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During the time that I ran a security company in the mid-west, a local newspaper offered our company a top ten position on their review list if we were willing to pay. Soon after the Internet became popular a fancy pants marketing agency proposed an idea to us. Thankfully there is a much better way to find a quality home alarm security company in Atlanta. I would only consider companies that use Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) approved equipment and monitor home alarm systems at a UL approved alarm monitoring center. I don’t have an idea of statistics regarding this, but as developers of products we have a very big ratio of top-rated products in the App Store for the amount of products we have developed.
Obviously this is not a merit that is only ours; we have participated in projects integrated by the most seasoned founders, with first line quality, experience and creativity. Therefore, in CodigoDelSur’s journey of 10 years as a mobile development company, we have acquired one or two tips when it comes to how to make your app stand out in the ever-increasing and competitive immense sea of ??apps. Obviously, I’m not going to go into obvious and over-known matters like: that your app should solve a real problem, that the user experience should be high-level and unique, that the performance should be outstanding, and other factors that obviously your app will need in today’s very-competitive-world, where the market does not accept more amateurs. These tips I’m bringing come from the base that your app meets with the pre-requisites mentioned above, and uses these small tips and, with some luck, you will have the recognition of the selective and dark App Store.
Nowadays, the App Store is an independent world in itself, with millions of apps solving millions of problems, all of them competing to be found.
Make sure to use the keywords (words through which you want to be found by) in your app title, even if this makes your app name not so cool. Don’t get distracted from your purpose.  Don’t add mid-term stuff that will prevent your app from its main objective. If your aim is to reach the top places, provide the most value you can without interferences and offer everything you can, for free. This means that there is a John Doe with feelings, likes and dislikes, and subjective views of the world, who will decide if you app is worthy of being published or not. For the purpose of the mere publication of the app, this wouldn’t matter that much because, if you follow Apple polities respecting the publication of apps, we shouldn’t have inconvenient, as John Doe is limited to following certain guidelines.
Now, when the issue at hand is how to make our app reach the top places, definitely we have a key player here with which we want to have relationship as narrow as possible.
Then also check on all your contacts, and contacts of contacts, to try to access someone inside of Apple that might be able to help with a possible admission of featuring the app. After the amount of downloads, the next factor that’s a determinant factor for the ranking the app will have, are the reviews. First things first, the strongest wind against that we could receive is a bunch of negative reviews. Making a proactive campaign of reviews would be ideal, habitually presenting our users a reminder to rank us at the right time, when our users have achieved something through the app, whether passing to another level on a game, or putting a positive review of a host in a hosting app, or getting a date on our dating app. You will get the “new release” status during the hottest download time of the week (the weekend). I certainly want to use the benefit of the “new guy in town” when the bar is full of chicks and not when the bar if full of old drunks. November 29, 2012 by Andrew Minalto 136 Comments Become a Top Rated Seller on eBay in 30 Days! It’s no secret that to make your eBay business a success, you have to play by Best Match rules, and TRS status plays huge role in that. If you work in any competitive niche, you absolutely must try to reach and maintain TRS status. We’ll get into the exact steps you need to take to achieve these numbers later in the post.
Communication – Send out auto e-mails using Selling Manager Pro when a listing sells, when you receive payment and when the item is dispatched.
Dispatch Time – Obviously, you should aim to dispatch orders the same day or the next day at the latest. Discount on Final Value Fees from 10 percent to 20 percent based on your Power Seller level. Begin by checking your sellers dashboard to see where you stand now, noting how much in sales and how many transactions you’re short of to become a TRS.
Next, you have to decide on whether you’ll be making 100 small sales and one bigger one OR average it out and selling about 100 items for an average sale price of 10 quid. Buy sale items from offline shops, Poundland, market stalls, charity shops and similar places known to offer good prices. Concentrate on small items to get 100 sales and then on a few higher-priced goods to reach ?2000 in sales. Still, I have seen on many occasions that people make extra money while going down this route.
Even if you lose TRS one month, you can again qualify for it the next month — if you meet all the requirements.

