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The past few years have brought sweeping transformation to television—a trend that will only accelerate in the coming decade. While we do not believe that all future distribution will be through on-demand unicast technologies, consumers will not think about “channels” as the means of accessing programming. Ads will be delivered to on-demand viewers in real time or prepositioned on their PVRs, driving the need for addressable ads. Measures and reporting will increasingly need to reflect actual viewing of the ads, as well as brand engagement and impact.
As product placement continues to play a greater role, campaign design and development activities will need to become even more closely integrated with show development. Ad personalization will take many different forms, leading to greater user involvement.  Brands will increasingly partner with new types of apps associated with popular TV and movie characters. This transformation will require dramatic changes in the entire advertising ecosystem—from creative development, ad buying, and show production, to ad and show delivery mechanisms and device capabilities. Some of the individuals posting to this site, including the moderators, work for Cisco Systems. We all grew up watching television commercials and singing the jingles.That's because effective, targeted television advertising resonates with us. DevelopmentThis is where you will get your budget together, write scripts, storyboard, and decide who will produce the spots.
Insidera€™s Guide to Writing and Producing RadioLearn the insider secrets to writing and producing business-building radio commercials!- Save thousands by writing and producing radio spots like the pros- Pick the best stations to drive traffic to your door- Buy the time slots when your listeners are listening- Develop your own creative brief like a real ad agency- Create your own mini-marketing planOrder now and get my bonus e-booklet, 10 Steps to Creating a Successful Campaign. The news that a consortium of cable companies would end years of work on interactive television advertising came as little surprise to Madison Avenue. The consortium, known as Canoe Ventures, was formed four years ago by six cable powerhouses, including Cablevision Systems, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. The decision was not unexpected because there had been little to show from the efforts by Canoe Ventures concerning interactive ads.
Advertisers decided that the logistics involved in using the interactive ad product that Canoe produced — centered on viewers pushing buttons on remote control devices to request information — were too complicated.
Canoe will lay off 120 of its 150 employees, close its office in New York and dismiss senior managers who include the chief executive, Kathy Timko. The remaining Canoe employees will work from an office in Denver and focus their efforts on creating a national platform for ads to run on video-on-demand TV systems. La empresa muestra en ABTA, del 6 al 8 de agosto en Sao Paulo (Brasil) algunas oportunidades que ofrecen los nuevos ecosistemas de television digital y hogar conectado.
La nueva tecnologia que Nagra presenta en ABTA 2013, evento organizado por la Associacao Brasileira de Televisao por Assinatura, es una solucion de extremo a extremo para la distribucion de media en multiples pantallas totalmente integradas con OpenTV 5, la mas nueva plataforma de convergencia de media de la empresa, que cuenta con una potente tecnologia de proteccion de contenido para tv, OTT y redes domesticas. Para el director general de Nagra en America do Sul, Thierry Martin, “la casa conectada se ha convertido en una realidad, con consumidores que estan cambiando su forma de consumir television adoptando nuevos patrones de consumo por medio de pantallas multiples”. For every business that becomes a local TV mainstay, there are 100 more that sink out of sight after their brief brush with TV’s allure.
Reach and frequency are as important for local businesses advertising on TV as they are for McDonalds and Ford. TV is ideally suited to selling a product or service that can be replicated quickly and indefinitely. A business like a restaurant with multiple locations in the same viewing area will always do better with TV than a single location. Regardless of your product or service sector, if you decide to take the plunge into TV advertising, make sure you have the resources to stay with it for at least three and preferably six months. Tonight leaders of the Australian creative industry gather at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney for the Advertising Federation of Australia’s annual general meeting and celebration of fifty years of television advertising in Australia.

Can anyone remember the ad (& provide a link) to the ad that showed two little girls in the schoolyard. Does anybody remember the animation ad from the 1980’s with these characters running around on the backs of others? It was an ad for The Natural Gas Company [could be Integral], I know it was shown in Australia sometime between 1988 – 1992.
I loved that ad so much I got the cat (a British blue) after waiting 27 years and I love him. Does anyone remember an ad for a refrigerator with fabulous classical music…it was a long time ago! I’m looking for a late 70’s Australian TV advert for Coca Cola, where they use a Holden penal van with Dinosaurs painted on the side of it.
