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Adobe Photoshop is the most advanced image editor there is, capable of everything from simple retouching, to complex 3D designs and illustrations. You can purchase Q2ID as an annual subscription that also provides free updates for the duration.
Adobe InDesign CS6 sports the same familiar interface of other recent versions that are linked so that when you change one, they all update.
Adobe has clearly listened to user and where users must manually update those linked items when the originals change.
With an Internet-based subscription model, Adobe can also release updates and changes in a more cost-effective manner via the Creative Cloud.
Adobe CS6 encompasses nearly all of Adobe’s design programs, and it looks like every single application has received new updates. Another new feature is the ability to set multi-line text fields by adding the extension -txm. There is a now another update to the script available here and the other links in the article.
If you are using Acrobat X, you can now to run an action instead of having to install the JavaScript. After feeling hopeless about this feature, I kind of forgot about it until a few days ago when I came up with an idea. Next, draw empty frames (no formatting) wherever you would like text fields to be in your layout. In Acrobat X, click on tools and at the bottom, open up Add-on Tools and you will see the tomaxxiFORMS script.
James FritzJames graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 2003.

I did the first steps to install this script but when I get into acrobat I do not have the option for Add-on tools.
It’s a bit confusing because the link takes you to a general download page and the forms script is not the first one on that page.
I have about 50 forms to get out in a month and I was worried about the lack of exact positioning in Acrobat. Reason being I need to work with forms but I haven’t got admin rights to drop the js file there? I would love to make adonation for a script that would allow me to have an image field in an Acrobat X Pro form (mac). I have created the form fields and made them editable but the script isnt allowing me to save the document – only print it. I’m trying to make a folio where users can comment and rate various places (like yelp) is there anyway i can use a similar form like this but instead of submit it will be a comment button.
Recent Comments jordan 11 said about How to Install a Script in InDesign That You Found in a Forum or Blog Post:Excellent job about this write-up! In CS6, you can link from one object in an InDesign layout to other objects in different layouts within the same document. Read about Photoshop CS6 changes you can use InDesign’s Folio Builder to combine the articles into folios and preview them on a tablet device or smartphone.
Like a lot of users, he had been waiting for native form field creation inside InDesign, but at the conference Adobe didn't really seem to provide much of an answer other than " file a feature request". Since it is possible to create buttons inside InDesign and have them transfer without any issues, why not run a script inside Acrobat that looks for buttons and convert them into text form fields? At the end of the article I have links to download the script and a sample form via a IDML and PDF.

When you are ready to create the form fields, I recommend that you create a layer for the form buttons. When you run the script, it will only take a second or two and all of your buttons with _txt will now become text form fields. After a short stint designing catalogs he started working as a freelance designer for C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions.
However, the script does not create a print or reset button via the normal Acrobat method, instead, it uses JavaScript.
I sent a message to Marijan Tompa, an author of many amazing scripts, and asked him if it was possible for Acrobat to do this via scripting. The most important thing to remember is to "Include All" under Buttons and Media, otherwise the buttons would not be included. I can export the results but it requires i create an individual name for each button and there are over a thousand items! SO my assumption is that I am not using the correct export settings from Indesign CS5.5 PC platform. IS there some plugin or feature I can use to keep me from having to name each button by hand?
Name each button with a unique name to start, followed by _rad and then another _group name.

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