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Traditional marketing has always been defined by the 4P’s–Product, Promotion, Price and Place. Do you have a current and precise overview of your target audience so that you can create a persona?
With defined audience segmentation and on target offers, traditional marketing is still very effective when acquiring some customer segments. Promotions and offers are still important pieces in the marketing mix, but in 2013, content is a new form of currency.
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Traditional marketing techniques typically focus on identifying the right audience segment, understanding their behavior, and providing the proper incentive to get them to buy a product or service, and in addition, there is the location or channel consideration.
The goal was to use the proper media mix to deliver as many impressions as possible, providing the right promotional incentive to get the consumer to buy the product or service. The first step is to know your customer so that you can tailor relevant messages, offers and content to them, taking into consideration the media preference of your audience throughout an entire lifecycle. Traditional marketing strategies offer an effective way to deliver content to current and prospective customers, and can become a catalyst to drive your web site along other traffic marketing assets. Instead of relying solely on coupons and price discounts, marketers can offer valuable information that consumers will find relevant and engaging. With the advent of Google, the increasing penetration of smartphones, and the proliferation of social media platforms – marketers now face a daunting array of possible options.

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