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Among digital formats, video remains the fastest growing—though still from a small base compared to search or banners. Even with the rise of digital video viewership and ad spending, levels of spending on online and mobile video fall far below spending on TV. Investment in print advertising continues its decline, though eMarketer sees a leveling off in 2015. Magazines ad spend is expected to be flat over the forecast period while newspapers can expect a 22% decline in ad spend.
Ad spending on print directories is expected to decline 35% over the total forecast period.
Zee TV is bringing back its flagship singing reality property Sa Re Ga Ma Pa's kids' edition, 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs, in its fifth season. Guess which were the most talked-about brands of the year 2015 and win exciting prizes (Hurry! 10934Television still commands the most ad dollars, but digital video is an increasingly important competitor. April is the month when television executives make their respective cases for bigger budgets, and cable networks are trying to close the gap in ad pricing that has long existed between cable and broadcast, where there’s a 3 to 1 advertising rate gap between broadcast and cable. The Hollywood Reporter says that for the 2013-2014 season, ad-supported cable networks took in $10.2 billion in upfront commitments, which was a 4% increase over the previous year. Overall, advertisers spend $60 to $70 billion annually, including ads on broadcast, cable, local, syndication, and Spanish-language television. Consumers are far less wedded to television screens and consume video on multiple platforms.
An article in Variety reports that ZenithOptimedia, an ad-buying firm, predicts television’s chunk of global ad spending will fall to less than 40% by 2016. Television will have to become more flexible to maintain healthy advertising levels, and many networks are trying new things to draw in younger viewers who are far less tethered to television than older viewers. Broadcast, cable, and digital are all still very much siloed in the upfront song and dance. A report by eMarketer says that digital advertising will overtake television advertising in 2018. As a digital publisher, you have to know where to spend your own marketing dollars, and how to bring in marketing dollars from others, including advertisers that currently spend on television. RealMatch is a leading provider of recruitment advertising solutions for digital publishers and media companies. RealMatch is the leading recruitment advertising technology platform specializing in performance-based recruitment advertising solutions for digital publishers and employers. In the beginning of 2015, do you thinking about switching to a new outboard motor for you boat? There are many factors when you choose Yamaha Outboard Sale, one of the most important factors when buying an outboard motor is to match the correct horsepower with the boat you want to power. Yamaha Outboard Motor can supply small outboard engines and large outboard motors for you to choose, you can choose the appropriate horsepower to fit your boat.
Kearney and Levine looked at Nielsen ratings as well as search data from Google Trends and Twitter to determine the show’s potential impact on teen birth rates. The researchers also looked to see whether high viewership in certain areas corresponded with a bigger drop in teen births. That’s all well and scientific, but could a TV show really have that big of an impact on teen birth rates? Of course, no one, including the study authors, is saying that MTV alone is responsible for the declining teen birth rate.
About half of the recent dramatic decline can be attributed to the recession, Kearney says. Making the immediate cost clear seems to get through to teens more than statistics that show what happens to teen parents when they’re 25, Kearney says. Teens may turn to TV shows about sex because they’re lacking other options, Albert says.
And parents, Albert says, are often shocked to learn that teens say their parents have a major influence on their decisions about sex.
Please note that MonetizePros calculates all aggregated figures while making several assumptions, which are described in the Methodology section. This page aggregates publicly available information regarding mobile CPM rate averages and ranges. Mobile ads are a relatively new innovation, but are quickly becoming a key components of digital campaigns.
Though the lines are beginning to blur, there remain some key distinctions between mobile ads and traditional online display ads. Mobile ad revenue is expected to grow 61% in 2014 and 53% in 2015, when it will make up 8.4% of total ad spend. In the UK, mobile advertising spending is expected to top A?2 billion and exceedA newspaper ad revenue in 2014.
The simplest mobile ad unit can be thought of as a mobile version of a 728×90 leaderboard that is common online.
This ad units is the least intrusive; it only takes up a portion of the screen, and there is little or no animation involved.

