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Apple's latest pro-level video editor is much simpler and much more powerful than previous versions.
PowerDirector continues to outflank the competition, with top rendering speed, a massive set of video editing tools, the latest file-standard support, and a wealth of new features in its latest update. Premiere Elements is an easy-to-use video editor with lots of effects, but it trails PowerDirector in speed and flexibility. The best just got better, as Apple’s MacBook Air notebook gets updated with the latest Intel processors, double the storage and double the battery life. The Haswell chipset also sports the improved Intel HD 5000 integrated graphics, which will offer a slight boost to gamers, though not the 3D graphics performance a dedicated GPU would deliver. Apple’s reputation for kitting out their laptops with superb keyboards and trackpads continues here. Mac OS X also comes with a generous suite of pre-installed applications that are all incredibly useful. Logitech Ultimate Hub turns your smartphone into a universal remote for AV kitWatch the Samsung Premiere 2013 event live stream here!
Drawing far less power than previous generations, it allows the MacBook Air 2013 model to manage 12 hours of standard usage and 10 hours of movie playback by Apple's estimations.
Drawing far less power than previous generations, it allows the MacBook Air 2013 model to manage 12 hours of standard usage and 10 hours of movie playback by Apple’s estimations.
To achieve the first goal, I submitted a topic and put myself in the running to become a 360iDev speaker. We’re still bummed that Gene couldn’t make it out with us this year, but the two of us who were there sure had a blast and learned a lot. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again; 360iDev is a no-brainer if you want to be in the business of making apps. Last, but certainly not least, let me take a moment to thank our families, who took on a lot of extra duties for four days so that Tim and I could go to this conference and help promote our business.
If you’re out there doing the work, trying to “build your clown” as Marc Maron would put it, thanks. Setlists, our app for organizing song lyrics and arranging catalogs of songs into sets, makes for a great way to organize a comic’s notes and sets too. As anyone who has ever done it knows, converting the experience of an iPad app to the smaller screen of an iPhone is no small task.
In addition to new device support, we’ve also been hard at work squashing bugs and improving stability. We love hearing from our users, even if it’s just to run a quick idea past us to see what we think. Teleprompt+works great with mirror reflector hardware, and you can always control the Mac or iOS device that’s being used in the reflector with another iOS device or Mac. The advantage of using the AppleTV to stream to an external display is that you can control the master prompting device directly. One of our biggest hopes when we launch any new app is that we’ll get the opportunity continue to work on it, improve it, make it more powerful.
And so we were very happy yesterday to release the first update to our newest app, Setlists. If you want to run your sets past the other members of the group before the gig, or if you want to allow your bandmates to print their sets from home, you can now email a set to anyone right from within the app. ACDSee Pro 9 offers the full range of powerful photo organizing and editing tools, but it still falls short of competitors like Lightroom in raw camera file conversion, effectiveness of some corrections, and interface usability. Like Adobe, ACDSee (the photo software, not the aging rock band) has been around since the early days of digital photography.
Avid rockets forward with Pro Tools 11, a ground-up rewrite of the most popular digital audio workstation in the U.S. Other upgrades: All plug-in automation is now time-stamped, and you can write automation while a track is in input or recording. The built-in Avid Video Engine now builds in some of Media Composer; it lets you edit multiple HD video formats, including RED and Avid DNxHD, from within Pro Tools without transcoding. Interface, Recording, and Editing If you've never worked with Pro tools before, it's easy to get your head around. Avid improved Pro Tools' MIDI capabilities considerably a few versions ago, but there's not much new in version 11. Magix Movie Edit Pro (MEP) 11 has a great range of special effects and processes quickly, but the editor's often cryptic interface will frustrate most casual users. MEP has more effects than Elements, and its color correction and brightness controls proved more effective.
Several features, however, still trail those in Elements, which produced a higher-quality Chromakey and smoother slow-motion. Ideal for corporate and small-business users who want to keep their Web site content fresh without any fuss. Everyone who maintains a Web site dreams about finding software that makes it as easy to edit his or her site as it is to maintain a blog. Contribute CS3 is simpler than traditional Web editors such as Dreamweaver CS3 or Microsoft Expression Web, but that's because it's not a tool for creating a site from scratch; it's designed mainly for nonexperts who need to add content to existing pages that someone else has designed, or who need to create new pages with new content based on templates that someone else has designed.
