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Imagine your breakfast with a perfectly toasted bagel, a little strawberry cream cheese and a cold glass of orange juice. A modern interpretation of a design classic, this stove top espresso maker combines classic Italian style with unprecedented functionality. Appliancist is an online magazine about the latest Home Appliances & Home Appliance Trends. National Community Gardening Campaign Cultivation Street trebles its reach by moving from The Sunday People to The Sunday Mirror.
British company Campey Turfcare Systems has supplied machines to assist in the decontamination of grass and soil in and around 53 Japanese cities affected by the devastated Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The Koro Field Top Maker (FTM) from global machinery distributor Campeys, based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and has been approved by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment as the preferred product to remove contaminated turf from radioactive areas near the nuclear plant. In March 2011, the Tohoku earthquake, and subsequent tsunami, devastated towns and cities along the coast of North East Japan – causing critical damage to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant.
In the months following the disaster, the Japanese Government took measures to decontaminate the worst affected areas. The Toyo-Green Group is one of the foremost companies in Japan specializing in turf grass science, engineering and management, and are the Japanese distributor for Campey Turf Care products. David Harrison, Export Sales Manager for Campey Turf Care Systems was consulted by Toyo Maintenance for advice on available equipment to assist them their de-contamination campaign.
David recommended the Koro FTM – a heavy-duty fraise mower – used all over the world to renovate professional sports pitches and other sports turf facilities.
Toyo-maintenance conducted tests over a wide variety of turf and soil surfaces and the results proved extremely encouraging, with significant drops in levels of contamination in all treated sections. The Koro FTM has been given the official go-ahead and is now the only machine of its type approved for working on the nuclear clean-up project in Japan.
Decontamination in this form will be completed by March 2014 but the 53 cities closest to Fukushima will take several more years of intensive clearance and re-construction before their open spaces are safe to be used again.
When I was in Chennai in February for a family re-union, I stayed with Sheela and Mohan, my cousin and his wife and was spoilt silly by them. It is a Cucina Pro Aluminum Stove Top Espresso Maker which is simple to use and gives some excellent coffee.
This entry was posted in Humor and tagged Cafe Coffee Day, Cucina Pro Aluminum Stove Top Espresso Maker. Jenny has had one of those espresso makers for some years and she just loves the coffee it produces. Mohan and I were in touch again following the post appearing online and he promises to send me one packet of some extraordinarily powerful coffee soon. I have a different sort of coffee maker, that labelled as a plunger but I think it is similar to a French Press. As interesting as the cupcake project was, it’s not the only thing I wanted to write about today under the subject of having to make up my mind.
To paraphrase Ecclesiastes, to everything there is a season – food lovers can certainly relate to that.
Rose's Heavenly Cakes - Ready for Duty!Last week, I had the privilege of attending a Baker’s Dozen luncheon featuring cake maker and cookbook author extraordinaire, Rose Levy Beranbaum. Rose talked about the “behind the scenes” of working with publishers and bringing a book like hers to the shelves – it sounded like this most recent one was about 6 years in the making. Homemade Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream (covered with leftover English toffee bits!)After my last post about English toffee, I thought that caramel sauce should be next. Once the mixture has cooked to a light to medium amber color, remove the pan from the heat and quickly pour in about ? of the cream. The caramel sauce will thicken when it cools – just reheat it a little in the microwave to make it pourable. First, a cautionary note about toffee making: hot sugar can be very dangerous and must be handled carefully at all times, so this is not a recipe to make with little kids or even with little kids underfoot. Making the toffee itself takes about 15 minutes then, once it’s cooled, about another 10 minutes to slather it with chocolate and more nuts. 2.) Cook to “hard crack” stage – this is somewhat fussy to describe, but it’s really critical to the outcome. The toffee will be crunchy, but it shouldn’t be breaking any teeth – another benefit of cooking it to proper hard crack stage. Soft and Creamy Polenta with Parmesan Cheese and Olive OilSomeone asked me the other day what I put in my brown rice to make it moist.
You can probably tell from the picture above that people are enjoying picnics and camaraderie beneath the beautiful trees.
At first, picnicing in a cemetery might seem strange – but on second thought, it seems just right. This is a delicate, light (in taste and texture!) dessert that finishes off a meal with elegance. I think all of February is the month of love, so make Strawberries Romanoff even if it’s not Valentine’s Day, and enjoy! Bountiful Life Wedding CakeTo commemorate my birthday (today!), I thought I would put up a gallery of cakes I’ve made over the years. Christmas CakesThe poinsettia cakes were made the Christmas after we moved home from Australia and New Zealand.
