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With Google handing out 400,000 manual penalties every month, it’s critical for brands to follow the online rules. With the explosion of mobile devices, spammers are now using unsolicited texts to reach potential markets. Guest Blogging – earlier this year Matt Cutts officially said that this technique is dead. We’ve covered the major types of online spam. Is there a type that you particularly dislike?
We are the spectrum group online, and we offer strategic and tactical consulting so you can monetize your online presence. Your business cards say a lot about you and your business, and the product and services you provide. If you have ever tried to research paper weights and measures, you may have been surprised to learn about the complexities of this much-needed material that we call paper.

Most likely you have a blog that allows comments from visitors and you’ve seen comments that are completely irrelevant to the post, your business or industry. Call us for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss your website’s user experience and translate that into sales. In this post I’ll explain the different definitions and types that should not be a part of your online marketing arsenal. In WordPress, we use Akismet which is a popular plugin that checks comments against a database to see if it looks like bogus or not. It’s clear that if a business uses texts as part of their online marketing channels, they first must ensure that recipients gave consent prior to any messages sent out. If both links to and from your website are unnatural (irrelevant, manipulative, and purposely deceptive), your website is flirting with a manual action. The weight and thickness of the card stock paper you select, in addition to the design can have an memorable impact on the people that you hand them out to.

Akismet has a community of  users, so the web service learns and shares it knowledge as it protect websites from spam comments. A manual action can take many forms, including a penalty to specific links or one that can affect your entire website. By moderating your blog, you can pick and choose what’s approved (become visible) and what gets trashed. And because texts can sometimes appears as an email depending upon how they are addressed, the CAN-SPAM Act also has jurisdiction. This type of online spam is very dangerous, as it can relegate your organic rankings to page 50+ in a SERP.

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