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Designed by Boston University in conjunction with some of the world’s leading universities, the MS in International Marketing Management provides an exciting, value-added educational experience.
The curriculum combines state-of-the-art classes in e-commerce, web design, and database analysis with a broad understanding of the advertising, marketing research, and promotional skills needed to excel in the international marketing field.
Students who elect to take online courses with our international partner universities receive transcripts from those institutions, as well as Boston University.
Specific marketing skills, building on the basics to include web design, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC).
The skills and abilities necessary to operate globally with an understanding of cultural differences, global marketing and research strategies, and regional adaptions. The skills necessary to design and optimize websites, and engage in a broad range of innovative marketing techniques. Knowledge and expertise of international marketing and management that enables them to successfully compete in the global economy. The ability to understand and analyze a variety of socioeconomic environments, and formulate competitive marketing strategies.
Facility in performing sophisticated market research and analysis through the application of a broad range of innovative marketing techniques and analytics, in order to seize major market opportunities. With appropriate advanced planning, you can use degree electives from your online Master of Science in International Marketing Management to satisfy up to two required courses in an Administrative Sciences graduate certificate program—leaving only two additional courses to be completed in order to receive a graduate-level certificate. Read our interview with International Marketing Management graduate Bill Payne (MET'12), president of NYK Line, North America. Students must complete the six core management courses along with four International Marketing Management electives, and two additional courses. Alternately, students who hold the Boston University Graduate Diploma in International Marketing may earn the MS in International Marketing Management by completing only the six core courses and two additional courses. Please complete this form to receive more information about your program of interest, application deadlines, as well as opportunities to attend online information sessions (webinars).
If you work in the field of marketing and advertising, earning your Marketing MBA can be your best way to prepare for higher level positions new opportunities. Use MBA Online Program to decide which MBA in Marketing program is right for your career path. People who work as marketing, promotions or advertising managers are responsible for a wide range of duties.
A Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook report in 2010 stated that marketing managers could earn an average annual salary of $104,000. The most common demographic of students in a marketing MBA program are those who are already working.
The field of marketing offers you the opportunity to specialize in one or more different career types. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which is a division of the United States Department of Labor, puts out an employment report every 10 years. Before you begin a formal program of study, you must first be admitted to an online program. The first part of your marketing MBA program will consist of a broad-level overview of courses that relate to your specialty.
When you have completed all required coursework in the MBA marketing program, you will most likely be assigned a major project to complete during your last marking period. Explore the highlighted schools to learn more about the online MBA in Marketing that fits your professional ambitions. For those wondering if an online marketing MBA program is right for them, there are some common characteristics in successful candidates. Graduates with an MBA in Marketing have many attributes they need to summarize in their resume. When you earn your online MBA in Marketing, you can purse the next level of your career with the confidence, knowledge and skills to succeed. Marketing Director: The responsibility of a marketing director is being in charge of the entire operation of a company's marketing department. New Product Developer: Whenever a company develops a new product or service, these individuals are the ones responsible for all of the marketing to get the name brand out there for all to see.
Sports or entertainment marketing: Individuals in this career path are focuses on marketing various sports teams, artists, leagues and others who are packaged into one specific product or brand. New marketing opportunities: This career is focused on involving interactive media and managing all of the social media aspects around numerous companies. Public relations: Those in this position will use a substantial amount of marketing skills, such as that of customer service, customer outreach, customer awareness and market segmentation. If you are looking for an industry with much heart, passion, excitement, and countless business opportunities, then the sports industry might be a good choice for you. Here is our list of the 25 Best Schools for Online Master’s Degrees in Sport Management. For more information in your online sport education search, also check out our Sports Management Online Resource Guide. Photo creditIndiana University-Bloomington is a 4-year public university that was founded in 1820 as the flagship campus of Indiana University’s eight campuses.
Photo creditThe University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a 4-year, public university that was established in 1997 to provide coordination and support to the three other campuses of the University of Illinois.
