketing, you’ll be able to identify all the core concepts of marketing and develop marketing strategies and objectives. Mount Washington College has a reliable online marketing bachelors degree for students seeking a career in business. Combining a degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing gives you all the flexibility of a degree in Business with all the specialized skills that come with training in advertising, sales, and promotions. Learn the ins-and-outs of business at Baker College by taking online marketing courses for less than $9,000 a year. Baker College understands that, in order to be competitive in the marketing industry, one needs to not just hold a coveted Marketing degree, but also enter the field fully prepared to take on responsibilities with minimal additional training.
One of the unique aspects of Colorado State University’s Bachelor of Science in Marketing is that you have the option of specializing in an additional career-relevant area.
New England College of Business and Finance offers a reliable online marketing degree program for students interested in business.
At the New England College of Business and Finance you have the option of choosing between a Business Administration Degree in Marketing or a Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing.
Taking online marketing courses at the University of Maryland University College is made simple since all courses are held online and are accessible from any computer with access to the internet. By enrolling at the University of Maryland University College, you can get all the benefits of one of the most trusted names in Mid-Atlantic education with the convenience of an accredited online marketing degree. The Fashion Institute of Technology offers a online marketing bachelors degree for about $5,000 a year (instate).
For a twist on the typical marketing degree, consider applying to the Fashion Institute of Technology’s program in International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries. Learn more about business and operations by taking online marketing courses at the University of Northwestern Ohio. The University of Northwestern Ohio gives students the flexibility to choose between a Bachelor degree in Marketing or a BSBA degree with a Marketing Concentration. The University of Phoenix offers an online degree in marketing for students interested in how businesses operate. The University of Phoenix’s program in Business with a Concentration in Marketing prepares students to further their careers in management by instructing them in all the principles of finance, law, organizational behavior, research, and technology.
Colorado Technical University has an online marketing degree program to help students grasp an understanding on the advertising world.
Franklin University offers online marketing courses at affordable rates for all students that want to find a career in business. Learn to channel your creativity and inspire it in others with a marketing degree from Franklin University. Rasmussen is a small private college that holds its own against larger Midwest institutions. Become an account manager, or a public relations manager, or a copywriter, or an event planner, or virtually anything else in advertising or sales with a degree from the University of Minnesota. Walden University’s Business Administration degree is accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs and includes multiple specialization options, including finance, small business management, and marketing. Walsh College of Accountancy and Business helps students learn more about the economy and business by offering an online marketing degree program. Walsh College has built a successful BSBA – Marketing degree program on the “four P’s” – product, pricing, place, and promotion. With a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the Collat School of Business at the the University of Alabama at Birmingham, you can get all the resources of a large state school combined with the flexibility and convenience of a degree offered 100% online. About the Author: Iris Stone got her start in writing when she began working as a freelance writer and researcher in 2011. 10 Best Online Degrees for Business Owners 10 Best Online Degrees for Business Owners By BDP Staff Posted November 2015Online degrees for business owners abound. In a nutshell, marketing is the process of advertising and promoting a particular product, brand, company or idea to a target demographic. A marketer will work to ensure that consumers realize the value and necessity of a product, but an advertiser will craft the actual commercials or advertisements that convince shoppers to part with their money.
The biggest reason for most people to pursue an online degree is simply to secure a new career. This degree program is perfect for those who are looking for employment positions like market research analyst, advertising sales manager or business relations specialist. In the United States, the average salary for someone with just a high school diploma is roughly $26,000 per year.
If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and you want to secure a stable financial future, an online degree is the first step in that direction.
To work in this field, you need to have natural abilities in areas such as understanding consumers, creating advertising campaigns and collecting data for research.
Earning a degree will be the perfect next step you need to find a career in which you can thrive. Many people already work for businesses in this field, but they don’t get the proper respect, title or salary that they deserve. Unfortunately, even those individuals who are very successful may get passed over for promotions if they don’t have the educational credentials to back it up. To advance your existing career in the company you work for, an online degree can be exactly what you need.
For a lot of employees in this field, it is difficult to stay competitive with new graduates who are learning about market research methods that include social media and other new technologies. One of the best aspects of earning a degree online instead of in a traditional college campus is flexibility.
Whether it’s marketing or some other area that interests you, there are many online degree programs available to help you prepare for the type of career you want.
