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Madden 15 comes with new features such as a Halftime Show and upgraded presentation by NFL Films, 80 hours of new commentary ( sorry, still by Phil Simms), and even 3D grass. With a 94 PMV( Power Moves) trait right out of the box, Clowney is going to be an absolute beast in Madden 15.
The 65 AWR (Awareness*) (*not shown on image) is lame, but expected for a rookie with such physical intangibles as Clowney. Earlier we posted the top rated players at each position for MLB 15 The Show, below are the top rated players for each team. Then from there they make tweaks for a few players We also don't know how much specific certain stats are weighted in the final calculation. But except for those players that may have had their rating tweaked he was ranked using the same system as every other pitcher. What they said in one of the streams was that 50% of the player's attributes are from how they performed in 2014, 25% for 2013 and 25% for 2012.

Btw, they had actual player photos in their earlier streams, but not at the start of this stream. This year’s game will have a new defensive engine and style of play that will put a great emphasis on user-controlling Clowney in Madden 15. He also comes with 69 STA (Stamina*), so he’ll be hard to keep on the field if you push him too hard early on. A move to FS might be in his future if he is getting burnt by the Sammy Watkins’ of the NFL. Plus if the player has not been in the league for the last 3 years or injured for a considerable amount of time, SCEA used their own discretion towards assigning a rating value. Sal is probably rated a little too low, but he was pretty bad at the plate last year, so an 82 isn't awful. Tons of power with tons of strike outs, really good fielder some of the time, with a cannon arm, just makes too many mistakes on defense.

One of the things that makes him so valuable, his walk rate, doesn't affect his value in game as much as it does his fWAR outside of the game.
When the game comes out check his ratings and I'd assume his power and discipline is there, but the game translates his skills to whatever OVR he has. The ghost of Ayrton Senna will now begin to haunt me for even suggesting there is anything other than winning.

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