Photo creditDuquesne University is a 4-year, private, nonprofit university that was founded in 1878 by a group of Catholic missionaries. Photo creditThe University of Florida started as a small seminary in 1853 and has grown to a university with 4,000 faculty members and over 6,400 students. Photo creditTexas A&M University is a 4-year public university that was founded in 1876.
Photo creditGonzaga University is a 4-year, private, nonprofit, Jesuit university that was founded in 1887.
Photo courtesy of Northcentral UniversityNorthcentral University is a 4-year, private, for-profit, online university that was founded in 1996. Photo courtesy creditWestern Kentucky University is a 4-year public university that was established in 1906 as the Western Kentucky State Normal School. Photo creditLynn University is a 4-year, private, nonprofit university with over 3,500 students annually. Photo courtesy of Washington State UniversityWashington State University is a public nonprofit university that was founded in 1890 as Washington’s original land-grant university. Photo courtesy of Tiffin UniversityTiffin University is a 4-year, private, nonprofit university that was established in 1888.
Photo creditMissouri State University is a 4-year public university that was founded in 1905 as the Fourth District Normal School. Photo creditCanisius College is a 4-year, private, nonprofit, Jesuit college that was founded in 1870. Photo courtesy of Liberty UniversityLiberty University is a 4-year, private, nonprofit university that was established in 1971 and is said to be the largest Christian university.
Photo courtesy of Ohio UniversityOhio University is a 4-year, public university that was opened in 1808. Photo courtesy of American Public University SystemAmerican Public University is a 4-year, private, for-profit university system founded in 1991 as the American Military University. Photo creditSaint Leo University is a 4-year, private, nonprofit Catholic university that was founded in 1889 by the Order of Saint Benedict of Florida.
Photo courtesy of Southeast Missouri State UniversitySoutheast Missouri State University was founded in 1873 as a teacher’s college, and has since grown to a 4-year public university that offers over 150 degree programs to over 10,000 students annually. Photo courtesy of Georgia Southern UniversityGeorgia Southern University is a 4-year public university that was founded in 1906. Photo courtesy of Old Dominion UniversityOld Dominion University is a 4-year public university that was founded in 1930 as the Norfolk division of the College of William and Mary. Photo creditNortheastern University is a global, experiential, research university that was founded in 1898. Photo creditFort Hays State University is a 4-year, public university that was founded in 1902 as the Western Branch of the Kansas Normal School.
Photo creditNorth Carolina State University-Raleigh was founded in 1887 as the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts with the belief that all should have access to high education. Photo courtesy of Central Michigan UniversityCentral Michigan University is a 4-year, public university that was established in 1892 as the Central Michigan Normal School and Business Institute. Students benefit from a solid marketing core, along with options for online international collaboration with other university students and professionals in Europe, South America, and Asia.

Students may also take online courses with Boston University’s international partner universities. Students will have also mastered related marketing concepts, such as social media marketing, reputation management, and data analytics, that can help update marketing. Boston University will recognize credits earned toward the graduate diploma as the equivalent of the specialization requirements for the Master of Science in International Marketing Management. By pursuing your graduate degree, you can acquire in-depth knowledge and competencies in areas that require a strong understanding in order for you to reach your potential in the field. We make it simple for busy professionals like you to quickly browse various programs and request the information that you want. Some of the duties you would perform in this line of work include project planning, hiring creative staff, negotiating advertising contracts, developing initial layouts and more. Often times, marketing professionals have spent several years in their chosen field and return to school as a means of advancing. Some of the most popular choices for MBA marketing graduates include advertising executive, sports marketing professionals and people who choose to work for a non-profit organization or government entity.
In 2010, the BLS stated that all workers under the umbrella of advertising, promotions and marketing managers earned an average annual salary of $104,000. After ensuring that the program is accredited, the next thing you need to do is submit an application, your undergraduate transcripts and proof that you have obtained at least a bachelor degree.
The courses you can expect to complete during your first year of a marketing MBA program include business fundamentals, professional communication and leadership, ethics and marketing program design.