For last Sunday’s dinner I made the cover recipe, Stufato di Vitello e Verdure (Veal Soup with Vegetables).
Well, tea we can do but many of us don't have the time and budget just to jet set off to Italia for a quick cuppa near the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
The Ministry of the Environment experimented with many different ways to reduce the radioactivity held in the grass and soil of public spaces and sports fields, including methods for removing the surface layers.
Since the nuclear disaster the Toyo Maintenance department has been applying its expertise in this field by implementing effective methods of nuclear de-contamination in soil and turf. Trials have also been done to similar effect in rice fields, grasslands and forestry-controlled spaces.
Several machines are now working in the affected zones, cleaning up parks, sports fields and residential areas. During that stay, Mohan kept me going with some excellent coffee and would not share his secret of making that particular coffee till almost the last day of my stay there. I got this imported and supplied by an online merchant by late February and since then have been enjoying some excellent coffee and also making the same for visitors who too appreciate it. Otherwise, that machine will not be able to keep me away from parking myself with him at Chennai for long durations. I’d never seen them before, but apparently they’re quite common in certain regions! Pictures of the donated desserts are put out for silent auction, bidders bid for their table’s dessert that evening, and everyone wins. I was told that the three dozen cupcakes went for $250, which made me very happy and I decided it was worth it in the end! Her work is meticulous, and she takes her responsibilities as a recipe writer very seriously. It comes through like a beacon in every recipe she writes and in every way she shares her knowledge and carefully developed recipes. Both English toffee and caramel sauce (and caramels too, for that matter) involve cooking sugar to a certain degree of caramelization.

Pour the sugar on top of the water carefully so stray sugar crystals don’t land on the sides of the pan. The sugar syrup will steam and boil fiercely when the cream is added, so don’t stand over the pan – stand back, continuing to pour the cream in ? increments until the cream is all in. Well, today I’m your candy girl and I’m serving up buttery English toffee with toasted almonds and chocolate.
If it’s not cooked to hard crack stage, the toffee will be grainy and soft – very un-toffee-like!
The nuts are done when they just start to become fragrant – this will take 10 minutes or less, depending on the oven.
For the best way to melt chocolate in the microwave, check out our instructions for chocolate ganache. Return the toffee to the refrigerator for a few minutes to set the chocolate, then invert the toffee onto a sheet of wax paper or parchment and coat the other side with chocolate and more nuts. Some nuts and chocolate bits will fall off when the toffee is broken into pieces – save those for ice cream topping or eat them just as they are. That's a Good Looking Bag!The basic recipe is to bring 4 cups of water to boil, add 1 teaspoon salt, slowly whisk in 1 cup of polenta and keep whisking until it’s done. My favorite Beef Bourguignon recipe is from The New Basics Cookbook by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins. Weeks in advance, estimates of when the cherry blossoms will bloom are published so gazers can schedule their viewing. Sitting among your ancestors, enjoying a meal with the people you love – how perfect.
We had a few lovely sunny days with temperatures in the mid-60s, and it just makes me ready for the warmth.
Marinate the Strawberries: quarter some strawberries into a bowl and add a little sugar, depending on the sweetness of the berries. Assemble: add a little of the cream to the bottom of a serving dish, top with strawberries and a little of the marinating liquid, then top with more of the cream and finish with strawberries and a little more marinating liquid.
All of my specialty cake making equipment and books had been stolen with the rest of our sea shipment. The Bountiful Life wedding cake with marzipan fruits pictured at the top of this post was an original I first made in pastry school. And Cakes for the Big KiddiesFor the record, I only spent a short time of my career (about 1 year) actually working as a cake decorator.
Some time ago, I was watching Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network, and she used a nifty stove-top espresso maker from Italy by Bialetti. Add water to the bottom piece, add coffee to the filter basket and drop that into the bottom piece, screw on the top and put in on the stove-top to percolate for a few minutes. An automatic cut off prevents burning of the coffee grind, and after the perfect amount of coffee is dispensed, the boiler primes itself for steaming of the milk to produce two perfect homemade lattes. After much persuasion, he finally shared his secret and introduced me to this wonderful gadget. Luckily, I can get very good quality coffee powder in the neighbourhood Cafe Coffee Day, without too much difficulty and that is a great advantage as otherwise, I would have had to go to the city to get it.
