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Anyone who’s up on technology has heard of mobile web design and content marketing—two terms used with increasing frequency in the online world.
Can mobile design and a great content marketing strategy be combined without sacrificing either content or design elements?
The truth is that great content does not have to be sacrificed for mobile design and can even be enhanced by the capabilities of new devices. How can web designers show clients the importance of mobile design and content marketing, and combine them effectively?
Showing clients how their website appears on a variety of handheld devices or Google’s GoMo Meter is a good way to promote the responsive design element. Adhere to the following best practices to show clients that responsive web design that incorporates the unique features of handheld devices and a killer content marketing strategy can work together to create an awesome online experience. Google’s Mobile Movement infographic presents a strong argument for integrating responsive design into a content marketing strategy. To properly integrate responsive design and a content marketing strategy, accept that you should work as part of a team that includes marketing professionals, or develop your own content marketing skills. Expect the marketing professionals to set the content requirements, and design around them. As a team, identify and create content based on user needs, and then optimize the user experience in a mobile environment. Take advantage of whatever the device offers—GPS, mobile browser, touchscreen, phone and camera features—to build and present your content in a creative, useful, engaging and entertaining way.
Multi-screening occurs sequentially or simultaneously, providing new opportunities for multi-platform content marketing. Think of mobile content development as responsive marketing, or creating content that meets the way people use their devices.
Combining responsive design and a content marketing strategy for optimal benefit forces businesses to throw out unnecessary content and focus on the stuff that is important to customers. Mobile design forces designers and content marketers to prioritize and design for the smallest screen on the market. The best content marketing strategies use responsive design and the unique capabilities of mobile devices to anticipate and answer the user’s needs based on an analysis of typical users.
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If I studied Mathematics or Engineering, how could I communicate with other party guests who don’t speak these esoteric languages?
You probably want to click on the image above to admire its beauty in all detail, but you get the gist of it already. Marketing strategy is more than that, and it requires us to engage with concepts and theories as much as with the latest trends and memes. In my constant crusade to rid this world from marketing streettalk, buzz word dropping and bullshitting, I occasionally share my thoughts on marketing here on the blog. You can also check out my Marketing in Motion content curation, in which I collect interesting articles on how marketing is rapidly changing. TV will be most effective at times when you know your current numbers (cost per lead, cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, etc.) and have a solid mousetrap built to capture attention.
Come up with something novel or unique to you (depending on your existing market position and brand) to share. Test which audience’s respond to your commercial, and buy spots in those demographics. For example, phone case company Bandolier started with a wide audience — women — but realized it had to zero in on specific age and income demographics after testing.
My company, Hawke Media, ran a digital test for people on Facebook who like “Shark Tank” because we had a hunch that the people who watch that show are the same ones who are growing businesses and would let us in for a pitch.
Further testing on digital allows you to tweak landing pages and websites to best convert traffic.
The key here is to test everything on digital before you land a spot on TV because once you do, there’s no going back.
The reality is that you’re going to spend around $20,000-$50,000 for a specific 30-second spot. Shop around to find people who have produced work you like; you’ll feel more comfortable paying the big bucks to get the best end product. The power of TV doesn’t occupy that medium alone — it’s a comprehensive, omnichannel marketing strategy.
Set your mousetrap with retargeting and email acquisition to ensure your efforts actually result in sales. TV may not be the most novel or talked-about medium, but it’s not going away any time soon. Business firms, whether involved in the manufacture of goods or delivery of services, have to understand the importance of marketing research that would give a fair idea about their territory of operations and the scope for development. Identification of consumer needs and satisfying them is vital for the emergence of a buyers market. Such marketing research helps a firm to develop a comprehensive plan regarding effective training programmes, sales force management, research and development programmers and effective control mechanisms. My Twitter marketing strategy for small business and entrepreneurs is crucial to increase sales leads, networking opportunities as well as brand message.
That’s not as easy as it sounds and using as an example, Twitter, we venture to guess there are many a small business still wondering ‘what if’ they’d become more familiar with Twitter at its’ earliest stages. Twitter has grown over the years and things which were once viewed a mission critical, have been replaced with other synergistic practices to enhance Internet marketing methods.
These are no longer enough and taking it one-step further; those who rely too heavily on the ‘old ways’ will suffer miserable (as measured by your company’s website traffic) failure.
Although most will suggest building followers by ‘any means necessary’; be cautioned against such a reckless approach. Share engaging, multimedia content whenever possible without producing ‘tweet fatigue’ with target audiences. It’s a competitive world, but it’s a world full of amazing opportunity for those who plan and strategize and those who are brave enough to take risks.