A graduate degree in marketing is perfect for people who have a desire to have a hands-on experience  with marketing ventures. Bulleted highlights, quantifiable statistics, and underscoring of achievements provide hiring managers with insight to a detail oriented candidate. Action verbs in the summaries give power and direction to the resume, however for those who look to emulate this style, a shallow list of “Core Competencies” and “Honors and Activities” can provide a hiring manager with a list of highlighted inadequacies.
The brand marketing position focuses on the marketing strategies of the company, profitability of the brand and the amount of money spent on the brand. It is essential to affiliate them with specific positive attributes of the individual when marketing the person or team. There are plenty of new possibilities within this field when it comes to taking advantage of everything social media has to offer. He received his MBA in 2008 from Wharton and became a management consultant for Bain & Co in New York until joining his present company in 2010. You can use your talents and training from virtually any position and use it in this exciting and lucrative industry. Whether you are trained in facility and event management, marketing, administration, compliance, sales, and fundraising, you can find your place in the sports industry. A master’s degree in sport management will give a competitive advantage to move further up the ladder in organizations.
Schools were ranked based on faculty credentials, student services and engagement, admissions selectivity, course delivery technology, student satisfaction, and tuition costs. Indiana University (IU)-Bloomington offers more than 330 undergraduate and 190 graduate degree programs. Among the many on-campus and online degree offerings at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism in the College of Applied Health offers an online Master of Science degree in Recreation, Sport and Tourism.
Over the past 136 years, Duquesne University has grown to ten schools, offering over 160 degree programs, to over 10,000 students annually. The University of Florida (UF) has not only strived to offer exceptional on-campus courses, but also was one of the first schools to offer an accredited online degree program. Texas A&M University is considered one of the nation’s largest universities with 16 colleges and schools, over 4,000 faculty, and over 58,000 students. It was inspired by the Oxford Learning Model and adopted a one-to-one teaching model that partners one student to one faculty member. Western Kentucky University not only offers quality on-campus degree programs but also offers the wider public degree plans online. In the effort of working to become one of the most innovative, international, and individualized universities in the nation, they offer an online MBA that can be complete in as little as one year. WSU teaches over 26,000 students every year through traditional on-campus courses and virtual classrooms. Understanding that the working adult student is faced with many demands, Tiffin designs their programs to be flexible, practical, and readily available. What started as educating teachers for the public schools in southwest Missouri, has grown to six colleges, 4,000 faculty and staff teaching over 23,000 students annually.
Liberty University offers more than 250 online certificate, associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees to more than 95,000 students around the world. What started as a college for three students has grown to educating over 38,000 students with over 6,000 students online. Together with the American Military University, they make the larger American Public University System. Southeast Missouri State offers an AACSB accredited Master of Business Administration with an option in Sport Management.
Old Dominion University offers high quality on-campus programs, and is also one of the largest providers of distance learning in the country.
Northeastern offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs in nine colleges and schools at three campuses across the US. Today Fort Hays State University is noted for being the entrepreneurial university of the Midwest, and offers a myriad of nationally ranked programs in traditional on-campus classes and online to over 13,000 students annually. Today, North Carolina State University employs over 2,000 faculty in 12 colleges teaching over 34,000 students which makes it the largest university in North Carolina. Since opening its doors, Central Michigan has grown to now offer 200 academic programs to over 20,000 students annually. By becoming an expert in such areas as research, strategy, brand development, and consumer behavior, you can greatly increase your professional mobility in the field. Marketing professionals who have earned their Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree have the opportunity to qualify for more responsible positions and higher levels of pay than those with a bachelor degree or less. If this describes your current situation, you may want to consider pursuing a marketing MBA degree over the Internet from your home. In addition to the high salary, the field is expected to enjoy a growth rate of 14 percent annually through 2020. In either case, you would have to study a marketing topic in-depth and deliver a report to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the subjects you have studied. They should be adventurous, creative and skilled at interacting with people and effectively allocating budgets. By including all contact and education information in the top of the document, the resume unfolds naturally to the reader. They also establish a brand identity for the company that is recognizable to the customers. Most Marketing MBA students enter into a smaller role before embracing a true brand management position with the company. Marketing majors tend to seek out labels in the music industry, represent teams and cover the four main sports leagues when entering into the field of marketing with their MBA.
