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Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most celebrated festival in the Chinese calendar. This year the transition from the year of the goat to that of the monkey will begin on February 8, but preparations begin in the week leading up to that date.
Reunion and togetherness are the main themes of the festival, and most people make the journey back to their hometowns to celebrate with their families. It’s important to be aware that the effects of Chinese New Year will be felt long before February 8.
Similar bottlenecks can occur in the shipping or logistics industries, so it is important to ensure that shipments are booked and at port well in advance of the shipment date.
To add to these difficulties, during the weeklong holiday no payments can be processed to and from China or Hong Kong. It’s not just companies dealing in international trade that have to adjust usual practice to accommodate for the festive period. With regards to business travel during, or around, Chinese New Year, the general advice would be to reconsider. However, if a visit to China around this time of year is imperative, then be sure to take certain precautions. The business implications of Chinese New Year by no means end on the 8th day of the holiday.
In conclusion, being prepared for Chinese New Year from a business perspective will go a long way to avoiding any significant problems. Since its establishment in 1992, Dezan Shira & Associates has been guiding American investors through Asia’s complex regulatory environment and assisting them with all aspects of legal, accounting, tax, internal control, HR, payroll and audit matters. Introduction to Facebook pages for businessFacebook is the king of social networks and as such, almost doesn’t need an introduction.  It is likely that you are already familiar with Facebook and probably have your own profile.
One thing is certain, a Facebook business page has to be nurtured on severak tune  more than daily basis, and the creativity required to keep up engagement is becoming ever more time consuming. Explaining this to the client is a toughie. In high school, my English teacher taught me the correct format to write different types of letters.
Even today, a business letter tends to be substantially more formal than a letter to your friend. In this post, I want to acquaint you with the very fundamental basics of business letter writing, with an emphasis on the format. For one, a business letter should identify the sender and the receiver accurately and clearly. For instance, in an informal letter, such as a letter to your uncle, you may refer to yourself or to your uncle by the first name, or even a nickname.
It is largely accepted that business letters should be substantially more formal than a letter to a friend.
Do not miss out on the repertoire of writing-related articles that I intend to post on this site.
It’s not only the most important holiday in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but is also influential in areas with major Chinese diasporas such as Singapore. The festival can be a disruptive time of the year and also has implications on doing business.

This triggers the world’s largest human migration, as hundreds of millions suddenly flood China’s roads and public transportation networks. Daily life suddenly becomes less convenient as most businesses close for several days, or sometimes as long as a week. It goes without saying that you need to ensure you have enough stock to see you through the holiday period, as manufacturers and ports close for days – so don’t miss the date for last-orders. Most Chinese port areas will be closed completely or will be operating in a limited capacity, so they are best avoided as much as possible at this time. Often the most suitable course of action is to settle all payments before Chinese New Year, to avoid any potential problems with late payment fees.
Any company doing business in China will have to be prepared ready to adopt local practices.
It’s not a suitable time to come to the country, and in most cases business travel won’t be effective at this time of year.
While the festival is coming to a close, it often takes some time for things to fully return to normal again. This time of year in China may not be wholly convenient, but handling the problems and opportunities that the festival brings in the right way can set your company apart from the rest. As a full-service consultancy with operational offices across China, Hong Kong, India and emerging ASEAN, including liaison offices in Boston and Waltham specifically established to support our American clients, we are your reliable partner for business expansion in Asia and beyond.
With over a billion users, it’s the biggest social network with a user base that is still growing.As with other social media platforms, Facebook allows businesses to build a community with the potential of turning a proportion of those community members into customers. The letter to a friend would have the general salutation, informal language, and then a friendly ending.
However the age-old rules about the way you have to format the date, address, salutation, sign-off, and the like are not necessarily true anymore. Naturally we would expect a slightly differing, if not substantially varying, standard and format of writing. In a business letter, however, you should address the receiver by their full name at least right up at the top of the letter. Depending on the nature of your interaction with your customer, or business associate, you might as well use your e-mail address, instead of the physical address. The date of the festival is dictated by the Chinese lunisolar calendar, and thus can fall anywhere between January 21 and February 20. It’s imperative to be aware of the effects of what is essentially a nationwide shutdown, particularly with regards to ordering, payment, supply chains and business travel. After what can be a long and arduous journey, an effort will be made to clean the house, put up some decorations, and buy a new outfit before the New Year celebrations begin. Meanwhile, as pre-festival production is increased to fill the ‘New Year gap’, and pressure on suppliers rises, quality can suffer.
During this period of the year, most facets of Chinese logistics are faced with a staff shortage as people return home, and thus transporting goods can also become significantly more expensive.
Communicating with suppliers and planning ahead will go a long way to ensuring that effects on cash flow are minimized as far as possible. At this time of year, red envelopes are often given in the form of a 13th month of salary, with double pay being issued to employees in January as a bonus for Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year may offer an opportunity to improve personal relationships with business contacts in China, but it goes without saying that family are the priority at this time.
As the Chinese workforce slowly returns, and some do not, usual practice will gradually be resumed.
Of course the left and right could be interchanged depending on which style you are following.
What with the fact that we live in the Twitter and FaceBook era; and often communicate with our cell phone text-messages, the level of formality in writing has certainly come down.
As China’s position in the world shifts, the festival now no longer influences only those that celebrate it, but has an ever larger effect internationally – particularly for those doing business in, or with, China.
The celebrations officially culminate on the 15th day, with an event known as the Lantern Festival. Quality issues can then continue after the holiday as high employee turnover means that new workers have to be found and trained to replace those that didn’t return – meaning delays are also possible.
It’s important to aid the resumption of normality by remaining aware of the implications that Chinese New Year may have on business.
Bombard your Facebook fans with offer after offer, and you’ll find this is the quickest way to lose potential customers (unless you have a deal based business model such as Groupon or Wowcher).  As a rule, no one wants constant hard sell filling up their timeline.
This would, of course, depend on the nature of your association and the degree of familiarity that you have Mr. However, normal business has typically been resumed by day 8 – an auspicious number in Chinese culture. It’s advisable to increase monitoring and communication in the months leading up to, and after, the holiday in order to minimize any potential lapses. People interested in your biz can talk to eachother, ask questions, share photos, etc.As a biz owner you're probably asking: how does that turn into revenue?
The answer is that its pretty much impossible to directly connect a dollar amount of revenue with a dollar amount of effort spent on Facebook. In contemporary business letter writing, the location of the addresses is not of high importance. But consider this example: a restaurant owner changes his floorplan, posts a picture on FB, and a few people come in to see it that wouldn't have otherwise known about it.
Instead, you need to simply focus on the fact that these addresses are present, and can be easily located. However, in several Western countries, as well as progressive professions in the rest of the world, it may now be acceptable to refer to your business associate or acquaintance, by their first name.
If you do that, you will no longer see any of the true benefit that social media provides, as you will no longer be inviting two-way conversation, turning Facebook into just another one-way marketing channel.Part two of this introduction to Facebook will be published later this week and will provide you with some facts and tips that will help you get the most out of your Facebook activities, as well as some suggestions for engagement activities that you can take away and implement.Close XWant Social Media Today updates in your inbox?

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