It took me only a few seconds to set up a connection, and the site's home page then appeared in Contribute's browser-style main window.
It feels as if you're editing the remote page, but you're actually editing a copy, which you can save as a draft, forward to colleagues for review, or save as a replacement for the original page. Drawing far less power than previous generations, it allows the MacBook Air 2013 model to manage 9 hours of standard usage and 8 hours of constant movie playback by Apple’s estimations.
Though the average user may not notice the difference, the use of a PCIe connection for the drive instead of last year’s SATA connection almost doubles read and write speeds over the 2012 model. Without access to an 802.11ac router during the test I was unable to verify just how fast the new standard is, but positive reports suggest that both download speeds and wireless stability and range are markedly improved. Well spaced, backlit Chiclet keys are popped in here, with a lovely balance and tension to the bounciness of the keys. Popping in a number of significant upgrades, not least of which is remarkable battery performance, it’s still the portable notebook to beat. I had no idea what my chances of being accepted were, but I was passionate about the app pricing stories that have been floating around the Internet for some time now, and I felt I could make a strong case for the counter-to-popular-opinion approach of selling apps for more than 99 cents. Tim and I met scores of new people over the past four days, and so many of them had insights into the iOS development business. Night after night, getting in front of that crowd, alone, trying to juggle people’s sensitivities, dealing with hecklers—and all the while having to keep track of material on your head. Now that we just added iPhone and iPod touch support in our latest release, we think Setlists is an even better tool for comedians.

And we’d love to hear from comics so we can make improvements to meet their needs even better. But a few folks have since suggested to us that Setlists would make a nice organizational tool for comedians. This update adds support for the iPhone and iPod touch, making Setlists accessible to millions more devices worldwide. We held off on releasing this version until we had tweaked the user experience for several months, making sure that Setlists on the iPad’s smaller siblings was no less powerful and yet just as easy to use. Recently, we got an inquiry about using the AppleTV with Teleprompt+ that we thought we’d address here on the blog, since it was such a good suggestion.
But using the AppleTV to prompt to a larger display is another alternative that may not be so obvious to many. First, follow the instructions from Apple to get the AppleTV plugged into the display device and hooked into your local network. The AppleTV is just a display device, so the master script resides on your controling device. Check with Apple to see if your Mac is compatible with AirPlay mirroring before buying an AppleTV for this purpose. Knowing that no app can ever truly be complete at 1.0, we look forward to adding more over time and bringing even more value to our customers. It’s a relatively minor update, but it does include some of the top-requested features from all the singers out there using our app to prompt their lyrics on stage.
Part of the reason we made Setlists in the first place was to avoid having to bring paper up on stage with you. At the same time, I know when I’ve put together a set that really works, I sometimes just want to take it and make a few minor changes for the next gig. We love getting feedback on our apps, and we want to make sure when we’re adding something new that we take our users’ needs in mind.
And ACDSee Pro, the professional photo workflow and editing package, has long had its partisans who prefer it to Lightroom and the rest of the competition. Avid improved the responsiveness of fade-heavy sessions last time around, and you can create long-format projects via a 24-hour timeline. It also works with Avid Mojo DX, Avid Nitris DX, and a variety of AJA and Blackmagic Design video interfaces for monitoring DNxHD and QuickTime video.
The pop-out MIDI Editor window, introduced in version 8, lets you handle most of the detail work. You should anticipate a similar difference in performance on both slower and faster machines. One snag is the utterly cryptic Object Curve Effects editor, which customizes effects over time. Contribute is also far less elaborate than enterprise-scale content management systems such as Vignette, although large businesses can extend it with Adobe's Contribute Publishing Server, which tracks and manages assets uploaded with Contribute. I simply clicked on Edit Page on the toolbar and the browser became a WYSIWYG editing window, complete with a simple formatting toolbar and buttons for inserting links, images, and tables—and I could drag document, images, PDFs, or Flash files directly from Windows Explorer into the editing window.
Keep in mind that, unlike Apple’s MacBook Pro models, the MacBook Air cannot be upgraded after purchase, so make sure that you get exactly what you need right away.