I’ve accepted an opportunity to work in marketing communications with a food-related company, and I’m really excited about it. She would never want to leave a fellow baker stranded in the kitchen because one of her recipes was not perfect. Plus, caramel sauce is yet another (!) simple treat where the homemade result is so much better than what we can buy in the store. With a spoon, gently mix the sugar and water together until all of the sugar is moistened – and continue to keep the sugar off the sides of the pan. Then, carefully whisk the sauce together, continuing to be careful because it will still be steaming. Although there’s no need to constantly stir, don’t walk away – keep watching what’s happening in the pan.
The toffee may start to break at this point, but it’s going to be broken into pieces anyway. I usually serve it soft and creamy with a little parmesan cheese – it makes a perfect pair with something like Beef Bourguignon because the juices from the stew play so nicely with the taste and texture of the polenta. Add 1 part brown rice (not fast cooking, not par-boiled, not from a box with seasonings… just whole grain brown rice out of a bag, and I’m sure you can buy this in bulk, too!) to 2 parts low sodium chicken broth.
Basically, cook it for about 30 minutes total, checking to be sure it hasn’t dried up and tasting it towards the end for tenderness.
I was given this cookbook in 1991, when I got married, and later acquired The Silver Palate Cookbook by the same authors.
Throngs of people descend on their favorite viewing patches, stake out their territory and picnic beneath the blossoms. The pictures above from Japan were taken in April 2003, this one below in California was taken yesterday (February). We always get a little teaser like this in February and, like the cherry blossoms, it’s fleeting.
Add a few splashes of orange liqueur (I use Grand Marnier), and then enough orange juice to almost cover the berries.
This step can be done at the same time the berries are cut to marinate – just keep the cream in the refrigerator until service and, if necessary, give it a few whisks right before using it. Many of these were done before I had a digital camera, so the pictures had to be scanned into digital format. Yes, the shipment made it from the shores of New Zealand to California and onto the delivery truck, and then the truck was stolen about 30 miles from my house.
I entered it into competition at the Sydney Salon Culinaire – a massive food show in Australia. We had one day in Sydney to visit a few book shops and replace some of the special (to me) items I had lost. The soup was hearty, flavorful and easy to make – even easier since I left out the last few steps of separating out the meat and vegetables, removing the broth to another pot, melting butter in the original pot and stirring flour into that, then adding the broth back to thicken and, finally, adding the meat and vegetables back to the thickened broth – phew! It stuck in my head until one day last fall I was standing in line at Peet’s and my gaze fell to a display of Bialetti espresso makers – ah ha! Pour some coffee into a cup, add some milk (holding back the foam with a spoon, just like a real barista) and then top it off with the foam – voila!
Bring it into the comfort of your own home with this stackable 'Leaning Tower of TEAsa' Tea Set for Two!
The stainless steel OTTO features minimalist design, and with its bright mirror polished finish looks almost as a piece of art, while still functioning as a great coffee maker. It’s a full time position, which means I’ll be closing the doors of Just Specialties Fine Food and saying goodbye to our beautiful, easy, elegant chocolate kits and baking kits – five years after loving them into existence and shepherding them through the wily world of specialty foods. She told how she felt when she was about to publish one of her earlier books, only to see another book that covered similar material published first.
This attention to the sides of the pan will minimize the chance of the sugar crystallizing, i.e. Finally, whisk in 2 tablespoons of butter (salted or unsalted is ok) and pour into a heat proof container.
Cook on the stove-top on medium heat, stirring to blend the sugar and butter together, making sure to moisten all of the sugar with the butter.

Hard crack stage is technically about 300 – 305 degrees and there a few ways to tell when the toffee is there. You can buy corn meal for polenta in the bulk section of supermarkets or in a pre-packaged bag labeled “Polenta”, which is just bulk corn meal in a bag labeled “Polenta”!
When it gets to the consistency I like, similar to porridge, I add 2 tablespoons butter and about ? – ? cup of parmesan cheese (freshly grated – don’t even think about the green can kind). I happen to use a coffee cup to measure (so 1 coffee cup of brown rice and 2 coffee cups of broth), but you can use a measuring cup if you’re feeling conventional ; ).
Once it’s tender take it off the heat, making sure there is still a little bit of broth in the pan – this is what keeps it moist and it will absorb as the rice sits.
I wanted to give my readers a link to this Beef Bourguignon recipe, but there doesn’t seem to be one available. Today we are back to clouds and imminent rain, but I know we’re not too far away from sunshine, warmth and lots more blooms.
