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Fifteen years ago, long before the social media explosion and proliferation of industry-focused websites, forecasters were predicting the end of trade shows as we knew them.
Attention is EarnedToday's consumers are products of a wired, connected world that moves fast and demands more.
Creative In the BoxWe believe that to connect, engage, and influence your audience to action you have to creatively interact with them on their level and within their domain—their box. ShareFor a trade show to be termed as a complete success, the rate of attracting attendees to your booth is directly proportional to the triumph.Whilst that may sound like a simple breakdown of trade show marketing the road to a successful trade show is in essence a special blend of hard work, dedication, patience and, most of all, the tactical approach which can lead you to attract attention at trade shows. LCD screens are one of the most energy efficient, easy to use and cost effective solutions available for exhibitions today. We live in an era so advanced that the technological prosperity we experience nowadays seems utterly impossible if we don’t get to see it with our very own eyes. The Standroid Plasma Stand starts at $995, and is available with a number of optional accessories. Despite its size and presence, the trade show exhibit pictured can be set up in just a few hours with a few workers, limited your install and dismantle costs, and giving you the option to set up the exhibit without the help of show personnel.
Waveline Media trade show displays combine the simplicity and affordability of Waveline Displays with the versatility of a custom modular exhibit.
If you’re looking for a sleek, modern iPad stand for trade shows, look no further than MODdisplays.
Every package we sell comes complete the exhibit components shown in the photos, including hanging signs, graphics, counters, lighting, monitor mounts, literature holders, and product shelves.
As the first portable 10 x 10 trade show display to be available for less than a thousand dollars, the Waveline display revolutionized exhibiting.
At just $1,695, the Waveline B Series package offers a complete environment for a 10 x 10 space. MODdisplays specializes in custom-looking trade show exhibits made entirely from stocked exhibit hardware. MODdisplays can offer much faster turnaround times and lower prices than typical custom exhibit houses because all of our display components are stocked at various warehouses scattered across the United States. If you have a quote from a custom exhibit house that seems unreasonable, let MODdisplays take a look to see if there is anything we can do to reduce your costs or speed up your turnaround time. For a limited time only, you can pick between 26 canopy colors to further customize your Alumalite display. Alumalite trade show exhibits are making a big splash in the portable trade show display industry because of their unique design and easy setup, and the addition of free colored canopies will only serve to help these systems stand out from the crowd.
In light of the current economic crisis, companies are using cost-saving trade show marketing strategies to reduce their expenses. Social media marketing for trade shows has skyrocketed in 2008, and the future looks more promising than the past.
The trade show is hear to stay, because it remains a vital part of successful marketing and sales initiatives. Although your success rate at trade shows will be based on a combination of elements like pre-show marketing, in-booth trade show marketing and the quality and innovation of your product, the road to accomplishing a higher rate of traffic at a trade show mainly depends upon your in-booth trade show marketing tactics.Trade Show Marketing Using Audio Visual TechnologyWhen it comes attracting attention at trade shows using audio video technology tops the chart for attracting the audience you want.
High definition LCD’s provide vivid picture quality in even the brightest areas, ideal for trade show marketing.