While some people may have the experience, education, or even the natural know-how to be able to strategize for any business, the rest of us may need a little guidance.
A niche will set you apart from your competitors, giving you an edge, a small corner of the market to dominate, so that you can have a greater chance at success. An example of a niche may be teaching guitar lessons of only country classics from the 70s to 80s on VOD. Now is the time to find your niche and corner the market, before you begin any marketing efforts. Knowing details about the people who will ultimately purchase your product or service is important in every industry, and VOD is no exception.
In this example, it would be a waste of marketing dollars to focus on offering the ability to share access before making the service available on many devices.
Take the time to learn more about your customers – learn what they consider to be a reasonable price, what is popular in their area, and track changes in conversions (sales) with every change to your business. Simple tools provided by Uscreen or Google Analytics can help you get the most information possible to help make critical business decisions.
Testimonials can be valuable to a potential customer when deciding whether to subscribe to your service. People can be nervous to spend their hard-earned money on anything, let alone a new product or service offered online. A name, a number, an email address, these are worth their weight in gold in the world of marketing. Sometimes people will take a free trial and not subscribe to your service, maybe this is because of the cost, or maybe they are not happy with the offering as-is.
It is crucial to keep this in mind when designing your external and internal marketing strategies. Luckily there are people out there who do have the expertise and are willing to take on the risk. When a customer searches the Internet for a product or service, they are hunting for something very particular. Imagine you sell magazines on a street corner and a customer asks you, oblivious to what you sell, where she can buy magazines. Most search engines offer a paid ad placement in the search results, so that you can have a chance at getting your company noticed when people search for services just like yours. Display advertising campaigns are also available, where you pay per impression or per click while your ad is displayed on sites that you select across the internet. SEO is the process of taking necessary steps to ensure that your website shows up in search results when a potential customer searches for what you sell.
Search engines are rather unique because they provide targeted traffic – people who are looking for exactly what you sell. Affinity marketing is created when a partnership is formed between companies that have consumers who share the same interests. Co-branding, also known as brand partnership, is when two companies work together to form synergy in their marketing efforts. In the example above, Taco Bell and Doritos came together to create a combined product that both created new business together, and drew attention to both businesses individually. Retail partnerships are formed when it is in the best interests of both parties to join forces. Sarah is in charge of marketing at Uscreen and she regularly contributes to the Uscreen blog.
Communications means the ability to create and convey messages during the course of the campaign that generate votes, donations, and volunteer engagement.  Equally important, it refers to the ability to generate and magnify earned media coverage to advance the campaign’s narrative.
Strategy, infrastructure, organization and communications.  Strong campaign leaders recognize and respect each of these four facets of a campaign.

So the next question for market consumers and tech investors alike is whether or not Apple has seen its heyday — and whether or not the company has a sufficient product pipeline to maintain its position in the world of tech.
One potential product candidate is Apple TV, which has largely failed to gain a substantial foothold even among its core consumer base. Other factors relating to Apple TV deal with the company’s plan to develop a unified television service that is completely internet-based that offers both on-demand and live programming.
With all of this in mind, it will be important for Apple to keep its eye on the ball and to continue to revamp its products in ways that interest its core consumer base. A properly integrated responsive design and content marketing strategy should produce a phenomenal user experience for visitors to your client’s website.
Don’t be surprised, however, if your clients balk when bits of important content are omitted on the tiny screens.
When a smartphone user needs to book dinner reservations while running to catch a bus, he doesn’t have time to explore a beautifully rendered menu with glorious graphics. Say a hungry and busy pizza lover uses his smartphone to order a pizza while riding the train home from work. When he is on the train, his GPS-enabled smartphone shows him the closest location of his favourite pizza franchise as a pop-up on a map. The difference is that when designing websites and choosing content for mobile websites, the user’s needs change based on a variety of factors—in particular, the device they use. The user may start their online shopping expedition with the smartphone and only need immediate access to this season’s fashion line, for example. When the online shopper continues on to their tablet, they want to see a shopping cart and e-commerce options. If they don’t, users will become frustrated and will simply jump to competitor websites that are easier to navigate. They don’t want to read novels about widgets on their phones; they want to know where they can buy a novel and what it costs. The phone, GPS, camera, video and web access of smartphones and tablets provides unlimited opportunities for creative marketers to present their products and services in innovative ways. When I am going to parties (note to myself: I should do this more often), I always find people who want to talk marketing to me.
The drawback of marketing being a lingua mundi is that everybody thinks that this superficial marketing streettalk has indeed any resemblance with what professional marketers do. The more you have, the more you want, and they’re some of the most valuable metrics in the game.