Sandy Davis is a long-time educator who holds a Master’s Degree in Education, having taught English, writing, and communication on the secondary and college levels. Top Marketing SchoolsRankings and Reviews of the Best Marketing Degree ProgramsAt Top Marketing Schools, our goal is to provide you with all the information you need in order to find the best marketing degree program, then get into your school of choice and be on your way to a successful marketing career. We also explore the top paying jobs in marketing, and we provide guides on how to get a job in marketing, including how-to guides in many specialty areas within marketing, such as advertising, sales, design, and more.
The field of marketing offers a wide range of career opportunities, from online marketing, search marketing, and email marketing to product management and sales and sales management.
People who understand how to use the internet as well as traditional media to communicate their message and attract customers will go far in the business world.
Of the colleges left, only the twenty with the lowest overall tuition rates made it into this article. Students build a foundation in product management, promotion, strategic marketing, sales, distribution, and pricing while also learning about important business principles, such as finance, information systems, accounting, and economics.
APU attracts military veterans and other adult learners who want to take classes in International Marketing, Marketing Management, Contracting and Negotiating, Public Relations, Strategic Internet Marketing, and more. This cheap online marketing degree program is designed for people who are already working in marketing and are interested in developing additional expertise in certain functional areas.

News and World Report as having one of the best online degree programs in 2014, Granite State College offers online marketing courses so students can work towards their bachelors online. As you get your marketing degree online, you’ll practice studying marketing trends, developing effective branding, and crafting powerful advertising messages. Students take classes in Principles of Management, Business Ethics, Advertising, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and more before moving on to careers in business, finance, office management, and advertising. That’s why the school has developed a comprehensive program that enables students to find significant work as marketing managers making attractive salaries, even as a new grad.
Some of these are fairly traditional choices, such as Business Administration or Finance, but you can also make a more unique selection, such as Criminal Forensics, Emergency Management, or Healthcare Informatics.
By choosing the BSBA program you can learn about business while also being trained in how to build customer relationships, conduct market research, and take on management roles. Students learn about information technology, law, operations, and customer relations, which gives them a broad foundation in business principles. The major is ideal for students who have an interest in fashion but would prefer to work in management rather than design. Either way, you’ll take classes like Consumer Behavior, Internet Marketing, Services Marketing, International Marketing, and Marketing Research, but the degree in Marketing also includes many more specialized classes, such as Professional Selling and Integrated Marketing Communications. Students are also encouraged to develop critical thinking skills, flex their analytical muscles, and practice conducting research so that they will be more suited for careers in marketing. The curriculum is designed around the changing fields of advertising and public relations that require marketers to think outside the box and turn to web and social media applications rather than traditional media. The affordable online marketing degree curriculum covers advertising, global relations, public relations, digital marketing, e-commerce, market research, analysis, strategy, and a multitude of other areas that will be invaluable in your future career. In fact, College Prowler has given the school “A” ratings almost across the board, including in such categories as Tuition and Financial Aid, Online Courses, and Academic Experience. News and World Report, Princeton Review, OnlineU, Affordable Online Colleges, SuperScholar, Guide to Online Schools, and more, the University of Minnesota Crookston offers several online marketing courses. Despite the fact that the degree is taught online, students still get all the benefits of hands-on, experiential learning. Start with business courses, such as Critical Thinking and Information Systems in Enterprise, before completing a final business capstone project.
Students learn about how to successfully impact consumers by studying advertising, public relations, sales, internet marketing, research, and communications.
Her freelance business soon took off and she now owns and operates a writing and editing firm that works with clients all across the country. Deciding which degree suits your needs depends on various factors, such as personal branding, international relations, and marketing strategies. Although it may seem similar, if not identical, to advertising, there are some major differences. Without a college degree of any kind, many individuals find it hard to get past the interview stage of the hiring process. A market research analyst with a bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, earns upwards of $60,000 annually. If you already feel comfortable doing these tasks, then you will be a natural fit in the industry. Even refresher courses or a full associate degree can supplement your experience and help you stay up to date in the business world. Students studying online can fit their classes around their work or family life, and they never have to drive to a college campus. With ten years of experience in blogging, social media and content management, she is a freelance writer and content marketing specialist for a diverse range of clients.