You can allow the audience to interrelate themselves into interactive sessions for a better and thorough insight of what you ought to deliver. Modular Island Exhibit 2020.06 offers the privacy and security of a conference room, while utlizing the walls as a large graphic area. Each Waveline Media kit offers support for multimedia, including a monitor mount and supports.
The lightweight, simple design and high impact fabric graphics have been a favorite of trade show marketing professionals, but the ability to exhibit with multimedia has taken Waveline to the next level. The shipping case converts to a functional counter with a fully printed fabric graphic wrap.
These fully customizable systems can be designed to fit the needs of any exhibitor, but they are still made from stocked booth components to ensure quick turnaround and easy assembly.
Included but not pictured are shipping case(s) as needed, graphic design from our experienced team, and free custom renderings to help you figure out which layout works best for the needs of your company. MODdisplays was one of the first companies to offer Waveline exhibits, and we are happy to release Waveline B Series for sale. Because the entire exhibit weighs less than 40 pounds, it can be shipped via UPS or FedEx inexpensively using the case provided, which will save your company money as you move your exhibit from show to show. Our extensive line of aluminum hardware and accessories allows our exhibit designers to create spaces that are tailored to the needs of your company without the expensive design fees associated with custom exhibit houses. Surprisingly, the ability to fabricate custom parts for your exhibit adds very little additional functionality.
Despite the wide variety of color choices, there is no additional charge, and MODdisplays will still ship your exhibit in only five business days.
Unlike standard popup displays, these systems can hold a number of accessories including monitor mounts, literature shelves, product shelves, counters, and customizable exhibit lighting. Websites like Facebook and Twitter allow exhibitors to quickly and easily communicate with thousands of attendees in a matter of seconds, which means the flow of information at conferences is faster now than ever before. A trade show booth without a monitor or some audio-visual components is an anomoly in today’s trade show climate. So whether you’re just starting to think about promoting your product or service at a show or are a veteran trade show marketer looking for an assessment of your current efforts, give us a call. With integrated monitor mounts, literature shelves, and counters, this rest of the exhibit will keep your potential customers busy. The structure is made from lightweight aluminum extrusions, and the graphics are durable and washable. The frame of the display is constructed using aluminum tubing, and pillowcase graphics are used to form a seamless back wall. The Waveline 10ft Curved Standroid Kit offers the easy set up and affordable price tag you’ve come to expect, with the functionality and presence of a purpose-built trade show exhibit. The Standroid Plasma Stand comes with graphics of its own, including a large header, and can hold a monitor up to 52″, giving you plenty of room to showcase your products and services. Exhibitors are using them to track leads, showcase products and services, and make the experience more interactive for attendees. In an effort to simplify the process of buying a trade show display, we have done our best to cut out all the headaches and provide economical solutions that meet our clients needs.

This exciting new exhibit is vertically curved, and comes with a monitor mount, two lights, and a shelving system for added functionality. Low cost of ownership is important to seasoned exhibitors, and the Waveline B Series package will provide an inexpensive but professional environment for years to come.
Our graphic design and exhibit design services are available at no cost, and our trained professionals have years of experience creating effective trade show booths.
In short, we can create almost anything that a custom exhibit house can create, but at a much cheaper cost and a much quicker turnaround time. This special limited time offer applies to our Alumalite Wave displays, Arch displays, and Straight displays, which allows our clients to have the widest selection available. Exhibitors are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to make the most of their shrinking budgets, which has led to a number of innovative marketing trends. Although these exhibits limit your company’s ability to exhibit at multiple shows on the same day, it drastically reduces cost for exhibitors who register for fewer than 10 shows per year. And when it comes to building relationships in business, it is very hard to substitute for a handshake. Things have moved on a bit!We understand the importance of quality, reliability and experience when renting AV equipment. With a max height of sixteen feet, this impressive system is sure to attract all the attention you can handle. With large graphics, lighting, a durable shipping case that converts to a counter, and support for multimedia, this booth system has everything you need to succeed at your next conference or convention. MODdisplays offers a number of iPad and tablet stands that allow you to meet potential clients where they are. Our modular exhibits can accommodate common needs such as lockable storage, large monitor displays, conference rooms, meeting spaces, demo kiosks, and much more.
The newly designed case converts to a counter to complete your 10 x 10 environment, and a counter graphic is included in the price. Once the design of your exhibit is complete, all that’s left is to pull your hardware components off the shelf and print your graphics. Learning to use these valuable tools can drastically improve the return on your investment at your next event.
Small businesses love modular display systems, because with these systems they have the flexibility to add components to their display system as needed. Plus, regardless of how great technology is, people are still inherently tactile, especially when it comes to purchasing. Whether you want to use your tablet as an extra salesperson that never gets tired, or integrate it as a passive display for catalogs or videos, we have a solution that will work for you. There are many display systems that meet this criteria, but not many can be shipped in a single shipping case that can be transported by UPS or FedEx.
This is why companies continue to make large investments in their trade show marketing campaigns.

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