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Even if you were a lolipop sucking Asian girl, no one living in a world where the Subaru WRX, Mazdaspeed3, VW GTI and even the new V6 Mustang exist should be considering a Civic SI.
And since all good TTACers prefer light-and-agile to solid and sophisticated, why buy the Civic, again? By ‘a little more sophistication’ do you mean a respectably appointed interior?
My 4th gen Accord could take a corner better than a FIT, without the suspension bottoming out..
The Fit is a fine car…sporty, good on gas (if a little light in fuel tank capacity), and would be a great choice for either a second car or a primary car. Incidentally, I didn’t pick the Fit because I wanted a hot-hatch with an adult interior. Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing While marketers have spent billions of dollars on Facebook advertising and reported countless success stories, a recent Forrester Research report caused an uproar when it assailed the social giant for failing marketers. As the number of people and time spent on Facebook has grown, so has the company’s ad capabilities and performance. Facebook advertisers have access to a wide range of new products with many of their latest product announcements (Partner Categories, Custom Audiences, FBX) are designed to allow marketers to reach their massive audience accurately and at scale. Successful advertisers on Facebook are focused on building the right creative to identify the best customer for their brand.
Many marketers thinking about advertising at scale on Facebook are thinking bigger than CPA and ROI and are instead focusing on predictive lifetime value.
Besides being a pure joy to work with, Nick is a professional, energetic, take-charge person who is able to communicate the short term and long term benefits of his ideas. Nick is a positive problem-solver with his finger on the pulse of not only the ethics and trends of marketing, but what actually works. There are very few individuals in this day-and-age that commit themselves so passionately into their profession and Nick Armstrong, at WTF Marketing, is one of those individuals.
You wouldn’t just open the Bible and begin preaching on a Sunday morning, would you? Church marketing and advertising should be given a high level of importance in your church. In this E Magazine we will look at the 10 Key Success Elements of any church marketing campaign!
You MUST be advertising to your target market with the Correct Vehicle: This is number one on the list simply because it is THE MOST IMPORTANT. Demographics: This should include age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, income, location, occupation, home value, presence and age of children, and more. Psychographics: This should include values, lifestyle trends, interests, hobbies, goals, and more.
Once you determine your attendee profile, you can begin to use advertising vehicles that have the broadest reach to your target market. We have yet to hear of a Church that has not attracted new visitors with one of our mailings. Truth Advertising offers Not-for-Profit pricing on Church Marketing, Church Advertising, Church Outreach, and Church Direct Mail Services. We exist to help Churches grow with innovative and Custom Designed, Church Marketing and Church Advertising Direct Mail Postcards.
Jeff S - I wouldn’t consider a German or most European cars because of the expensive maintenance. The former king of sport compacts is now almost a joke of an afterthought now, and it will be until Honda finally figures out what a turbocharger does. A sub-compact that has more cargo room than a mid-nineties domestic minivan that can corner almost as well as a Mini is quite the feat of engineering.

