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There’s something about Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, a handle you’ll be familiar with if you happen to be one of the 1.4 million people that follow her on Instagram.
One could chalk up her popularity to the beautiful, aspirational photos of handstands and other advanced yoga postures in far-flung tropical locations, or the inspirational posts in which she shares personal details of her enviable life. We caught up with Rachel over Skype (rainy Vancouver connecting with sunny Aruba via spotty internet connection) and then again during her three-month-long North American book tour that saw her hit the east coast and the Pacific Northwest, with many, many stops in between. Accompanying her on this whirlwind tour were her loves: Dennis, to whom she is now married, and Ringo the Gringo, her beloved Italian Greyhound who is one of the six dogs she currently shares her home in Aruba with. At her Vancouver workshop, which took place at the Commodore and was one of the two sold out workshops she did there that day, her fans gathered, yoga mats in tow.
Rachel is well known for her love of animals so Ringo’s presence was not only expected but delighted in. As for energy, Rachel has posted extensively about coping with her own grief, both when she lost her best friend last year, and when her dog Pepper passed away unexpectedly. Like many of us, Rachel had to work through guilt, feeling that she should have known Pepper was sick, could have done something. With the Aruban shelter always overflowing and a dearth of homes locally, her strategy is to re-home dogs elsewhere.
To this end, they have had bracelets made that people are going to be able to buy, with all proceeds going to the organization. And if you’re looking for an excuse to take a vacation… “The hard part now is we need to find people to fly—the dog can’t fly alone," Rachel explains. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
Stars like Paris Hilton stay chic – and safe – even on Maui’s sunniest beaches with Physician Endorsed’s dark-hued, wide-brimmed hats in a super-tight weave (from $33) – they’re guaranteed to provide extra protection of up to 50 SPF. Stash these five items in your favorite beach bag to make your day at the shore as glam as it is carefree. One little-known secret to choosing the best self-tanner is to avoid brands with high alcohol content, which hastens drying. Keep your suit looking as bright as the day you premiere it by washing after each use in a mild detergent like The Laundress Swimwear Care – or even shampoo, in a pinch. Mark Zuckerberg’s wish seems to have come true – these days, social media is an integral part of our private and work lives, connecting us to the world in images, sound bites, clips and one-liner statements. You likely cringe – and understandably so – at the idea of your professional network catching a glimpse of you in a swimming suit on the beach or after having guzzled one too many sangrias at your best friend’s birthday bash.
When organizing your different networks based on interest, function, relationship or otherwise, take a page from your office CRM tool. Are there certain platforms that you’re comfortable dedicating to a particular contact “group”? LinkedIn for business: The largest professional social network out there, LinkedIn enables you to research companies and follow what they’re doing, identify potential recruiters, stay connected to former colleagues, network with new contacts in your field, find new customers and more. Facebook and Google+ for social interactions: Express your personal opinions, post private and family photos, exchange ideas. Google + was the first social network to introduce the concept of contact “circles,” giving users control over what they share with which of their connections.
Amber Skinner is the Corporate Manager of External Communications at Arkadin, coordinating public-facing communications and branding outreach at an international level. Print PDFThe Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. YouTube videos about fracking illustrates earth quake activity, water contamination, air pollution, deforestation, property devaluation, forced relocating,  non disclosure of all chemicals being used in the industrial process, and affected citizen comments in the United States.
If you would like more information about fracking sites in your back yard (Michigan) visit Respect my Planet. The Michigan Voice describing its self as a legal title that is only recognized by the declaring person(s) and not any recognized legal authority. The views and opinions expressed in the media, articles or comments on this site are those of the individual speakers or authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions held by The Michigan Voice or the web host.

