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After the evaluation process consumers will select the product they would like to purchase. Add important lessons to your Custom Course, track your progress, and achieve your study goals faster. The consumer buying process is a complex matter as many internal and external factors have an impact on the buying decisions of consumers. Once product may be a clear winner or the consumer may have to reprioritise their criteria to help them select a product.
Consumers do not spend much time thinking about the purchase of low value products which are bought on impulse.
Consumers often create a point system in their minds where products are scored based on how many of their features appeal to them. Manufacturers of such products will need to implement strategies that encourage consumers to buy on impulse from them instead of their competitors.When consumers purchase high value products or non impulse products, they often go through a set process.
So for one customer, brand may be more important then price and for another customer product appearance may be important.

Even at this stage the purchaser could change their mind and select a competitor product or cancel the purchase altogether. Or stay clear of that just in case the new player experiences the same problems as the old one? A long queue, impolite sales staff or complicated sales process can all dissuade consumers from buying.
On the next page there is a discussion of what influences consumer buying behaviour and the different types of buying behaviour. Even if a consumer buys on this occassion a negative buying experience could stop them buying in the future. Sources of information include family, friends, retail staff and in this digital age the internet.
Marketing strategies will try and influence this stage of the process by highlighting product features that they think will appeal to consumers. Therefore sellers need to make the buying process as simple and enjoyable as possible to safeguard this and future purchases.

The internet contains information about products (specifications), product reviews and online product forums. Appealing product features will be emphasised on product packaging, promotional materials and the manufacturer's websites. Information search may involve a visit to a retail store to view products that the consumer is interested in puchasing. In our example the consumer is on an information search to solve an immediate problem; they intend to make a purchase at the end of the process.

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