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Everyone keeps saying that the popularity of videos continues to grow but do you know the importance of having video content? Based on the data, Google sites primarily driven by video viewing at YouTube ranked as the top online video content property in December with 159.1 million unique viewers. The numbers grew a significant amount and lead many to believe that a similar growth pattern will occur going forward, especially with the growing popularity of smartphones, tablets, traditional PCs and laptops coupled with the growing popularity of streaming set-top boxes which offer a slew of video content via apps and downloadable channels. In comparison, Americans viewed 11.3 billion video ads in December 2012 with Google sites ranking first with nearly 2 billion ads. With the trend of an increasing number of videos being watched, knowing the fact that 52.4 billion videos were watched in one month alone and also knowing that this number is likely to increase, utilizing video for your business seems like a no brainer. He is adept at establishing company images, transforming businesses into recognizable and exciting icons. 2010 was the year video mainstreamed on the web in Western Europe, so when YouTube released their top 10 clips, we thought it time to collate some of the video stories from the last year.
15 December 2010 - TV catch-up services ITV Player and Channel 4's 4oD have joined existing service BBC iPlayer on the PS3 console.
06 December 2010 - The BBC is working on a version of its iPlayer to be launched in the US, in the form of a paid-for iPad application, according to a new report.
02 December 2010 - Cable giant Virgin Media has launched its new broadband internet based "next-generation entertainment platform" and Set Top Box (STB), which uses Video-on-Demand (VoD) technology from TiVo. 29 November 2010 - Online video service SeeSaw has launched a new "NonStop" feature, giving viewers the choice to either watch their programmes free with adverts or pay a small fee to enjoy uninterrupted viewing. 26 November 2010 - Sony has launched its video-on-demand service Qriocity in Europe, making its catalogue of movies available via its internet connected TVs, but not its popular PS3 console. 15 November 2010 - YouTube is trialling a new service called 'Topics on Search', giving viewers examples of related searches. 12 November 2010 - Three in four (75%) of YouTube Mobile users say that their mobile is the number one device they use to watch YouTube videos, according to new stats issued by Google. 10 November 2010 - The BBC has announced plans to make its popular iPlayer online video platform available for International users, for a fee. 03 November 2010 - Samsung Electronics has become the first UK advertiser to run display advertising on YouTube's mobile site to promote its iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab.
03 November 2010 - Advertising is beginning to pay off for Google's YouTube, and it has now has served 500 million views of its paid Promoted Videos, a service it launched less than two years ago.
02 November 2010 - YouTube's CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley is stepping down from the position to take on an advisory role at the site.
20 October 2010 - Ofcom will not investigate YouView, despite claims from rivals that the TV-on-demand scheme from BBC, ITV, C4 and Five is anti-competitive.
06 October 2010 - Google has secured new content partnership deals with media and internet companies, including NBC Universal's CNBC, Time Warner's HBO and Amazon, for its forthcoming Google TV service.
The money spent on internet ads in the UK increased 10% in the first half of this year, with advertisers spending a total of nearly £2bn on the medium, according to new data. 01 October 2010 - A Spanish federal court has dismissed copyright infringement charges against Google's YouTube that could have brought the online video service to a halt by forcing it to monitor every piece of content. While the Western hemisphere has entering the summer season, Internet users are still flocking into their computers desktops, laptops, and tablet devices to watch videos.
The decline of landline telephone connections for American households as the use of wireless phones (incl. The March 2014 online video stats were recently released and they show that more than 187 million Americans watched 46.6 billion online videos last month.
ZEFR jumps from $5 to take the #2 spot for the YouTube channel with the most unique viewers pushing Maker Studios down to #3. With 155.6 million unique viewers, Google sites topped the list of video content properties, an increase on February.