Interstitials will generally earn more than simple banner ads, because they are more effective at highlighting the message of the advertiser and driving engagement from app users.
Given these segmentations between both ad type and device, comping up with a single estimate for a mobile CPM isn’t really meaningful. As such, the table above shows four separate ranges for the most common types of ads delivered on mobile devices in 2014.
In February 2014, Amazon announced an interesting offer for mobile app developers in an attempt to gain traction at the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. Ad serving platform MoPub publishes a quarterly report showing a number of trends in the mobile ad industry based on hard data from their marketplace. Because this data point is a bit dated and comes only from a one week period, we didn’t include it in our average calculations. Johannes Borchardt is a developer focusing on Android apps who publishes monthly income reports giving some transparency into his financial successes (or struggles). This transparent report highlights a number of different ad networks and ad types, giving rough ranges for the CPMs being earned from all of them.
This post covers a few other ad networks not mentioned above, though the earnings potential of those seems to be limited.
This research report shows a distribution of CPMs as well as the simple average mentioned above. This forum thread includes input from several developers regarding the performance of their ads on different platforms and with different types of ad units. The extremely low rates referenced inA source #4 for banner ads were ignored, as they were deemed to represent the very low end ofA the range. We then computed the ranges for Android appsA by applying a discount of 30% to the iPhone range. By 2017, eMarketer expects digital video spending to reach only around one-eighth of what is spent on television ads.
The revised upward revision to 3.6% was primarily a result of upward revisions to expected spending on mobile advertising this year. Online video outlets like YouTube command nowhere near the advertising rates TV does, but changes in viewer habits (i.e. In the early decades of broadcast television, broadcasters only had each other to compete with for ad dollars, until cable became ubiquitous.
But now the digital folks have NewFronts, a similar setup where digital videos compete for TV dollars during the upfront negotiations.
Ad buyers are moving toward a future in which they can reach consumers regardless of what screen they happen to be using. Right now, marketing specialists still believe that television commercials influence audiences more than other ads, but digital giants like Google are working hard to convince ad buyers that the money they spend on TV gets a better ROI online.
Knowing the trends and changes happening as digital video grows in importance can help you create the smartest strategy for marketing and monetizing your site. This revenue stream can be an integral part of your website’s overall marketing and monetization strategy. As if losing ad dollars to smartphones and tablets were not enough, TV now has to contend with another looming threat — the always connected smartwatch. With a new Yamaha Outboard Motor you can go further and deeper in the deep sea for fishing, and you can fish more fishes. The small outboard engines include 2hp to 35hp, and the large outboard motors include 40hp to 350hp.
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The show may actually encourage him or her to practice safer sex, according to a new study.
This would account for about one-third of the overall decline in teen births in the United States during that period, researchers Melissa Kearney and Phillip Levine concluded. As more people view sites and apps through a tablet or mobile phone, advertisers are embracing the opportunity to promote their products and services through a new medium. This includes the rates paid by advertisers, the effectiveness of campaigns, and the strategies used by publishers to maximize revenue. As such, it will generally be the cheapest type of ad unit for advertisers to buy and the least productive for developers to run. Video ads still make up a small portion of total spend, but shouldA continue to grow in coming years. A banner ad served on an Android device will command much less than an interstitial served on an iPhone, with a couple other points in between. Specifically, Amazon guaranteed a $1.50 CPM on banner ads for two months (March and April) of 2014. Not surprisingly, interstitial and video ads generate revenue that is much higher than simple banners. This discount was based on the data points presented above, our own experience, andA additional research. She has produced plays and concerts in her hometown of Chicago, and twice in the Capital Fringe festival. You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any material on the Website for any commercial purposes.

Because broadcast television still reigns in terms of ratings, many low-rated shows on broadcast TV get considerably higher cost-per-thousand-viewer ad rates than comparable cable shows.
But while cable has been outperforming broadcast TV for ad dollars, increases in cable advertising intake are starting to level off.