We highlight the latest information about colleges and universities offering top marketing programs. Graduates of top marketing schools are more likely to get the best marketing jobs available. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to attend a traditional four-year college and spend hours a week on campus. It’s important to note that for public schools, we calculated an estimated tuition by taking the average of the in-state and out-of-state rates. With an online marketing degree from WGU, you’ll be prepared to be not just a successful marketing professional, but an effective leader as well. Students can take Bellevue’s Marketing Management degree program in both an accelerated and cohort format, which allows them to graduate early and tap into a helpful network of peers. Students also benefit from Independent Study and can choose to concentrate in Analytics, Sales, or General Marketing. All students are given the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and integrate much of the information they’ve learned into a final Capstone Project.
You also might be able to get 100% tuition coverage through the school’s DREAMers scholarship initiative.
The program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) and involves team activities, real-life business simulations, and individual projects. While getting your marketing degree online, you’ll take classes like Consumer Behavior, International and Multicultural Marketing, and Promotion and Public Relations, and then complete a final Capstone Project that challenges you to put your newfound knowledge into practice.
Many grads go on to become marketing specialists, sales managers, and advertising representatives. Highly-regarded professors also offer training in scenario planning, customer profiles, market intelligence, and competitive analysis so that you can secure an in-demand position in either the private or public sector.
Marketing majors also take special electives classes, while Business Administration majors focus more on general business principles, Economics, Accounting, and Human Resources.
You’ll learn how to identify customer needs, communicate with potential clients, develop pricing strategies, and even develop effective advertisements. Students become business savvy as they learn about product service planning, marketing research, the virtual marketplace, applied marketing management.
Speaking of future careers, with a degree from Franklin you will be ideally poised for a job in copywriting, research analysis, promotion coordination, and management – to name but a few. The school offers a Marketing degree that is available in an accelerated format, which means, after taking into consideration any previous college credits or work experience you have, you could get a Bachelor’s degree in as little as 18 months!
Tackle challenging projects, design intricate marketing plans, and organize consumer analysis reports before you ever get a diploma. During this time you’ll also take online marketing degree classes, conduct a case study in Services Marketing, and develop a final student portfolio that could just be the reason you land a job over your competitors in the job market.
Built on a foundation of finance and management knowledge, students are in the best possible position to look for careers in marketing after graduation. News and World Report, holds a regional accreditation, and has an additional accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.
Despite the time it takes to run a business she still does much of the writing herself, and her work has included a variety of content related to education policy, colleges and universities, academic programs, and graduates’ careers.
We have designed a list of the top online degrees for business owners to help you choose the degree that is right for you.Today’s small business owners have a global perspective, manage an online presence, and personally brand their products and services.
Discover the six biggest reasons to pursue an online degree if you want to work as a marketer in the future. If you are ready to move beyond a shift job and settle into a genuine career, then a degree is vital.
Our marketing degree program rankings focus on the best marketing schools with a strong reputation for academic excellence and high rate of placement among graduates. Many of these schools, cheap as they might be, are also impressively high-quality and have received top ratings from U.S.
You’ll move step-by-step through curriculum in sales, advertising, ethics, law, quality management, and the nature of consumers before completing the program by developing a comprehensive marketing plan. In 2014, American Public University was rated as one of the Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs by U.S. Mount Washington College is a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ rating.
It’s easy to see how successful Baker grads are when you look at the statistics – in fact, 97% of them are currently employed.
CSU has been named a “Best Online College” by SuperScholar as well as a “Best Online Bachelor’s Program” by U.S. Students in the Digital Marketing program learn about media strategies, digital content, Web 2.0 advertising, and virtual operations.

UMUC is regionally accredited and has been labelled a top military- and veteran-friendly institution. Graduates go on to pursue careers in marketing, management, logistics, customs, licensing, and other areas of importance to global fashion marketing.
The university has strong corporate partnerships with big names in the industry, including AT&T and MGM Resorts, which means you may have a better chance of landing a job after graduation that will really take you places.
After graduation, many students become business analysts, program managers, store managers, and more. Franklin is considered one of the best schools for military veterans and counts numerous CEOs and entrepreneurs among its alumni.
Classes are offered in focused, 6-week sessions so you can concentrate on fewer subjects at a time and maximize your chances of success.
Students also have the opportunity to tailor their degree to their own preferences by choosing to double major or minor in Entrepreneurship or Management.
