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The Commission is promising to cut noise from cars, vans, buses and lorries within five years.
The directive applies to roads and railways with annual traffic of more than 3 million vehicles and 30,000 trains respectively. Strategic noise maps and prevention plans can be drawn up using CadnaA noise mapping software.
A 6 page editable document which various sized traffic lights with text boxes that allow you to set the level of noise in your class for each lesson. I will be creating other version of these for free and will also be uploading them when I do!

A proposal due later this year is expected to seek to reduce car noise by four decibels and lorry noise by three. Road and rail network authorities must draw up strategic maps and noise prevention plans to protect the surrounding areas, and the public must be kept informed. In addition, noise level measurements using DUO and SOLO Black Edition enable the current situation to be recorded as a reference and simulated models updated accordingly.
The issue of noise has lagged behind EU efforts to cut air pollutant emissions, but a recent study suggesting that the benefits of halving vehicle noise would bring massive benefits to society and financial savings to governments has risen the priority of noise.Existing noise limits in the EU have not been revised since 1992, and even then they did not bring about the benefits expected.
This was largely because the method used to work out a vehicle’s noise was based on test conditions, which differed considerably from real-world driving.

Health and environmental organisations have been frustrated at the lack of progress made on traffic noise in the last 15 years, especially as existing noise limits do not act as an incentive for car and lorry makers to use quieter technology.Following a study by the Dutch consultancy TNO for the Commission, which showed that the benefits to society of stricter vehicle noise standards would outweigh the costs by 20 to one, a Commission official, Philippe Jean, last month announced that a proposal was in preparation that would introduce a better assessment method and tighten vehicle noise limits.
Moreover a recent study by the World Health Organisation said 1.8% of heart attacks in high-income European countries are the result of traffic noise levels above 60 decibels.
Allowing a year for the legislation to be approved, this would mean limits of 68 decibels for cars and 78 for lorries in about five years.Environmental and health groups said the impending proposal was welcome, but far too lax.

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