With consumers trusting TV ads an average of 15 percent more than online video ads, this medium still resonates with people as a validator of legitimacy. Numbers will help identify whether using this channel will be worth it, so before making any decisions, you must know where your organization stands. Specific targeting based on new demographics is what allows you to produce measurable, compelling results for TV. In 2014, the brand doubled its number of subscribers to 2.2 million in less than 10 months following the launch of a major national TV ad push that was flawlessly aligned with its punchy, direct brand. That way, you can test at a lower spend and still get meaningful data — not to mention make edits faster. Facebook is one of most effective ways to test because there are so many income, gender, age, geographic, and behavioral slices you can take. Then, when it came time to buy inventory on TV, we purchased a slot during “Shark Tank” to reach that audience. For instance, my company found that having tons of services and icons listed performed the best compared to all the other tests we ran, such as landing on a product detail page or a product listing with images versus icons. The sticker shock can be difficult to get past, but remember that this is a meaningful investment. You must be ready to engage with it in all aspects, including staff, fulfillment, lead capture, retargeting, and so on. If you send 1 million people to your website and 3 percent convert, it’s hard to capture the attention of the other 97 percent unless you have some sort of email capture to engage your audience later.
If you do commit to a TV spot, just be sure to do it justice by defining your audience, testing, and investing in a solid production job. He enjoys building businesses, playing golf, improving his Krav Maga and jiujitsu game, writing, studying business tax loopholes, and eating Mexican food.
Let me first clarify the obvious difference between a market research and marketing research. Although firms manufacture goods that are competitive in terms of quality and price, it is the middlemen, the linking factor between the manufacturer and the wholesaler or retailer, that have a commanding grip on distribution, affecting sales volumes. In order to anticipate and meet any such changes, a firm needs to analyze the market conditions on a day to day basis. Sales promotion is solely dependent upon the sales force and the marketing manager has to play a key role in integrating their functions to bring out their strengths. It also facilitates efficient decision making and the operational tasks of marketing management, thereby contributing to customer satisfaction and efficiency of the organization. Twitter, having just gone public (IPO), has shareholder obligations to meet which means as a company, they have much more motivation to assure the success of your business venture. Very few things are as important as is extending company message beyond the borders of local markets. As is true with any popular tool whether online or off, whole industries have appeared to service the needs of not only Twitter but those of ‘cheaters’ as well. Whether Twitter or other social media website, niche businesses exist to service this unfruitful desire. It is better to have 500 genuine followers which visit your website than 10,000 which, even assuming they are real, never will. It amazes us each time we see entrepreneurs, trying to get their Twitter marketing start, share content from websites other than their own. For that reason, we have taken the time to research and compile information containing the competitive tactics used by many Video on Demand services today. The tighter and more narrow the niche, the better – so long as there are actually customers who are looking for what you are selling. Furthermore, knowing what is important to those consumers is crucial to making executive decisions on which action items you need to prioritize. Make use of these tools from the start, use them to plan and evaluate the results of your plan through every stage of your marketing process. A high bounce rate can be a sign that your marketing efforts are not in line with your business model.
For example, if you are trying to reach 20-30 year olds who want to learn to play guitar (and who can afford a monthly subscription fee), but visitors to your site are predominantly under the age of 18 and jobless, it may be time to re-evaluate your marketing efforts. When a potential customer sees a testimonial, it helps them determine if they are comfortable to purchase your service and instills confidence in the purchasing decision. Offer free trials as a way to give potential consumers a risk-free way of trying your service. A free trial can help to break the ice, and it can give you a chance to show what your business can offer. Keep in touch with you current clients to inform them of changes or new additions to video selection, and try to get non-subscribers to return to your website to purchase. Collecting the right customer data will lead to happier customers, reduced client churn and bigger profits. Little rewards help to get people talking, and a reward can be as simple as a discount to another company or service that is complementary to yours (we will talk about this in sections 11-13, don’t worry!). It is free, and people are more likely to make a purchase decision upon a recommendation from a friend than any other method. Jumping into an advertising campaign can be risky, as you can lose valuable advertising dollars without gaining new business, if you don’t have the expertise.
This is non-paid compared to PPC, though it may cost you to hire an expert to do the job right. Social media and other types of traffic can generate visits to your site, but search engines are the primary means of navigation for most Internet users. Search engines are the GPS that guide potential customers to your website, and if search engines can’t find your website, or add your content to their databases, you may lose out on opportunities to bring traffic to your site.