Openings are available within larger and small companies that are just getting started in the field. We appreciate your help in making this the best directory of online MBA programs on the web. And not only can you access the personal, profession, and financial goals within a master’s degree in sport management, but you can also do it within the busy confines of your current schedule with an online degree.
The School of Public Health at IU-Bloomington offers a Master of Science Degree in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies, and starting in the Fall of 2015 will offer a Major in Recreational Sports Administration. This 36-credit hour online masters program emphasizes group collaboration, meaningful research, and challenging training for advancement in recreation, sport, and tourism organizations and programs.
Among the online degrees available, is an online Master of Science in Sport Management, offered by the College of Health and Human Performance. Gonzaga is nationally known for NCAA sports, ranked as one of the best value schools, and one of the best in the west. Northcentral University offers a Master’s of Education with a specialization in Sports Management. Within this MBA is an option of seven specializations, including Sports and Athletic Administration. WSU offers an online Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Sport Management.

Tiffin boasts that their faculty not only teaches academic theory but also brings first hand knowledge from their time working in the field.
Missouri State offers a 33-credit hour Master of Science in Administrative Studies with a 15-credit hour emphasis in Sports Management. Canisius’ School of Education offers an Online Master of Sport Administration program, ideal for students working on balancing their education with work other commitments. With over 100 years of distance learning experience, Ohio University offers a wide array of online degree programs. This large system employs over 1,400 employees to provide 180 100% online undergraduate and graduate degrees to over 100,000 leaders around the world.
Leo University provide rigorous classes, to over 3,000 students, that meet the same academic standards as the on-campus class. This 33+-credit hour program is designed for the student who needs flexibility because of their full personal or professional schedules. The College of Health and Human Sciences offers an online Master of Science in Sport Management program. Among the online offerings is a Master of Science in Education with an emphasis in Sport Management. The College of Professional Studies at Northeastern offers an online Master of Sports Leadership. Among its many online graduate degrees, FHSU offers a 34-46-credit hour online Master of Business Administration that has a strong core curriculum that covers the most important business topics in our global economy.
North Carolina State University-Raleigh offers relevant and high-quality on-campus programs, as well as online programs that provide the same education and quality teaching. Most entry-level marketing positions require at least a four-year degree; however, you often need advanced education to progress to the level of management. This flexibility in scheduling allows you to keep your job as well as meet your personal obligations. A classic example of a marketing project is to create an advertising campaign from start to finish. The job seeker throughout brings attention to leadership opportunities and successful initiatives before concluding with their “Core Competencies” and “Honors and Activities” at the bottom. It is the traditional business to consumer marketing position that comes into play for numerous individuals looking into marketing. As time passes, this career option will become larger and more involved when it comes to those in the marketing field.
Use this ranking as a starting point for finding the right online sport management master’s program for you! This degree will focus on identifying data, analyzing information, and applying it to decision making situations for management in recreational sport programs. This program is designed to teach future sports leaders ethics, leadership, critical thinking, and problems-solving skills that are relevant in the sports industry and will add value to sport organizations and programs. This 36-credit hour degree program is designed for those interested in areas of sport marketing and sales, fiscal management, personnel management and development and athletics administration and control. Included in within this nationally ranked school is an online Master of Sport and Athletic Administration. This 30-credit hour degree program focuses on leadership skills, administrative abilities, ethics, and current problems and opportunities in athletic programs.
This program is for the future athletic managers to be trained in leadership and financial topics for the sport and fitness organizations of today. This 34-credit hour program is designed to develop the sport management professional to advance within the sport industry through training in finance, management and organizational theory, marketing and sponsorship, law, media communication, and ethics.
Tiffin offers a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Management. This program focuses on the skills and knowledge for managers in sport-related organizations. This 36-credit hour program offers a concentration in Sport Administration focused on educating future leaders of sport and athletic organizations.
Among them is an online Master degree in Athletic Administration, as well as a Professional Master of Sports Administration.