When it comes to video ad properties, Live Rail jump back to the top spot (3.9 billion ad impressions), driving AOL, Inc.
Although VEVO remains in the top spot with 28.8 million viewers, the fight for unique viewers remains very close for those just behind. Online video is becoming ever more important to brands and very much a part of marketing budgets. Brands do need to consider carefully how they will translate their creative ideas to ensure their content drives traffic and conversions.
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Not only did Google beat Facebook and AOL with the most unique viewers, it also earned the highest average engagement rate of the top ten video content properties. VEVO, ZEFR and Maker Studios were the top three YouTube partner channels by unique video viewers in March per comScore’s data. Amy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. According to data from the comScore Video Metrix service, online content video views have exceeded 52 billion a month for the first time on record and video ad views have tripled in the past year.
Video ads are becoming more popular, reaching a larger number of people and are being seen more often on a monthly basis. Internet audience viewed online video in December 2013, compared to 84.9 percent in December 2012.
He is a highly innovative and compelling visual storyteller who turns businesses into brands. Stanley's passion for bringing ideas to life is evident in every video and animation created by True Film Production.
The move means PS3 users will be able to catch up on popular shows from ITV, such as Coronation Street, Gossip Girl and Emmerdale, and some of Channel 4's content which includes Peep Show, Hollyoaks and Misfits. Sony, which competes in Hollywood with the likes of MGM, Universal, Disney and Warner, has successfully signed up its rivals to the store for distribution and will make their films equally available on Qriocity. The tool, available on the video sharing site's beta testing area 'TestTube', uses an algorithm that looks at video tags, comments, shares, viewing patters, and other signals. According to Nielsen, YouTube Mobile is the number one video viewing mobile website in the US, with more than 7.1MM monthly unique users. The YouTube mobile advertising forms part of a wider marketing launch campaign for Samsung's Galaxy Tab, which will run across in-game advertising with Playstation, reach blocks on Facebook, online search and display, mobile advertising, OOH and print. The transition has been undergoing and his duties at YouTube have shrunk for the past two years.
However, You View, previously know as Project Canvas was warned that the communications watchdog will act if it blocks rival platforms and services in future. Turner Broadcasting is working to optimise some of its websites for viewing on Google TV, including CNN and Cartoon Network, Google said on Monday. The study, from the IAB and Price Waterhouse Coopers , found that video and social advertising fuelled online display's return to growth, while the FMCG and Entertainment sectors ramped up investment to become two of the biggest spenders in the sector. This is around 5 million more viewers who were watching around 3 million less content videos than in February. VEVO remains the number one YouTube channel, also claiming the second highest viewer engagement after Maker. Companies have a huge opportunity to harness the power of video, particularly as research confirms that there’s a significant uplift in purchase conversions after seeing a video online.

Websites – by adding video to your website an average visitor will stay two minutes longer. Social media mix – people are more likely to engage with branded content on social media that contains images (44%) and videos (33%).
Use in email – 76% of marketers say campaigns that integrate video generate a higher click through rate and if you include ‘video’ in an email subject line, open rate rises from 7% to 13%.
Vlogs – use a variety of content, such as vlogs (video blogs), video case studies and other recorded video testimonials to stimulate interest and encourage ‘pass-along’ to others.
Optimisation – to gain a wider reach, videos should have content that focuses on what people want to search for and mention of the brand name. Be entertaining – if the content is creative and fun it will appeal more to the interests of your target audience. Personality – tell a story and convey your brand personality by using different camera angles, ensure good lighting, move around to show colour and variety to keep viewers attentive. If you consider these top tips you’re likely to increase qualified web traffic and genuine leads. From 2009 to 2012, she was an award-winning syndicated columnist for a number of daily newspapers from New York to Texas. Furthermore, in December 2012, time spent watching video ads totaled 4.1 billion minutes, with the BrightRoll Video Network delivering the highest duration of video ads at 966 million minutes. If you want your business to be able to stand a chance against the competition, chances are you will need some form of video to help get your message, product or service across. If not, you may want to reconsider and learn how to create video content on your own or look into hiring professionals to help you. So as you plan your web strategies for 2011, if video is not already high on the agenda, then be sure to review its potential. We’ll have to see if the Disney and Makers unique viewers combine once the merger goes through.
Add keywords to titles, tags, descriptions and add playlists based on industry keywords and terms. If you wish to share examples of your online video content, please leave a comment below or on Twitter. AOL was the leading video property in terms of delivering the highest duration of video ads, and Hulu delivered the highest frequency of video ads to viewers. If you haven’t already dabbled with video content of shape or form for your business, statistics seem to be urging you to start exploring. Video ads as a whole reached 55.6%% of the total US population an average of 204 times during the month. Online video can tell stories as powerfully as television, create interaction as strong as games, showcase products as well as an in-store demo, and engage your audiences as deeply as social media.
Microsoft Sites which include MSN and Bing received 42.7 million viewers and captured the number five spot. Video ad views totaled 28.7 billion, an increase from the previous month and almost double that of March 2013.
Video ads reached 54.3% of the total US population, an average of 170 times during the month.

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