Walden also has a Self-Design option within the BSBA degree that could allow you to combine an interest in Marketing with other business specializations. Study quantitative analysis, financial management, business communications, information systems, e-commerce, international marketing, entrepreneurship, strategic marketing, and more as part of this online marketing degree program at a school that can help you significantly improve your career prospects. To succeed in today’s market, business owners must stand out and separate themselves from competitors. Top marketing programs help you prepare for a variety specialties within the field of marketing, including marketing analysis, product management, sales, marketing management, web marketing, and more. Check out our rundowns of highest paying jobs in marketing and highest paying jobs in sales.
This major is ideal for students who have past work experience that can be applied for credit toward their degree. These grads become creative developers, web masters, and SEO specialists, among other things.
As part of your education, you’ll also gain proficiency in a foreign language and have the option to take classes in World Civilizations and History.
84% of students report that they are satisfied with their experience at CTU and 98% of employers say that graduates perform their jobs as well or better than other employees.
Having a toolbox filled with knowledge and understanding of the business world improves the likelihood of success.We have compiled a list of the 10 best online degrees for business owners based on what the degree program offers small and large business owners.
The school has over 200 corporate partners that allows them to offer more “real world” business and marketing classes. The school boasts three separate accreditations and has produced a long list of notable fashion icons, including Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. News and World Report, The Princeton Review, OnlineU, Affordable Online Colleges, SuperScholar, Guide to Online Schools, and more. Students graduating with an online business degree, gain a thorough understanding of the business world and how to apply successful strategies to their own business. We hope you find the following list useful in strategizing your long-term career in business.#10 – Bachelor in Business Administration Online DegreeAn online business administration degree program is one of the best online degrees for business owners. Students can expect to learn strategies for running small and large business, marketing principles, and various business processes that impact business owners. Common course topics include Accounting Principles, Economics, and Human Resource Management. A business administration degree program is beneficial for business owners because the program provides an overview in business education.
From accounting to sales and marketing, students receive a solid foundation and insight into all areas of business. Students can expect to take courses in Consumer Behavior, Internet Marketing, and Management. The program is designed for the student with a marketing mind or desire to learn marketing principles in depth, so that the skills may be applied to business.
By majoring in marketing, small business owners gain an insight into consumerism and product promotion. Majoring in business technology from an accredited school is one of the best online degrees a business owner can get. Students can expect to take courses covering topics in Business Systems Analysis, IT Management, Operations Management, and Strategic Planning. Students learn how to implement business technology systems into their small or large business and utilize these technologies in a meaningful and successful way. This comprehensive degree provides students with the opportunity to study business at the theoretical level. Students can expect to learn business theory, economic principles, and trends in businesses that are necessary to understand for growth and security. Common course topics include Accounting, Business Statistics, Economic Theory, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics.
Students choosing to study finance gain foundational and in-depth skills in business management, financial analysis, statistics, and taxation. These skills can be applied to running a small business successfully, as students gain a thorough understanding of the financial aspects behind operating a business.
The program is designed for business owners, as well as independent financial analysts, portfolio managers, and risk managers.
Business owners benefit from an international business degree online due to required obligations and responsibilities of working full- or part-time. Whether you see your business expanding oversees or your operations are currently global, an international business degree is one of the best online degrees for business owners. Students can expect to take classes covering Business Ethics, Communications, Global Commerce, and International Marketing.
Students gain interpersonal communication skills, study mass media communications, and understand the importance of public relations. Students can expect to study topics such as Business Communication, Mass Media, and Public Relations Management.
The communications degree is one of the best online degrees for business owners due to the broad based knowledge it provides.
Often combined with business administration, an entrepreneurship degree offers important skills designed to help students start, grow, and manage a business.
While the degree is perfect for business owners, skills learned are applicable to working with nearly any organization – in case a Plan B is needed. Course topics include Accounting, Business Management, Business Strategies, Marketing, and Performance Management. Business owners find that an online entrepreneurship degree provides flexibility, especially when going to school and working is required. Considered to be one of the best online degrees for business owners, the business management program provides a solid education in areas like sales and marketing, strategic development, and taxation. Students learn what it takes to run a small business and how to succeed in a competitive market. Common courses cover such topics as Accounting, Business Management Principles, and Marketing Strategies.
Business owners planning to hire employees benefit from the skills gained in an online small business management degree program. MBA programs combine global perspective with leadership and management skills that help business owners grow their businesses in emerging markets. Students can expect to take courses covering Business Perspectives, Economics for Global Decision Makers, and Strategic Management. Business owners not only enjoy the flexibility of online classes, but can hone their study focus in highly specialized areas. Some specializations offered in an online MBA program include Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, or Project Management.

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