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Cree is a Business-to-business company that sells energy efficient, environmental and friendly LED lighting company.
Product: Movember will make sure their end of profit product is going towards cancer charities. Mobile: Just like Cree, Mobiles is an avenue the Movember website needs to operate within.
Cree Sell most of their light bulbs to Supermarkets across American, but disrupt their products across the globe. Cree uses social media to their advantage to help promote their brand further, buy allowing followers on their media channels to enter in giveaways, and groups and watch funny lighting videos! Cree provide vital information about their products online which is not as accessible from retail stores. The usage of mobile devices is forever increasing, with mobile phones now becoming equally as good as many computers. The amount of people who are constantly using their phones is forever increasing, people are looking for a quicker solution. Cree is typically a small company but has caught the eyes of many with their social media and how they market online. The main advantage Cree has over its competitors and other businesses, is it creates a fun experiences for its customers to get a social interaction going. The website allows customers to know nothing about LED lighting to leave the website with a basic idea and concept of their products.

When it comes to the internet, many companies have not developed their website to a mobile tolerant format, meaning many viewers of the site will opt out and not visit their website where the phone cannot display the website properly.
Movember used the internet by marketing their efforts by creating a trend of men to post their pictures of them growing a moustache to raise awareness of male cancers.
Having funny links on their website such as ‘Cry for help’, it allows companies and general people to post their poor experiences with bad lighting. Cree having a mobile website will allow their customers to buy more quickly and find out information easier, from anywhere in the world. Movember could enable their website to be mobile friendly to gain interest, to gain followers. This is a fun way for the company to interact with their customers, and build a bond which should eco through the social media network.
It enabled men all over the world to post their growing moustaches day after day throughout November and show of how far they got, and at the same time allowed donations to go through the roof.
Having a poor structured website that doesn’t display well on mobiles could damage their charity.
The Moustache selfie trend rocketed around social media websites with celebrities getting involved. Creating viral video of “What happens when a baby holds a Cree light bulb?” Funny and interesting content that is not normally associated with a lighting company, generates a happy all round audience. Movember has even created an online guide with rules that should not be broken, such as you must start growing your moustache from the 1st and finish on the 30th.
Using Facebook Dark Posts with a donation page has allowed people to access the website easy and create a big awareness of the male cancers that affect men.

As stated earlier within the PowerPoint, the use of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter helps promote their organisation.
Keeping up to date with their clients is vital for the promotion of the company, and marketing within the current times. Cree post new tweets daily informing the twitter world day to day business with such news as who is using their products to what convention they will be attending next.
Their aim here is to make their company known, and make Cree the worlds most recognised lighting company.
Having the power of twitter it enables, this enables everyone over the world to connect and view their lighting tweets and follow an interest of their service.
Customers are not fussed how the website is ran, but how the website tailors to their needs. Cree have marketed their website so it fits to a mobile format and have made the website easy to use with the use of clear buttons and icons.
They create online experiences of their products using YouTube and demonstrate how their products compare against their competitors. They also promote upcoming tours which will allow customers to visit their across country venues and trial their products.

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