You can type at length comfortably with this machine, despite its small size and low profile. You’ve got everything you need to get going on your machine right out of the box, while the Mac App Store is on hand to grab other applications from, and iTunes ready to manage and purchase music and video files.
With a full battery charge, I managed more than 8 hours away from the mains with brightness settings just below the maximum levels and putting the processor under heavy Photoshop and streaming loads.
Our battery test results are still as we found them though, and are still mightily impressive!
We’ve had a reasonable amount of success over the past four years selling apps to customers who are focused on quality, not price, and we felt it would be great to share that with others. After all, Bombing Brain has been successfully growing our business of selling fair price apps, with a slow but steady annual increase in our app sales. I spoke with several people who felt that perhaps too many of us were chasing the top app charts, and that maybe it was at least time to consider shifting gears to a slow, iterative approach, with the goal of making good products that customers valued. It’s one of the most nerve-wracking and torturous things a human being can do to his or her own ego.
And while we can’t help make the Saturday night crowd better, and we certainly can’t help you produce the funny, we thought maybe we can help with the remembering the material part[1]. Maybe lugging an iPad up on stage seemed a bit over the top for a comic, but now you can just pull your phone out of your pocket to consult your notes. And since the app is universal, those who have bought or buy Setlists for their iPads get this extra compatibility for free. Just plug the little $99 box from Apple into an HDTV, or any device that supports HDMI input (or input converted from HDMI to VGA or DVI), and you can prompt right from your iPad using AirPlay to the external display. Then, on your iOS device, double click the home button to bring up the recent apps drawer, swipe the drawer to the right, and tap the AirPlay button.
You can make script edits, import new scripts, change colors, etc., in addition to all the usual speed and font size changes you can make when using the Remote software. We can’t add every feature people request, of course, but we do try our best to work in the ideas that make the most sense for the most people, while still maintaining the spirit of what the app was created to do. Since my last review, ACDSee has added many welcome features, and some of its tools, such as its Light EQ adjusters, are particularly good. It locks in its status as the standard cross-platform solution for professional audio work on Macs and PCs. Pro Tools 11 is now Retina Display-enabled for the latest 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros. There are still plenty of minor issues, such as the need to switch cursor tools more often than you do in other sequencers, just to perform basic operations like lengthening MIDI notes and selecting multiple notes. If you're an occasional user looking to quickly produce an attractive DVD, you'll be happier with Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0, our reigning Editor's choice. New features that are currently unavailable in Elements include scene detection for imported video, a feature that lets you display onscreen the date you shot your footage (when did Junior take his first steps?), and the option to add cartoon-like overlays that add a comic touch. For authoring, Elements offers much higher quality templates and a more intuitive authoring and preview workflow, though MEP's new 3D menu text feature is an undeniably cool feature that makes your menu text really stand out. And the titling tool still lacks design primitives like squares and ovals, preventing you from creating backgrounds to make your titles readable. You'll find this problematic if you create custom pan-and-zoom effects with still images or vary the intensity of an effect over time. Thanks to this clever app, anyone to whom a Webmaster grants access can add or modify Web-page content without the risk of damaging the overall layout, and without going through the usual site-editing steps of downloading, editing, saving, and uploading again.

Unlike cookie-cutter services such as Microsoft Office Live or Yahoo's GeoCities Live, Contribute can manage content on any Web site, no matter how simple or elaborate.
It felt slightly slower than editing a page on my local machine with a traditional editor such as Dreamweaver, but no traditional editor matched the ease with which I could post the edited page to my site simply by clicking the Publish button. With a full battery charge, I managed roughly 8 hours away from the mains with brightness settings just below the maximum levels and putting the processor under heavy Photoshop and streaming loads. Those jumping from a HDD equipped laptop will quickly note the benefits, with the machine booting up near instantly and apps loading much faster also. Likewise, that trackpad is as good as it gets – smooth and accurate, and registering multi-touch gestures without a stutter. The second was to make as many new contacts as possible—talk to people, spend some time getting to know more independent developers, contractors, anyone we could in the iOS development community.
