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O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Adding the modal overlay screen makes the dialog look more prominent because it dims out the page content. Com o objetivo de alavancar as vendas e aumentar a rentabilidade dos nossos clientes, trabalhamos com acoes promocionais direcionadas ao ponto de venda. Receituarios tematicos e sazonais com deliciosas sugestoes que irao ajudar a incrementar seu negocio gerando diferenciacao e fidelizacao dos consumidores. Material promocional de ponto de venda, que ajuda o operador a sinalizar a acao tematica e sazonal, gerando aumento da atratividade da confeitaria no supermercado para os consumidores. However, keep in mind that having a successful tradeshow experience requires preparation and some investment on your part. Represent your brand- Your brand should be the focus of your exhibit and seamlessly integrated into your overall design.
Know why you are there- As you are preparing to travel to the tradeshow you need to set goals that establish what your exhibit is for. Track your performance- Have quantitative goals you want to meet and a way to track your progress so you can measure the effectiveness of your trade show experience.
Be original- You want to make sure you bring quality and a team of people that are ready to strike up conversations. Tradeshows are a great marketing tool, and can have a positive impact on your business as you make those face to face connections.
Inbound marketing focuses on being found by potential leads instead of searching for customers. Traditional marketing methods such as paid TV ads, direct mailings, cold calling and trade shows are costly. When a potential customer does a web search, they are actively searching for your product or service.

Content marketing is creating valuable information to display on your site to increase customer interest.
Inbound marketing should not relying just on generating business but a balance of nurturing leads and converting visitors into customers.
Since the newsletter was actively sought, it is less likely to be viewed as spam, but it is wise to set expectations and inform how often your emails will be sent to the individual.
These email automation systems have customizable opt-in templates and for more creative opt-ins you may need a developer to create unique opt-in forms. Using sites such as Twitter and Facebook to generate interest in a product or service are great ways to use inbound marketing strategies.
Tip: Also make sure to provide a link or phone number in the video description to ensure they will find your company. It’s a brave new world for marketing and it’s important for businesses to stay on top of all the current trends and directions that inbound marketing are taking. Charise Stevens is an innovative marketer and SEO strategist specializing in digital marketing in San Antonio. The conversations and ability to interact with other industry professionals and prospective customers face to face is invaluable and worth your business’ resources. Your display is part of your exhibit and should be strategically developed so that it works for you and not against you.
Are you looking for new customers, developing potential partnerships, meeting new suppliers, or sharing a new product? A well designed exhibit and upbeat staff will have attendees remembering your display after the event is over. Inbound Marketing is not only effective and less expensive but the results are better tracked. Often businesses will attract customers by delivering a blog or a tips area on their website that provides relevant content making  their company a trusted and helpful resource.

Email and marketing automation should contain information useful to nurture the visitor’s interest and is a great opportunity to deliver sales pitches.
Provide regular content that is engaging on your social media account to attract potential clients. People often go to popular video channels such as Youtube or Vimeo to get info to solve problems or learn about a service or product. By staying current and staying focused on inbound marketing, businesses can take advantage of all the new possibilities being offered with today’s technology. However, tradeshows offer an opportunity for business owners to connect with other competitors and forge new relationships and engage with prospective customers. Tradeshows offer a chance to get your name out there and have it passed on by others after the event.
By utilizing your brand as the focal point, your exhibit will have a uniform look and share a message that people will respond too. Questions like these help direct your presentation and determine what activities you should prepare.
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Unlike traditional advertising, a tradeshow puts you face to face with buyers and sellers and paves the way for future partnerships to develop and for you to further cultivate your business reach.

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