Does anyone know where I can find the Soothers Tv Ad where it says “Johnny, go down to the store and get me a packet of soothers. What do you mean is that all I want, You think I like talking with a dry sore throat, Get out of here you idiot. I would love to find this to settle a debate with hubby who doesnt believe me about the wording in this ad.
When we lived in Canberra the ACT Electricity company was running an ad continually about cooking with electricity, washing with electricity etc. Anyone remember the Leggo’s ad before it was removed of a young boy standing at the front door watching his dad walk up to it with meat he’d bought from the butchers? I remember an old 70s commercial for polly waffles…in which the old parliament house in canberra in covered in chocolate.
What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. Following up on a 2011 study on the future of television, Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) recently examined the ways disruptive technology and user behavior trends are impacting TV advertising.
Adoption of video on demand, Intelligent Programming Guides and personal video recorders (PVRs) is shifting viewing from linear broadcasts on a TV screen to a multiscreen, multi-device, multi-modal, on-my-schedule, user-controlled experience. Ad buying will increasingly include purchases of specific audience segments across shows, requiring new capabilities for ad delivery and insertion, as well as yield management through analytics. Branded entertainment, where content is funded by companies seeking to advertise their product, will flourish and the lines between entertainment and infomercials will further blur (e.g. This personalization will manifest itself in different advertising spots appearing for different users, and in tailored product placement. We will see new forms of marketing where apps currently positioned as extensions to the storyline will provide in-context advice from the show’s characters. Tactile feedback technology (haptics), smell, and even taste will be used in TV advertising, supplied through “new remotes” (e.g. The possibilities are thought-provoking and hold the promise of dramatically transforming the TV advertising landscape and redefining the capabilities required to succeed (as well as the players who will dominate). To earn points and badges for participating in the conversation, join Cisco Social Rewards. Opinions expressed here and in any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors, not of Cisco.
The news that it would narrow its work considerably by ending its interactive TV ad operations was reported on Wednesday by the trade publication Multichannel News. And while the interactive ad option was available in more than 25 million homes — no doubt, a large number — that total was considered too small for advertisers seeking maximum reach to sell mass-market brands.
She followed the founding chief executive, David Verklin; his departure last July was deemed another sign that Canoe was facing daunting challenges.

Is there any way to predict whether your business product or service is a good fit for TV advertising?
Cable is cheaper than broadcast but in order to cover the tri-county area you want to reach, you may have to buy multiple zones of Cable and that can get expensive. If you sell 25 cars in a month but have the capacity to move 40, TV advertising can help you hit those marks, and it’s especially good for high ticket, high margin items. TV can be just the thing for a local fast food favorite with six locations, but again, how many burgers would you have to sell from one location to pay for the same TV budget? If TV advertising suddenly brought you six new clients a day, could you handle the increase? Repetition is the key to most successful advertising and you are almost certain to see more response to your commercial each month it stays on the air. There will be a presentation of thirty iconic Australian ads, chosen by representatives of the advertising industry here.
It was a TV ad for the AFL where a groom is left waiting in the church while the bride is at the footy.
If you remember that advert, you must remember this one as well for Harris Coffee and Tea …. An ad from the mid 70s, 2 people meeting talking about Rose and cray all steamy and hot, and a nice something with a sauce chevron. Brands and networks will no longer be able to ensure that ads placed in specific episodes will have sufficient audience reach.
Not only will one viewer see a different car, in a different color, driven by the show hero—he or she will also hear a different dialogue and possibly see a different scene. For example, through augmented-reality technology on a mobile phone, an app-based representation of a judge from “America’s Next Top Model” will be able to assist in dress selection at a store. The content is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be an endorsement or representation by Cisco or any other party. A year later, it brought out another, but never identified any marketers or agencies that were using it. And airing a spot three times a week is a waste of money unless all three are during the Game of the Week. Selling 40 cars or diamond rings allows you to pay for your advertising and make a nice profit, but how many dinners would you have to sell to pay for the same advertising? To avoid huge additional costs for advertising, creative development, detailed metadata and new rendering approaches will allow partial automated dynamic modifications of video based on the viewer’s segment.
With the proliferation of 3D printers, we will be able to print a model of a new car, while haptic feedback will allow us to experience driving it on a mountain road. The last thing you want is to ruin a good reputation with existing clients by trying to satisfy more customers than you can handle. After a viewer has seen the same spot over and over, they will mentally tune it out before it begins.
Cosmetic manufacturers will replace those scratch-and-sniff inserts with smell-generating technologies.
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