While we have never had a big “hit” app, and we’ve never even been featured in any major way by Apple, we’ve managed to grow by focusing on keeping our small base of customers extremely happy. And many also offered their own experiences and feedback, sometimes disagreeing, but always in the spirit of sharing knowledge. If you’re looking to get more actively involved with the indie dev community (and you should be if you’re making apps) I continue to think this is the best conference going. So we wanted an easy way for the Setlist creator in the band to make extra paper copies of the sets for everyone else. Just take any existing set, tap and hold on its preview in the Setlist Chooser view, and a popover will appear. We think these three new features make fine additions to the song catalog management and lyric prompting experience. It's also one of the faster photo workflow apps, but it still falls short of competitors like Editors' Choice Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in raw camera file conversion, effectiveness of corrections, and interface usability. If you've used Pro Tools in the past, you already know audio editing is as precise and seamless as you could want. The interface is also too spread out and cluttered with a plethora of similar effects that perform different functions.
And not only does Contribute CS3 make site editing work like traditional blog editing; it also includes features for editing blogs. That’s incredible, and depending on your usage, you could easily squeeze a couple more hours out of the battery. The MacBook Air just can’t compete with the vibrancy or contrast levels of the Retina Macs, let alone their ridiculous sharpness. We’re notorious for being shy, so we thought it was vital that we take advantage of the conference’s incredibly friendly atmosphere, break out of our usual quiet selves, and try to make some new friends. By the end of the conference I had a whole new confidence about where we wanted to take our business, and I could better appreciate the perspetives of those who have tried and succeeded at selling apps in all sorts of categories and at all sorts of price points. Wouldn’t have tried that last year.) And most importantly, the attendees and staff made us feel like we belonged.
We do take every report seriously, and we try to find solutions to problems as quickly as possible. The iPad will now broadcast when you start a script to the external display, just as if you had hooked up a display cable. Using the built-in drivers from iOS, Setlists can print any set you create, on US Letter, US Legal, or A4 sized paper. Tap Duplicate, and a new copy of the set will be created, allowing you to tweak it without touching the original. Comprehensive control surface support, including a full range of dedicated surfaces from Avid. From loop recording, to sample-level editing, to comping together tracks, you can quickly assemble and edit a performance with the combination Smart Tool cursor and apply crossfades—all within the main Edit window. For example, in Elements, you adjust still positioning and pan-and-zoom effects with the motion controls.
Adobe bought Contribute from Macromedia along with Dreamweaver, and it's now a mature product that Adobe supplies either as a standalone or as part of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web standard and Web Premium editions. I bought the one with 8gb ram, 256 gb SSD and the fastest speed so it is heavy on the wallet. And 360iDev, moreso than many other conferences, fosters this sense of community in a way that makes it easy even for two shy guys like us to feel welcomed, supported, and appreciated. Top it off with a great mention by Mike Schramm on TUAW, a podcast session with Saul Mora of NSBrief (to be published soon), and you end up with a unique experience that paid for itself many times over.
And the best part: it’s all in your phone, not scratched out on several pieces of paper you keep misplacing in different pockets. If you’re using a Mac running Mountain Lion, find the AirPlay menulette on the top menubar. You can shrink the font size to make the entire set fit on a single page, or make it larger so it’s easier to read from a distance.
A number of smaller UI enhancements let you create new tracks by double-clicking, bypass sends and inserts with new commands, and organize your media for a project faster with a new browser, which now previews sound effects files directly for film, game, and TV post-production.
Clip Gain lets you adjust volumes on the fly using a pop-up volume slider, without having to install Gain plug-is or manually add automation data everywhere.
In MEP, you have an Image Size and Position dialog, a Movement tab in Story Maker, a collection of uneditable canned movement presets (e.g. Considering the new MacBook Air is capable of hooking up to 2560 x 1600 resolution external monitors, the power’s definitely there to support a Retina Display. Just tap on the title, and you can see your notes in easy-to-read large letters on the screen. Click on the name of your AppleTV device, and your Mac will broadcast its content to the AppleTV.
You can also print the lyrics to any song in your song catalog, if you need an extra paper copy for a second vocalist who doesn’t have an iPad.
And Beat Detective picks up grooves in audio tracks, letting you fix timing issues across multiple instruments. One of the things that makes this conference so great is that anyone with a good idea might be picked to deliver that idea to the rest of us. Drop out of the set and into the catalog, then pull up one of your other bits in a few seconds.

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