Well, there are a few other techniques to help increase awareness of your brand and service. What is the sense in her going through all that setup process when you have a perfectly good service already going?
For example, theatres benefited from additional revenue while Netflix benefited from the additional exposure when the two lines of business joined forces.
Well, maybe not, but at least this information will help get you started so that you know what to research further. It is seldom that even the best marketers get everything right the first time, but through research, education, and tracking, they are able to make executive decisions that can improve the function of their marketing campaigns. A good deal of criticism has been centered on Apple in the last few years because the company has failed to replicate the initial excitement that surrounded flagship products like the iPod and iPhone. Early last year, we saw widespread rumors that Comcast was in negotiations with Apple to allow streaming media to operate on alternate sections of its network (which are less congested by network usage). There has already been some stalling in this area but recent progress does suggest that we could see a revamped product in Apple TV before the end of this year. Many industry analysts have argued that Apple has maxed-out its potential in products like the iPhone and the iPad but the same cannot be said for newer products like Apple TV.
They see their own customers and clients talking, texting and surfing the internet via their mobile devices. This is your chance to explain that you can introduce media queries and responsive design into their existing content strategy, or build a new content marketing strategy using responsive web design techniques to ensure that the most important content appears on every device.
Your goal is to find creative ways to present content that best meets the objectives of a given website while working within the parameters set by responsive design.

He taps the link, which leads to the mobile website, and he discovers he can order right from his phone.
According to Google’s 2012 report, “The New Multi-Screen World,” 67% of subjects used more than one device to shop, and they used these devices sequentially, or in steps, to move from browsing to shopping to making the purchase. Businesses can capitalize on this by using handheld device capabilities in conjunction with online and offline marketing activities.
Restrictions imposed by mobile design (such as small screens and slow load times for graphics) force efficient and affective content, which requires stripping away the excess that exists on traditional websites.
With some careful planning, an integrated approach to design and marketing can result in a cutting-edge campaign that excites and engages users and results in more sales leads—and a happy web design client. They might be excited about the ongoing revolution in social media and mobile marketing, or they might despise me because marketing tries to greenwash our planet-wrecking consumption and production practices.
Today it is raising awareness via facebook, yesterday it was branding via TV commercials, and before that it was just selling stuff.
It requires seeing arrows that are not included in the framework (from post-purchase to awareness, with a little   social media*   to be further explained elsewhere). If you know a customer is worth $50 to you over the course of a year, then you know the max amount you can spend to get a new customer. No matter how relevant or ingenious your concept is, a poor production job will cause it to fall flat in execution.
Typical remarketing campaigns will show one kind of message to the people who have been to the site in the past five days, then another to those who visited in the past five to 15 days, and so on. With killer ROI, a great opportunity to target specific audiences, and room for limitless creativity, it can be a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. While market research is confined to only a market which comprises of its potential and actual buyers, a marketing research delves deep into and further beyond, covering all areas of marketing including the market. Extensive marketing research will help firms to solve such problems of middlemen and distribution, to cater to the needs of the ever expanding market. The activities of the sales personnel should be oriented towards targets and a mission without a target is like travelling without knowing the destination. Unlike many business marketing platforms to include Facebook - Twitter has proven very addictive.
Whether a service business relying on strictly zip code driven clientele or online only, brand impression is key to increasing bottom line profits. Before going further, let’s be clear; what comes after is in no way our endorsement of the practice to be introduced. We were intentional with using ‘desire’ as opposed to need and the reason is simple; no entrepreneur or small business, as part of a marketing strategy, should view ‘followers’ as customers.
There are many big companies out there and there are likely many who are already in the same line of business as you are – unless you have a niche.
After all, the hardest part of getting them to know about your business is done, now it’s time to convert to a sale.
Let’s pretend that your cousin Sue has an online business selling guitars, and let’s pretend that your VOD service offers guitar lessons… wouldn’t it make sense to offer a free trial of your service to all of Sue’s customers? Well, you could offer Sue a co-branding arrangement, so she can offer her own version of your service with her branding and your branding on the website. Similar to both affiliate marketing and affinity marketing, a retail partnership can help push your VOD business to the next level. It can be said that not everyone in the market will agree with statements like this but it is difficult to argue with the contention that Apple has made a good amount of progress in expanding its global consumer reach throughout that period.
It is clear, at this stage that Apple will need to revitalize some of its core products in order to rekindle interest in its brand. This could allow the company to expand on its consumer base, and this would be important because we look at recent stock futures reports, there is growing evidence that Wall St.
For Apple, this is essential because it will allow the company to add new channels, and introduce a wider array of services to its consumer base.