Craig Brainard, MI Beyond Natural Gas Campaign leader, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter Executive Committee Member, Contributing Reporter and colloquial writer at The Michigan Voice is a soft spoken but effectively acerbic.
LuAnne Kozma has conducted a fervent interest in Fracking and has done much to serve public awareness and attention to Banning Fracking in Michigan. Show hosts Pabi Moloi, Dineo Moeketsi and Tol Ass Mo, returns to share their totally unfiltered opinions. The Aruba-based yoga practitioner and workshop leader is undeniably nothing short of a sensation, winning hearts not only with her message of love and self-acceptance (a recent post simply repeated “You are enough” over and over and over again) but also with her tremendous passion for dogs and her commitment to rescue. Following a troubled childhood in Sweden and a stint as a young adult in Costa Rica, Rachel travels home to regroup and agrees to go on a family trip to Aruba. Along the way there were back-to-back sold out yoga workshops, a ton of hugs given… oh, and her book, Yoga Girl, named for her Instagram persona, hit the New York Times bestseller list. In the wrap up Q-and-A, one woman asked Rachel about her dogs, a topic Rachel happily dove into, sharing that “Quila, my dog from Costa Rica, is Alex Dunphy,” likening her dog to the smart, slightly nerdy middle daughter in Modern Family, a comparison that drew laughter and nods of recognition. Pepper’s Friends, an initiative dedicated to using social media for animal rescue across the globe. Ultimately, though, she came to this realization: “They give us so much in such a short time and when they’ve got to go, they’ve got to go.
Pepper was my and my husband’s first little baby, found in a trash can, literally, three weeks old, half alive,’ Rachel says.
So follow the lead of stars like Kate Walsh and Nicole Richie when selecting the size of your UV-defense shades – just don’t let the frames overpower your face. Look for hats that cover your entire face – and skip the open-weave straw hats or risk over-exposure.
We look to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… for our family members, friends, long-lost acquaintances, co-workers and employees.
As many of us have discovered the hard way, social media communities can quickly grow unmanageable. Analyze how you want to communicate with your social media “groups” and what information you want each to receive from you (not to mention what kind of information you wish to receive from them). Facebook and Google+ are good places to keep track of your more personal exchanges with family, friends and acquaintances while establishing limits on who receives your information.
Fast-forward to today and virtually all social networking sites give you the ability to segment your audience by category and filter your posts. She is particularly focused on exploring how new communication channels like social media and remote virtual conferencing impact enterprise collaboration and encourage social business. Contribute by sharing valued events, blog entries, and front page articles to Social Media Outlets . Craig travels Michigan and gives fresh air to those who have been immersed in the truth of today’s environmental problems.
And the uber cool street reporter, Phillip Malepa is South Africa’s voice, sharing the public’s views and ideas with Mzansi. If you're looking for the courage to follow your dreams, read on to find out how one woman forged her own path to love, happiness, and crazy success. And yes, her life is the stuff of daydreams (more on that to follow), but it’s somehow more than the sum of all this that has won her a devoted following. Rachel was charming and radiant, greeting the assembled crowd, answering questions, and then leading everyone through a 90-minute practice, during which Ringo roamed the room freely, wandering among the 200-plus workshop participants and prompting laughter.
With six dogs at home (her and Dennis’ three—Ringo, Quila, and Laika—two visitors, and one rescued stray, Sammy, who is recuperating until he can be re-homed), it took her a while to answer the question. And the funny thing is, the more the owners start centering themselves, the calmer the dogs become. The average cost to get a dog from here to the States is about $300 and that includes all the shots and the neutering and spaying and the crate and the flight—all of that. Try out the latest trends with a pair of cheap but chic shades that you won’t worry about getting scratched by sand. It’s the perfect frock to take you from lounging on the beach to indulging in early evening margaritas.

And if you don’t need an insta-tan, opt for self-tanner that builds color, like Too Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube).
The “directness” of social media even allows us to tap into the unfiltered minds of opinion leaders and other celebrities.
Before you know it, your profile pages becomes overcrowded and overly busy, mixing professional contacts with personal contacts and making it nearly impossible to distinguish what you should be sharing, with whom and over which channels. Classify contacts by relationship (friends, family, professional, school, kickball club, etc…) and get a handle on who sees what. Making use of circles, categories and filters will help you manage information overload and separate personal from professional. Having lived and worked in North America, Asia and Europe, Amber is fascinated by unique cross-cultural modes of communication that drive business in an increasingly borderless world. The headlong mix of inspirational and aspirational have us dreaming of booking the next flight to Aruba. After spending just a couple days together, Rachel returns to Costa Rica to pack up her stuff and moves to Aruba. Other people… I got some weird comments, like ‘it’s not like he was your child or your baby,’ you know, comparing it to the loss of a child, but for me it really, really was. With all the social media traction we have, I figured it was a really good way to use this, especially for the island here where we live. And although “self-tanners have their place – it’s not on the face!” Bartolucci emphasizes. After all, The Voice is not just sharing and writing articles as an academic exercise- we’re building systems of citizenry with lots of moving parts, and changing them constantly to solve a problem. There, though at this point only self-taught, Rachel begins teaching yoga on the beach and sharing posts of poses and her life in Aruba via Instagram. With six dogs at present, there is necessity behind such an arrangement—mostly because it's imperative to make room to take more dogs in! Repurpose your brightest water-resistant makeup bag to stash and protect your camera, phone, keys and iPod.3.
Instead opt for a liquid bronzer like DuWop Revolotion Face, followed by a dusting of powder bronzer like Bronzerush. The academic (theory of science, history etc) part certainly helps, but it’s not even the most fundamental part of developing ideas for most individuals. She starts to build a following, but it’s not until she hits a rough patch in her relationship and begins sharing unfiltered meditations on how she is feeling and some of the trials and difficulties that she is experiencing that her following really takes off. Something about her openness regarding her struggles, combined with everything else, touches people, makes a connection, and she blows up. Stand for those who are at the helm every day fighting for our environment when we can't be.
What follows is a magical, crazy trajectory of travels and workshops and book deals and media appearances and, being a girl after our own hearts, a rescue initiative named in memory of her dog Pepper. It was such an unexpected thing… he didn’t show a single sign that he was sick and then within three days he just died.
The Michigan Voice intends to disclose convictions and help to change or modify laws for a civilizations right to live in posterity with out fossil fuels.
Find the perfect beach read with Borders’ Best Book List of the top editors’ and readers’ picks of the year. Learning how to go in and sit with that pain and knowing that it’s not the absence of love, it’s the presence of love, just the absence of a physical being.

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