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This nursing home directory includes information on nursing homes** that are Medicare or Medicaid certified.
These nursing homes provide skilled nursing care and assistance with activities of daily living.
To help make choosing a nursing home less stressful for you and your loved ones, it may be helpful to plan ahead and take the time to visit and compare several nursing homes. Planning ahead, and making good financial plans early, gives you and your family more control and can help make sure you can get good quality care at the nursing home best suited to your needs.

Your support can help make the change from living at home to living in a nursing home easier for your loved one. After selecting a nursing home, you can be your loved one's advocate by discussing concerns with the nursing home's staff and observing their care and living conditions.
The data on this website includes regulatory requirements that nursing homes have failed to meet but does not provide entire inspection reports (which may be well over 100 pages in length in some cases). A complete inspection report (form HCFA-2567) containing the specific findings supporting the State's determinations, and the nursing home's plans of correction, are available from the State survey agency or from the nursing home itself.

WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Generally, nursing home residents have health problems which keep them from living on their own and may require daily medical attention.

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