The American Public University offers distance learning that provides over 180 undergraduate and graduate degrees. Paul states to offer a quality and unique education with an experiential learning environment, a liberal arts education, over 100 years of higher education experience, a flexible online format, competitively priced programs, generous financial aid packages, and supportive faculty members. This 36-credit hour program provides theory and practice for future leaders in the Sport Business and Leisure fields.
This 45-quarter credit hour program provides a foundation of business topics in management, ethics, facility management, marketing, finance, and communications with a focus of sport-related organizations and programs. Among the many programs available is an online Master of Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Management. This flexible 36-credit hour program provides theoretical and practical experience in communication skills, legal issues, sport marketing, event planning, and finances for sports programs. This would include such elements as budgeting, hiring staff, placing bids, creating a theme and testing the product via market research.
Many people are able to relate to the traditional product companies when looking into this role.
Courses within this program include: Theory of Research In Discipline, Revenue Generation in Sport, Personnel Management in Sport, Diversity in Sport Organizations, Marketing, Recreation and Sports Law, Administration of Health and Kinesiology, and Administration of Sport and Fitness Organizations. This 34-credit hour interdisciplinary program is grounded in educational and organizational theory and emphasizes training leaders in the best professional practices. Courses within this degree include: Leadership and Administration of Athletic Programs, Legal Aspects in Athletics, Ethics in Sports, Sports Governance and Policy Development, Event and Facility Management and Programming, Marketing in Athletics, and Financial Administration of Sports Facilities and Programs. The Facility & Event Management concentration trains recreation and sport professionals in topics including aquatic management, crowd control, playground safety, accessibility, risk management, construction standards, turf management, emergency action planning, green design and sustainability. Courses within this specialization include: Sports Administration, Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics and Professional Sports, and Beginning or Advanced Internship in Sports and Athletics Administration.
This NCACS accredited program includes core business coursework, a mentorship program, sport specific courses, as well as unique partnerships with the Olympic Games and the Horizon’s University in Paris. Courses within this program covers topics including marketing, public relations, education, ethics, economics, financial management, leadership, and social and legal issues in sport management. The Master of Athletic Administration degree offers a program focused on interscholastic sports and can be completed in as few as two years. APUS strives to offer the best career-relevant programs including homeland security, intelligence, education, emergency management, and business. Leo University offers an online Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Sport Business that is accredited by the International Assembly for collegiate Business Education (IACBE). It offers a solid foundation of business classes with courses uniquely focused on educating future leaders sport management. This program is designed to be completed in 24 months and includes courses including: Management of Personnel in Sport, Current Issues in Sport Administration, Sport Consumer Behavior, Sport Sponsorship, Revenue Generation in Sport, Social and Ethical Issues in Sport, Sport Administration, Sport Facility and Event Management, Research and Analysis in Sport, Sport Law and Risk Management, Sport Marketing, and Financial and Strategic Management in Sport. This degree educates future leaders on business skills, critical thinking, marketing strategies, event planning, ethics, legal issues, sport facilities management, and organizational theories for sport organizations. Courses within this program include: Developing Your Leadership Capability, The Ethical Leader, Sports Management, Sport in Society, Leadership and Organization in Sport, Sports Law, Sports Media Relations, Event Management, Gender and Diversity in Sport, Fiscal Practices in Sports, Sports Marketing and Promotions, Athletic Fund-Raising, Ticket Sales and Strategies, and Risk Management in Athletics. This 31-credit hour degree program focuses on career development and allows students to finish the degree in two years. The Athletic Administration & Coaching concentration emphasizes training in the economic, political, legal, and marketing concerns in the professional and Interscholastic field of athletics. The Professional Master of Sports Administration offers an online program with a Sports Administration Core that requires three on-campus residencies.
The classes in this program provide foundational courses covering business and operations topics and then dive into concentration courses: Foundations in Sport, Risk Management and Legal Concepts in Sport, Facility Planning and Management in Sport, Sport Marketing, and Financial Aspects of Sport. This program covers industry fundamentals including law, marketing, promotion, public relations, finance, and economics as well as the impact of sports on historical and modern society. This 33-credit hour program covers important sport management industry topics including effective decision-making, leadership, finance and human and facility resource management.

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