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Guerillascope specialises in the planning of cost-efficient TV advertising campaigns that reach specific audience groups whilst reducing Cost Per Response, Lead and Sale. The objective is a simple one: To supply both businesses new to the TV advertising market and those already holding an established presence with an outlet that cultivates sustainable and accountable business growth. We begin by getting to know your business inside out, taking a detailed brief that allows us to locate the best avenues towards reaching your individual goals.
Guerillascope has had the pleasure of working with businesses spanning the charity, FMCG, drinks, insurance, law, travel and tourism, health, beauty & cosmetics, sports and leisure, public sector, retail and entertainment sectors.
Unlike other TV advertising agencies, Guerillascope operates with complete independence and transparency.
Find out how we can help your advertising strategy across various types of television advertising such as national networks, local cable, syndicated shows, and more.

We accomplish this by implementing an analysis-based approach to the buying of TV airtime: selecting TV channels, times of day, weekdays and programming most suitable for reaching the target audience group.
We seek to achieve this by developing targeted plans that provide a healthy balance of reach and frequency. From budding entrepreneurs and growing start-up businesses through to established brands and market leaders. We are not restricted to share agreements with sales houses, meaning we plan and book campaigns based on the exact needs of the client.
Upon the launch of a TV campaign, we continuously monitor its progress by correlating individual TV spots with live web data. Whether a client is pursuing a measurable increase in sales and direct response, an elevation in brand fame or the grand unveiling of a new product, we're well-versed in providing the support to achieve any of the above objectives.

We achieve this by approaching sales houses late in the market, accessing remnant inventory that delivers fantastic reach and frequency whilst generating added value. We're also the only agency that advertises on TV itself, whilst our sophisticated analysis software means we never miss an opportunity to make your budget work harder. We ensure this by keeping a constant eye on campaign progress, performing weekly schedule updates whilst also correlating live web traffic with individual TV spots. Ultimately, our mission is to make TV advertising as cost-efficient source of sustainable growth for business of all shapes and sizes.

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