That means that even if you slip up and lose what you’ve worked so hard to gain, the increased prestige, buyer confidence and ranking boost that comes with Top Rated Seller status could be just days away. What is your thoughts on buying ebay accounts with the powerseller award already on account and lots of positive feedback? Selling standalone eBay accounts is against eBay rules, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it. Will a TRS with 500 feedback have listings placed higher in Best Match compared to a TRS with 100 feedback? Also which setting has a greater negative impact on your search position on a Good Til Cancelled listing?
2) To run a full time eBay, is there a general amount of products you should aim to have in your inventory, for example 50 products 100 products + or under 20 products (i do understand that it depends on many things like the price of products, and each individual person will be different) but i just want to know how many unique products one should aim to have on there inventory list. 2) The more items you have for sale, the better BUT even with just few listings you can actually run a full time business. My question is in your opinion should I keep on trying to improve the DSR by fast n cheap selling and providing tracking and active communication with customers?
Another question maybe out of the topic for now but its a necessary for any business seller.. If I get to TRS status in 1 niche, will that then give me top rankings for other niches that I then want to list in?
If on the other hand you start a brand new account, then you would have to earn TRS for that account specifically. My aim is to get TRS in 1 niche and then start looking for more and more low competition niches to expand into, I just wondered is it easier having a shop or is it just more cost effective if I have more than say 20 different niches?
Maybe a bit of clarity is needed, when I say niches what I mean to say is items I have done a lot of research on and have decent ROI, basically what I want in the future is a business where I sell a lot of different items on a daily basis, 20 items is my short term goal. Also about postage labels, I have seen postage labels, is there a way that I can print out all postage labels from 1 days of sales at once without having to sit in front of the computer and click on each sale and print postage label? This entry was posted in Book Country, Literary Categories, Members, Revising & Critiquing and tagged Book Country, Book Country writers, books, Featured books, Members, Read and Review, top rated, Writing process on November 20, 2014 by Janet Umenta. This entry was posted in Book Country, Book Country News, Literary Categories, Members, Revising & Critiquing and tagged Book Country, Book Country writers, Read and Review, Revising, top rated on September 18, 2014 by Janet Umenta. After managing security companies for over twenty years, I know how easy it is to have these lists manipulated. There you can review the records of the company you are interested in to see if they have any complaints or sanctions. So you have to do an important job in terms of optimizing the content that will be added to the title, as well as the app description.
I can tell you that the reward will be much greater if you aim for high rather than intermediate benefits. Something that many users don’t know is that in order to publish an app, it should be subject to a revision and approval process. Generally just a small group of out-of-this-world applications (usually the ones that resolve a daily life problem) are the ones that are going to receive proactive reviews from users.  Even so, the rate of reviews is generally quite low. Since this status lasts in average two days, we have to take advantage when the demand is highest. Looking at the TRS requirements carefully, you’ll see that it’s basically the Bronze Power Seller level by sales volume PLUS an exceptional customer service history. Put simply, do whatever it takes to please your eBay customers by offering top notch customer service. The biggest obstacle is the DSR, of course, because you can only have one low (1 or 2 star) DSR score per 200 transactions. While eBay requires ?1000 in sales and 100 transactions in the last 12 months, it doesn’t require any particular average sale value.
Books, DVDs, video games (perfect), Blu Ray discs and audio CDs are all items that can easily be sold on eBay for the same price you purchased them for. The key to success with this strategy is to buy a bit BELOW average selling price on eBay so it’s easy to sell an item back for the same price or an even higher one. It’s all about getting those 100 transactions and ?1k in sales to qualify for TRS status!
If you choose to work with used items, it’s VERY possible to actually make money while doing this.
For example, to qualify as a TRS on 20th December, you have to reach 100 transactions and ?1000 in sales by the end of November. I have seen this happen several times with my 60DBP students so I’m sure you can do the same.
Each month, your account is evaluated again, so you must keep providing exceptional customer support and maintain your record of 100 transactions and ?1000 in sales in the last 12 months ALL THE TIME! I already have a ebay business account with 100% and sold on 10 items worth ?750 so need ?250 in sales and 90 products to sell.

For example does it make sense to spend ?400 to just make ?50 profit after all is said and done which could take months? It depends on many factors of course – for example – how many orders made up those ?400?
That is if those few products are in high demand and you get your listings rank high in search. Is there a minimum number of DSR’s required to gain TRS, or can you have 1 with a 4.60 rating? But as you need at least 100 transactions to become a TRS, it will never happen with just ONE DSR! I must admit that ever since i reading your blog we are improving the quality of listing & becoming better. I have been informed by eBay that I will be given a top rated seller badge next month on 20th April. The insightful feedback you give to your peers help make Book Country such a supportive community for writers.
I am referring to ads, in-app purchases of invaluable things, and free versus paid versions. And if a disgruntled customers opens a case against you anyway, resolve it by doing whatever it takes to satisfy them — a refund, an apology or whatever. In competitive niches it’s almost impossible to get on the first page of search results without having TRS status. This means that if you get two low ratings per 200 transactions, you loose your TRS status. Follow my advice on keeping DSR high and provide exceptional customer support, then you’ll do fine.
Should i keep working with account this is what i would like to do i just find it hard to make money as there is powersellers getting the discounts so can offer a cheaper price. All of the things you have said are great, I will apply every single one of them, I hope, I will remember all. I just wanted to ask that I’ve been using your formula to sell small cheap items and stuff is picking up.
How can a seller get a picture in a month or week to see if he is making profits & how much and which product or links making him more sales. Do I go onto each countries eBay like eBay France for example, and write the listing in French? The sad truth is that just about anyone can come up with a legitimate sounding name for an organization, put a quick website online, and with a little SEO magic quickly start raking high in the search engines for review searches. Looking at well-known sites like Yelp or Kudzu can also help reassure the reviews are official. Make sure to add something to the description, play with the data that the app shows to test, try to impress him – it’s John Doe the first one you have to sell your idea to.
For this, we must follow the right process of quality control and launching to the market, starting with unit testing in the development, testing functionalities, UX testing, and then testing the app in a closed environment with a reduced public.
You may have no idea on how many items you have sitting around that you can sell and not miss.
Only items with HIGH sell-through rates (50 to 60 percent or higher) are suitable for this strategy. The dates on my seller dashboard say that my 12 month period is 01 Oct, 2014 – 30 Sep, 2015.
I have clicked the option to ship internationally on my current listings however I am not getting any traffic from other countries. Someone could easily put together a review site for top-rated home security alarm companies in Atlanta and appear at the top of that list month after month. If a company doesn’t supply any offline information, I would consider that suspicious and untrustworthy. I thought if I interpret my listing for the country I want to sell in then my listings will come higher in their search?
I have just started a few months ago however the thought of being up against the top rated sellers puts me off eBay. My prices are currently lower than the top rated sellers and I am breaking even on my items in order to achieve the top rated badge.

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