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Did you know there is an easy way to drive trade show revenue, dramatically cut labor and paper costs, while at the same time marketing your exhibitors to your attendees? For booths that are available for purchase, exhibitors can simply click on the booth and buy on the spot.
Anybody can see the list of current exhibitors and click on the booth to find out more about them and where they are on the trade show map.
The names of show staffers can be set at the time of purchase or afterwards in the exhibitor portal page. On the portal page, the exhibitor can also update information such as product description or make other purchases such as Lead Retrieval. Use the map to develop a list of exhibitors to visit or even contact them directly to schedule an appointment in advance. With online booth purchasing with real-time credit card processing, the money goes immediately into your bank account without the delay and extra work of paper processing. Since booth sales are real-time, exhibitors will see other booths selling and will be more prone to buy their booths earlier than usual.
Ability to easily change exhibitor information such as staff allowances, purchases and booth location. Online trade show floor map and exhibitor management software is one the best ways to increase revenue for your show and decrease costs.
Your exhibit at a trade show should be a marketing machine as you gather contact information, sign potential customers up for webinars to take place within a few weeks of the show, and arrange personal meetings with decision makers.
At the trade show itself, you should engage attendees, interviewing them for their qualifications to purchase from you, and archiving the highest-quality inquiries for immediate follow up once the show has finished.
As you interact with potential leads at these events, remember to watch your body language and use good communication practices.

After a trade show or event, the most important detail to cover is following up on qualified leads promptly, within the next few days after the show while your marketing message is still fresh.
Being a leader in trade shows and physical events is not a matter of saturation or hype, but of consistent, targeted marketing and a sincere desire to build relationships. Hopson & filed under Event Rebels Blog, Meetings Technology, Sponsorships, Trade Show, What's New. This great technology uses an interactive trade show floor map to achieve all these amazing results. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. The author masterfully covers all aspects of trade show marketing - setting objectives, planning, promoting, executing, measuring performance, generating leads, working with the media, following up, and much more. The most effective exhibitors at a trade show focus their message so as not to confuse the audience. Your primary purpose at the show isn’t to sell – your primary purpose is to gather information. Standing with your arms crossed or talking to colleagues does not invite customers to stop by. If you promised access to an exclusive webinar or deal on your website, get that information out within a week or sooner (if possible) of the event. You must prepare well for the event, engage prospects at every opportunity, and follow up with them immediately in order to get the most out of your trade show experience. Real-world case studies put the book's tips and techniques into action, and forms and illustrations are included where appropriate. As an expert in your field, you will have high value content for the attendees, and your talk will bring in more attendees and exhibitors because of that.

Attendees will be exposed to any number of other exhibitors at a show, and at most will remember only one or two messages from your exhibit.
It is a great idea to sign people up for future webinars, email newsletters, marketing mailings with high value content, and personal meetings. If you allow too much time to pass, your prospect will likely have forgotten your meeting and you will have to cover territory you already went over during your initial contact. An appendix is brimming with additional resources, including professional associations, publications, helpful Web sites, and a glossary of terms. If you have too many messages at your exhibit, the attendees may easily become confused, and your exhibit instantly becomes forgettable. As mentioned earlier, if it’s possible, speak at the event or host a breakfast or dinner at which you can speak. You can make a great showing at these events and come away with greater networking and new customers – but only if you market effectively at the event.
Invite attendees to visit your exhibit for more information, and ensure that the highest quality prospects attending your booth are given immediate access to sales people or customer service representatives. Prepare any handouts or contact information sheets and have marketing materials prepared to send out to the new contacts you make at the show. Taking these steps will allow you to focus on your best opportunities and increase your database of qualified purchasers. Finally, and most importantly, focus your marketing message at the event, targeting it directly to the attendees.

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