Taste the mixture and make adjustments – if there is too much liqueur, add more orange juice, etc. And, once I got better at making these cakes and owned a digital camera, I apparently decided to stop taking photos of them. After I stopped crying, I thought that making the poinsettia cakes for my neighbors at Christmas would be a good way to start re-collecting what I had lost.
The executive chef I worked for at the time was a big German man, and he couldn’t really feel the California vibe of that cake. Have fun sipping on your morning beverage or give your afternoon tea and finger sandwiches a European flair! The group cup which holds the coffee in place, when extracting the espresso, doubles as the boiler lid removal tool, allowing the hot boiler lid to be removed for refilling for the next round of coffees.
I’m really proud of what we built and how we operated – we were always quality driven and customer-oriented. She was reminded at the time that everyone has a voice, and she reminded each of us of that very same thing last week.
Two of the best ways are 1) use a candy thermometer; or 2) carefully watch the mixture for the magic few seconds when it changes from a somewhat grainy, puffy looking “coffee with cream” color to a smooth, glossy, medium brown toffee color. I buy it in the bag because it has the recipe I like on the back, and the bag itself is thick and sturdy for storage.
The recipe says to use a double boiler, which I never do; and it says it will take 25 minutes, which it never does. The story goes that Japanese samurai chose the cherry blossom as their symbol because cherry blossoms fall from the tree at the peak of their beauty… a reminder that life is fleeting. Maybe this year we’ll have some picnics too, and we will most definitely have some cherries. I’m just glad one of them thought of it, and that I learned about it during my Australia cheffing days.
Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the shipment stealers, their mouths watering over dreams of stereo equipment and TVs, only to find baking dishes, cookbooks and gum paste flower-making equipment? Much to the surprise of lots of people, that cake won the silver medal going up against very traditional British-style (and beautifully executed) wedding cakes. Apparently I have no Italian heritage, but I sure feel Italian when I eat pasta, slather the garlic around and drink Italian wine… I think something must be missing from the family tree. With my Bialetti and Aerolatte frothing wand, I’ve been contentedly making creamy, foamy lattes in the comfort of my own kitchen ever since. Easy to store and a uniquely whimsical conversation starter, this tea set for two is practical and cute! The robust group cup handle and steam control knob also allow the machine to be moved easily when hot. The Cake Bible was the first one I acquired many years ago, followed by The Pie and Pastry Bible.
The mixture will change from a loose blend of sugar and melted butter into a somewhat puffy, cream-colored cohesive mix. If the toffee continues to cook much beyond 305 degrees, it won’t look too different at first but it will start to take on a burned flavor – so, the toffee will look great, but it might taste slightly burned. I use to wonder why my polenta cooks up so much faster than the stated 25 minutes, but I decided it must be because I serve mine soft and creamy. I was surprised and wanted to mention it here as my small tribute to someone I never met but from whom I learned to cook many fine meals.
If you’re feeling philosophical, check out some thoughts on cherry blossoms, grace and dignity! Maybe they’re just legends in my own mind, but I recall that those were all pretty special. Winning that silver medal was fun, but getting the cake to the competition in the back of a cab almost killed me.
The veal was very tender in the soup, and I decided that the penance of butchering in the beginning had a nice reward in the end.
I still enjoy a latte out – sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else make it for you! The seals of this stove top espresso maker use DuPont Viton fluoroelastomer, which provides excellent sealing properties as well as unsurpassed durability.
And now, of course, a copy of Rose’s Heavenly Cakes is sitting on my counter waiting to be transformed from its pristine condition into another lovingly well-used resource in its own good time. If it really cooks beyond this stage, it will start to smoke and turn black – and this can happen in about 1 minute.
If I cooked it for the full 25 minutes, it would set up very sturdily and be perfect for slicing and then browning in a skillet.
This lets the rice absorb the broth, rather than the broth just boiling off and leaving crunchy uncooked rice behind.
My husband was ogling the Vellutata di Zucca con Cozze (Butternut Squash Puree with Mussels) picture, so I’ll have to try that soon. Safety valve prevents the buildup of steam pressure inside the boiler past a safe operating point.
Mostly I don’t wonder about my polenta, though – I just eat it (and so does my husband, by the way). I also enjoyed the article about Brunello di Montalcino wines – except my husband now says the few Brunello bottles we have must age more before we can drink them. Hmmm… I may have to hide future issues until I can vet them properly – chopping the veal was penance enough!
Coffee is easy to load and a custom coffee tamper allows the operator to tamp coffee grind at a perfect pressure to produce espresso. The OTTO stove top espresso maker - excellent ergonomics, sleek looks and top notch functionality.

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