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We often get asked by friends or customer which free photo editing software we’d recommend.
Zoner opens to display a media manager, from which you can easily switch to the editor. Crop tool works nice, with the area outside the crop lines darkened out.
Scrolling capture option that lets users capture Web pages and other scrolling documents all in one image. A tiny 16mb download, PhotoScape provides all the features you need to edit digital photos and it’s really easy to use. The photo editing interface has a retractable file tree and viewer, easy to find and select the photo you want to edit. Easy to use with a full list of commonly used tools on the left hand side including crop, resize, brightness and contrast, but no auto adjust. The Gimp, strange name but this free open source graphics has high end features with interface similar in style to Adobe Photoshop.
We loved the easy good looking interface, the stable build and because it focuses on the most useful and common photo editing tasks. Rubber Dragon Swindon Website DesignWe are client focused & strive to develop long term relationships by producing great business websites.
Proud to SupportTaking action supporting the reduction poverty in the UK & internationally. There are many free video editing software programs available for download today, but not all of them are good.
Posted on May 18, 2015 In this article, we have listed 10 great free music editing software that will make recording and editing your music an easy process. Now a days with right application or software, anyone can record even the finest quality audio or music sitting at home as well. For novice user this can be the best option as it is capable of performing multiple tasks like recording of multiple tracks, sequencing audio and even mix it.
ASIO driver enabled, Kristal Audio Engine, is capable for handling multiple tracks at a time.
The best feature about Wavosaur software is that it doesn’t require any installation process.
It is capable of handling all file formats and can trim the original track, cut it from anywhere or even repeat same tune again and again. User can trim one section from one track and can paste it in another track; anything you want to alter can be done easily with the help of this software. It can help working up with maximum number of channels and can support various file formats.
Basic edition is simply the free version of the original product which is little expensive but that doesn’t mean it lacks in anything. One can easily drag the selection on the software and start manipulating it with its amazing features. Usually companies don’t only target novice customers for any of their product but also experienced and expert clients. The main motive of MP3Gain is to normalize the MP3 audio files and the reason behind it is to bring all the tracks on same volume level. For editing any track, user doesn’t have to record the track first as this directly deals with the original sound track and edit that file only. It’s amazing features includes recording of steaming live records and by uploading multi-format files manipulating them like modifying pitch, increasing volume, remove unwanted noises and stripping of the vocals. If there is no big issue with dealing with that then this can be as good as any other software available in the market. Editing an audio file doesn’t only mean changing its quality and adding features, it can also mean by reducing the size of the file to make it small yet no harm to the quality of the file.
Not only the quality remains intact but also the bit-rate, channel settings and frequency of the sample also remain same. Size doesn’t define what software can do and what not, MP3DirectCut is such software that enables all kinds of editing to an audio track and consumes only 112 kb of space in your computer.
It’s interface is very basic and straightforward as anyone can access its editing features and terrific effects. Expensive image graphic editor such as Adobe PhotoShop,  Autodesk 3ds Max, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is great applications for professional and advanced users.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a piece of software for  tasks such as image composition, photo retouching and image authoring. Shock View Image editor easily provides cute picture frames or clip arts and functions such as crop, resizing, converting, dynamic GIF, and combining several pictures etc. Many ways to do photo manipulation, now many online services that provide services for photo manipulation, but I prefer to use Photoshop to perform manipulation.
GIMP isn’t just a piece of software, anything that you can do using PhotoShop(TM)you can do using GIMP. Image editing software is a utility which will help you to edit, create, enhance and manipulate your digital photos.
If you're looking for comprehensive editing power, ease of use, arty effects or just a quick way to spice up a photo before posting it on Facebook, there's something for you here. Adobe Photoshop has been the grand daddy of the imaging world for years and its blend of tools make photo retouching, image creation from scratch and straight-up image editing the complete package for keen amateur photographers and professionals.But although the cost of using Photoshop has come down, you have to pay a subscription for Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography Plan.
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Simple, attractive and clear tools along the top include zoom, select, effects, colour palette, painting and drawing.
Recording and editing of music was never an easy task as earlier people had less knowledge about devices and equipment that are required for this task.