At the same time, traditional TV networks like CBS, Unavision, and The Weather Channel are choosing to join online giants like YouTube in NewFronts in an effort to be seen as legitimate digital companies. Some media experts believe that digital video ads will take more ad spending away from print, outdoor, and display ads than from television. It may not even end there, with global tech majors at the recent CES mega-event in Las Vegas sounding the call for “wearable technology” that could take the form of all manner of devices.
In the past four years, it has dropped even more dramatically at a rate of about 7.5% per year. In the meantime,A click here to sign up for MonetizePros Free membership, and wea€™ll notify you when our Premium membership program launches. As compared to the previous season which aired for around 18-20 weeks, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs will air for 13 weeks this season. The top ad-supported cable networks for 2013, in order, are ESPN, USA, TNT, TBS, and Fox News. So far in 2014, advertisers are showing increased comfort with putting their ads in all types of video on every platform, so the dynamics of the advertising market are undergoing considerable changes. Advertisers have been shifting money into digital video for years, but television still reigns supreme. Android) has a significantA impact on the revenue earned, drawing meaningful conclusions form theA limited number of data points available is extremely challenging. The channel has announced the launch of the show close on the heels of unveiling its new brand philosophy 'Har Lamha, Nayi Umeed' that captures the beauty of re-discovering a new ray of hope with every moment of life.
As such, the rates for iPhoneA ads above were based on a consideration of the data points mentioned as well as our own experience. New Tunes According to Pradeep Hejmadi, business head, Zee TV shares that Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has always stood for inspiring people and that is one of the biggest reasons of bringing it back to television.
Each child learns or knows a different style of singing and takes inspiration from people who have got name and fame through those styles.
For instance, there is an eleven years old girl, Antara Sarkar from Kolkata who learns Rabindra Sangeet and idolises Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosale.The season will witness mentors, Shaan and Monali Thakur, who come on board as 'Captains', groom each child as their singing talent will be honed in a very different manner so as to let them bloom to his or her fullest potential. The two mentors will try and understand each child's strengths and areas of improvement and coach them on fine-tuning their skills. In its fifth season, the show will see a boys versus girls format that aims to create a spirited atmoshphere of camaraderie and fun.
Shaan will be the captain of the boys' team while Thakur will don the hat of the captain of the girls' team. They will even evaluate the performances of these contestants.Talking about the idea behind the girls versus boys format, Hejmadi adds, "Each of these voices is different. Boys have a different scale and the emotional chord they hit is different as compared to girls. When the boys and girls play out together, not only there is an interesting sense of competition that pans out, it also widens the opportunities for the singers.
For instance, a duet gives a much wider canvas to play with."Alka Yagnik, who has been a mentor across previous seasons of the show, will be seated as the 'Mahaguru' this season.
The show will be hosted by Aditya Narayan.Namit Sharma, programming head, Zee TV, says, "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is amongst Indian television's very first few talent-based reality shows with a legacy of singing talent that it has built over almost two decades.
It is a definitive platform for aspiring singers and has significantly contributed to the country's culture and music scene. From attracting some of the biggest names of the music fraternity as judges to nurturing some of the finest budding talent in the country, the platform has only grown with each successive season."Zee Music Company will partner with the channel in terms of co-creating and promoting exclusive music content with the Li'l champs.
In addition they will also help in the grooming process by engaging with musical icons and enabling the Lil Champs to interact with them. So, if the number of weeks it's going to air for is slashing to 13 weeks, the inventories will decrease. We will hence have to take corrective measure to make sure that the ad revenue target of the show doesn't suffer.
We are bullish about the performance of the show." The channel is still in talks with the advertisers. Sehgal indicated that many advertisers are wanting to come back on the show, but the deals have not being signed yet. Zee TV is looking at getting eights sponsors on board for the show, including six associate sponsors and two title sponsors (presenting and powered by)."The channel is getting back the show after three years. Having said that, since it's a kids special, emotional connect can trigger family viewing," says Dhirendra Singh, head, Planning - AVP, BPN.

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