Honda used to have entry-lux locked down with the Integra, and the interiors for the 4th, 5th, and 6th generation Civic hatches were quite tasteful.
Dynamics, while not as tight as the Mini, was better than the base Mazda3 I drove earlier that week. Facebook offers a massive audience (1.19 billion people) that can be reached accurately and at scale. Part of the effectiveness of ads in the desktop or mobile News Feed lies in the fact that it blurs the line between advertising and content on Facebook, combining the feeling of traditional engagement marketing with the rich targeting and expansive reach of paid advertising. They are developing marketing strategies and optimizing their campaigns to acquire customers based on their contribution rather than treating customers all the same. Our data shows that Facebook ads are seeing 375% higher clickthroughs in 2013 and ROI is up 152%.
They are leveraging Facebook to find and acquire customers, promote unique timely and personalized offers and drive incremental traffic to their online and offline stores. As more and more brands compete to stand out among its millions of users, the need to stand out is even more pressing.
Nick is extremely knowledgeable in using marketing strategies and social media to increase revenue and sales.
I am happy with the results and the feedback from our clients and friends was super positive. When you see a local event offered and you see that Nick Armstrong is involved, you should register knowing it will be an amazing event. Nothing was status quo in the seminar, from the chairs being arranged differently to Nick bouncing around the room in his brightly colored tennis shoes, we were educated and entertained all at one time. Nick was great to work with and gave us some fresh ideas for getting the word out around town about this event. He always has great insights into the multifaceted worlds of marketing, website design and development, and business. More than all of that, Nick is very generous with his time, and he genuinely loves to help people solve problems. He worked diligently and without complaint on the many changes and demands that I requested during our creation of the website Java Raiz. I would assume you would do some preparation prior such as choosing a topic sensitive to the needs of your congregation, doing research on the passages you were going to use, developing a sermon outline, and more. If you don’t have the time and attention to devote to it, perhaps you may need to delegate it to another staff position or even volunteer. It is no secret we here at Truth Advertising are biased toward direct mail simply because it has the broadest reach and can be tailored and targeted specifically to your needs.
Your headline should be written to capture your audience’s attention, and your subheadline should engage your audience, so you can then can educate them about your church, event, or sermon. You MUST use photos and graphics that are appealing and representative of your church. He likes his Hybrid for its great fuel efficiency, which comes in handy on his many trips to the great outdoors.
They wanted to sell Honda these ads and told them that quirky and edgy was the way to go when Kia Soul’s happening hamsters were climbing the sales charts. Particularly since while the Transport died, and the Cherokee is on the way out, the Fit will be here longer than the pyramids. The general consensus as reported by VentureBeat, Motley Fool and Digiday appears to be that Facebook advertising has come a long way and that Facebook is a significant channel for marketers.
People come to Facebook to connect on what matters to them the most —friends, family, organizations, events, causes and more. Aesthetics and visuals are the first things that grab attention, and then it’s about the language and copy presented. By understanding the lifetime value of various customers, they are improving their ROI in the long run.

At the end of the day, success on Facebook always comes back to great, targeting, creative and optimization. This energy and creativity is what caused us to hire Nick to redo our websites, embrace new social media tactics and market our up and coming restaurant and brewery. We had a record number of walkers attend and raised $17,000 thanks to Nick’s hard work! He made himself available almost 24-7, and never lost focus or sincere interest in helping me complete the project.
Honestly, you can work and prepare your sermons all week, but preaching to empty seats will yield no fruit, not to mention discouraging you, your congregation, and any new family that may be attending for the first time.
For instance, if you send out a direct mail campaign for Vacation Bible School to homes without children, you’re wasting your money. This ad is for people who are considering the Si or the hybrid to laugh at the zombie suit caricature. A fine car, usually (though as proven by your response, not always) driven by sensible people.
Marketers know precisely who their audience is and Facebook allows them to tailor creative and messaging directly to them. A compelling headline, an exclusive offer or a daily sale drive urgency and incent people to act. Marketers that follow this approach have the best opportunity to unlock the full potential of Facebook advertising.
We worked along side Nick for a year and half and would recommend his talent and creativeness to anyone willing to take a look at the “standard” way of doing things a little differently that still achieve lasting results.
You may desire a certain profile, but we have learned over the many years of church marketing that most churches attract a certain profile of attendees, be it because of location, pastor, worship music, or other characteristics of the church. His Civic Sedan is loaded with options like Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and navigation system with FM Traffic. In combination with Google, Facebook accounts for 70 percent of all mobile ad revenues worldwide. He routinely donates his time to teach at the Loveland Center for Business Development (LCBD) and the Larimer SBDC. You can’t usually fight it, but determining it can oftentimes mean the success or failure of your marketing efforts.
By the time I've finished watching, I can’t understand how I have lived without that product this long. People don't want to receive your mailer and say to themselves , "Those people don't look like me .
Nick can take complex subject matter such as web analytics and present the class material in a way that is easily understood.
Infomercials have a great way of showing you just how a product can improve your life by saving you time or money, making you more comfortable, and other benefits. Stock photos are great, and they are the way to go to get clean, good -looking photos, but they MUST represent the look of your church. Your church is always making a statement about itself, which of course is actually advertising.
A martial-arts phenom who’s partial to red licorice and arcade games, she pairs well with the high-energy performance of the Si model. He’s handsome, charming and a bit vain so he, of course, appreciates the Civic Coupe’s sleek lines.

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