For these reasons, there is real potential for progress and adept planning in these areas will help keep Apple in the forefront of the consumer consciousness as we head into next year.
They also understand that excellent content is the key to making money directly or indirectly from a website. My mum thinks that marketing is about TV commercials selling you stuff, and my students think that marketing is about raising awareness with facebook and twitter. If, for example, 1 in 5 of your leads turn into a sale, you also know that you can spend $10 per lead and break even. Your message needs to be dialed in, so it’s worth hiring an outside copywriter to make the most of each second. After investing tens of thousands of dollars and resources into one project, that’s the last thing you want. How does a firm survive in the market without knowing the elemental changes that are happening in its immediate environment? When we talk about advertisements, they not only sell tangible products but also intangible things like morals, values, love etc., So, it becomes even more important for the advertisers to follow some built in standards that does not affect the ethical values of the society concerned and also they should make it a point not to make women a mere object of attraction.
You can do it from home, at your own pace, according to personal scheduling needs and without the burden of many an entrepreneur – access to startup capital. There are power bloggers who market their brand using 400-500 (or more) posts who’ve been upstaged by smaller, less known competitors who tweet no more than 140 characters, several times per week (maximum allowed message length for users).
However; there are new best practices which and unlike before, tweets must be combined with in order to separate your business from competitors. We’d go further to suggest that if any believe the number of followers a business has somehow is a key indicator of success, nothing is further from true.
Reassure people that there are other people who tried your service and were very much happy with their purchase decision. Some of these people have many years of experience to draw on, and a huge potential reach (traffic who will view your ads) to take advantage of.
And, wouldn’t it make sense to offer a discount to your customers if they purchase a new guitar through Sue? This version would be distinguishable from your current service and would be accessible by a unique URL.
Recent reports from the Financial Times suggested that Apple TV plans to introduce video game support and various control hubs for its domestically interconnected HomeKit tools. What many clients don’t understand, though, is that a website that performs well and shows great content on any handheld device can help them gain new customers in the mobile user market. Remove the one that says “Wicked Web Designer” and don the one that says “Content Marketing Guru Extraordinaire”. He then realizes he forgot the pineapple (which his pregnant wife craves) and immediately clicks the “Call Us” button on the touch screen to dial the store’s phone and speak to an employee, who adds the pineapple to his order.  The GPS, mobile browser, touchscreen and phone capabilities were instrumental in making the purchase.
The mobile web allows businesses to take their online content marketing strategy right into the place of business through QR codes on posters, banners, product labels and brochures and through applications such as Foursquare. In the best case, I can convince a sociology grad student, who blames me for everything that is wrong in this world, that the marketing metanoia expands to sustainable consumption by fundamentally rethinking how humans relate to nature (my dissertation). And sometimes it even requires altering, reordering the framework or coming up with your own. Here is the first one on Shazam to integrate TV commercials with mobile marketing – enjoy! If your budget doesn’t allow that, consider letting team members chime in on the text of the ad.
At my company, we hired people a month in advance so they were trained up and ready before the launch of our commercial. Pricing is one of the crucial factors that determine the acceptance ratio of a product or range of products. Providing advice, training, resources as well as an ever expanding online training curriculum, has helped SBDC TV in building a successful brand.
Think about it – how is it possible for smaller enterprises to dominate much larger and better financed competitors with such a limitation? Any who’ve taken the time to both monitor and analyze website traffic stats and analytics will attest to one thing; assuring customer and sales prospect loyalty means creating a multimedia rich, Twitter experience. Let’s give tried and tested ways (not to mention honest and effective) to build real followers who will, eventually, trust your company enough to do business.
If you search using Google, you may notice the top results are shaded and have the word ‘Ad’ next to them. This is significant because it can have a psychological impact on the consumer base and on the ways the company is covered in the media.
A separate department is maintained by some top corporate firms to collect relevant information about the pricing strategies of rival companies that helps them to take the market lead, by quoting competitive prices comparatively.
However; creating a business, whether local or global, does require work and part of the process is staying up to date with the latest tools and emerging technology. Sites such as Myspace, Facebook and even YouTube were relative unknowns and very few knew what to make of these new tools.
Anyone who understands that the very nature of the Internet is based on providing and receiving information can confirm one thing – content is indeed, king!
After all, if your team members aren’t reacting positively to your ad, how can you expect your audience to?
All were considered fun, at first, but as the years went by, the opportunities to use them as primary brand image drivers became evident. Although Twitter can work wonders when used alone, it is much more effective when used as part of a larger online marketing strategy.

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