Software is good only if it is compatible with any computer or desktop and can help you not only record but edit the music properly as well. It consists of 32 bit audio engine that is designed in a way to grip 44-192 kHz of sample rates that can have 16, 24 and even 32 bits word sizes. Kristal audio engine require fast computer to operate as it can only support 16 audio tracks at max at a time. It is approximately 706KB size program that is small yet capable of performing many functions. Waveshop lets you change one portion of the track without affecting the other portion of the track. It provides amazing tab-based interface with which one can open multiple tabs for multiple tracks. Statistical analysis performed in this tool claimed to generate better and refined results as compared to any other application or tool available in the market. One of the top editing software available are nothing in front of this, audacity has gained its popularity from way past. Not recommended for novice users as its interface is not friendly enough to entertain new users. It can normalize audio files, remove noise and can auto crop the track till which user requires. The specified date or time the user took the photos will be highlighted in calendar (Month View or Week View). You can create greeting cards, graphics, business cards, collages, website designs and other whole lot of things. Starting from the widget theme, allowing you to change colors, widget spacings and icon sizes to custom tool sets in the toolbox.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. It provides some specialized tools that enables for doing all types of editing and manipulations with the audio. Its modern interface provides various features including its direct editing tools that can help you cut-paste, reduce size, and remove unwanted noise and many more. JetPhoto Studio provides some utilities to resize pictures and stamp watermarks in batches, generate Flash movie with photo slideshow and crop pictures for your cell phone or PDA screens. Photobie’s screen-capture feature will make your life easier for preparing presentations. The interface is modulized into so called docks, allowing you to stack them into tabs or keep them open in their own window. Compared with other photo editors, Funny Photo Maker provides you with more fun on photo editing. It may lack some effects but in order to extend a program what it needs it provides that is VST plug-ins.

Funny Photo Maker can easily decorate your photos with funny photo frames, make face fun photos with your own portrait photos, add cool artistic photo effects to your photos and share your funny photos on Facebook or Twitter. It connects to Picasa Web online albums, making it easy to share photos with others straight from your desktop, but you can also use it purely as a desktop application. Picasa can display all your photos in one place, linking to any or all of the image folders on your computer via its Folder Manager. You can create albums ('labels'), add keywords and apply a range of non-destructive image effects and adjustments – in other words, Picasa doesn't modify the original photo, it just shows 'virtual' changes which you can undo at any time.
It looks completely different from Apple's old iPhoto app – in particular, the organizational tools are effective but take a little getting used to.
If you've got a Mac, then you should take a long, hard look at Photos before you even consider any other free app. The effects are particularly impressive, and not just in terms of variety – you can simply click an effect to apply it, then use a slider to adjust the strength. Fotor is essentially a cloud-based photo editor, but you can still use it as a desktop tool, opening images your computer, editing them and exporting new versions.
Perfect Effects 9 Free offers 170 one-click photo effects, and also offers Perfect Brush and Quick Mask tools for more advanced image manipulation. You can 'stack' effects using a layers palette on the right side of the screen and use the layer masking tools to control how they're blended. You can use Perfect Effects Free as a standalone program, but it also installs as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. You can restore and retouch your photos, crop them into new shapes and sizes, add a range of photo effects and more. You can create a completely blank canvas, open an image from a computer or specify an online location where the photo you want to edit can be found.
It's impressive how many tools Pixlr Editor has to offer with a huge range of filters to change the look of the image, a sidebar chocked full of all the tools you've come to recognise in Photoshop, and layering options that are up to the same standard. GIMPOpen-source image-editor that's powerful but technical, so it requires some effortPlatforms: Windows, Mac, LinuxWhat you get with GIMP is an extremely powerful program that does anything you'd expect from a powerful image editing app without costing a penny. Perhaps you need to crop out the ex from your Facebook profile pic and turn it into black-and-white?
GIMP can do all that and even more.What GIMP doesn't offer, however, is a particularly intuitive interface and it's handy to have a guide at hand in order to get the best out of it. It does help that the editing options on the left hand side are represented by icons and a description comes up when you hover over each one, giving even more information on the chosen tool. The editing tab is where most of the action takes place through a variety of options that ranges from adding new effects or changing the way it looks to cutting it down to size or adjusting the brightness. It's just as easy to group images together using the 'page' or 'combine' tab and the experience lets you create perfect social media posts in just seconds.
Another nifty feature is a dedicated tab to create GIFs from a group of images and further tools include screen capture, RAW-to-JPG, batch editor, image splitter, renaming tool and colour picker. It's not just an image-editor – it's also a file viewer and batch conversion tool and can capture screenshots too.
Compared to Photoshop and GIMP, IrfanView is incredibly lightweight and, although it doesn't have quite as many options, the set of features included is enough to make it a legitimate entry on the list. After opening the image you want to edit all you need use is the image menu at the top to take advantage of the program's features. The program takes most of its cues from MS Paint yet offers some extra features that weren't available in the old classic Windows program. If you're looking for high-powered image-editing tools then you're probably best off going for one of the options further up the list, however, for adding effects and making minor adjustments this is a nice lightweight option.
There's a small sidebar with a quick shortcut to some of the main editing options such as fill, erase or add text, and the more detailed ones are located in the adjustments and effects menu at the top.

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