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Copyright © 2016 c·‘a†…es?a?®aZYa› a?«a?¤a?„a?¦cY?a‚‹i??aZYa› a?‹a‚‰a‚?a?‹a‚‹??»c™‚??• All Rights Reserved. The smartphone cameras have gotten so good that many folks use them instead of dedicated point-and-shoots.
Taking photos is only half the battle for budding photographers, as it creates the need to get those masterpieces onto a computer for storage and other purposes.
Recently it ocurred to me that maybe a good way to get a lot of photos off my phone and onto my computer could be Google Drive. Photo transfers involve two steps: getting the photos from the phone to my Google Drive storage in the cloud, and accessing them on the computer.
I don't always use the same computer to work with photos either, not even a single platform. The first step of uploading the photos to Google Drive is slightly different depending on whether the photos are on the iPhone or the Note 2. On the Note 2 it's a simple matter of opening the Gallery app and tagging all the photos for uploading.
The iPhone method is similar to that of the Note 2 but iOS doesn't allow sharing to the Google Drive. Google Drive folder on Mac FinderThere is no app for Windows 8 but Google Drive is accessible through the web browser.
No matter what system is used to access them, the photos can be selected and either copied or moved from Google Drive to local storage.
On the Mac and the Chromebook it's technically not necessary to copy the photos to local storage, depending on what you are going to do with them. Using Google Drive has turned a task that was fomerly a pain into one that is quick and easy.
There’s not exactly a shortage of PC screen capture tools around, but Starpunch’s Chris Gingerich has just added another with ICUP (Image Capture and Upload Program).
Pressing the hotkey launches the program, and you’re able to click and drag to define the capture area. There are a few configuration options, too, although they’re not so easy to spot (you need to click the arrow to the right of the "Thumbnail Page" button). Still, ICUP is brand new, and we suspect more capture types will be added, along with other goodies, in the near future.
It was introduced in 2005 and continued to gain popularity among internet users all over the world. Photo sharing feature creates unlimited photo albums, uploads photos with the help of automated thumbnails, shares photos with friends and family, creates photo community and also keeps track of the number of times the photos were viewed.
4Shared makes thing a lot easier for online users who are always searching for applications that help them to download numerous videos, pictures, music and documents from the internet.
FilesTube.to is a search engine designed to search files in various file sharing and uploading sites. Introduction: RapidShare is a one-click hosting service which offers both free and commercial services.

Both hardware and software on phones now offer sophisticated features that let even lousy photographers take decent photos. The more photos you take, the bigger the task of getting them transferred to a bigger screen. I have regularly used a couple of methods to get the photos off the phone and onto the computer. The more I looked into it, the more I realized this would work no matter what phone or computer I was using.
Using Google Drive works well for me as I sometimes take photos with the iPhone 4S and other times with the Galaxy Note 2. The free Google Drive app must be installed on the Android phone or the iPhone to get started. I usually move them as I don't want to keep them permanently on the Google Drive, but those who want to leave them in the cloud can copy them to the local destination. For uploading to a blog editor or editing in a photo editor they can be accessed directly from Google Drive as if they were located on the local computer.
It's certainly not the only way to get the photos onto a computer, but it works very well for my needs.
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Press Enter when you’re happy, the grab is saved and uploaded to the image sharing site imm.io, with its link copied to your clipboard, ready for immediate sharing. You’re able to view a list of image URLs; clicking on any of these displays a preview of that grab, and right-clicking the link displays options to edit the image in Pixlr (a very impressive tool), re-copy its URL to the clipboard, or remove it from the list. Here you’re able to define a new hotkey, and tell the program to display the image after it’s been uploaded, along with one or two smaller tweaks. If you want to capture the whole screen, or a window, then you have to move your mouse to one corner (with pixel-perfect positioning), click the left mouse button and drag to the other. It is a free application for Linux, Windows and Mac PC, providing with all the functions that are needed to speed up the routine process of downloading numerous files on the user’s account. With 4Shared review, the users can easily download, store and upload music, videos, photos and many other types of files on the computer or other devices.
It becomes a matter of few clicks for the user and the files will then be automatically uploaded in the account. Document sharing feature allows one to share and upload documents to the 4Shared Cloud with ease with no size limits, email limitations firewalls. There is no need to hire an expertise for the download process, as online instructions are always available for the user. With this fast program, the user can easily work online and save thousands of files without any uploading problem.
I've used the old faithful method of emailing them to myself and other times swapping the memory card from the phone to the computer. Google Drive is an option, so tapping it and then confirming (above right) starts the upload process in the background.

Google Drive is built into Chrome OS, so I have access from the file manager on the Chromebook. Pixlr editing support is useful, the ability to install ICUP or run it as a portable edition is also convenient, and we’re interested to see how the program will develop. Innovative and high-tech companies develop and provide this kind of software in order to make online storage and access quick and easy for the users. The multiple file upload features provides the user with detailed statistics, user-friendly file manager and also resume any interrupted connection ability.
All the document folders are organized with a full folder structure that demonstrates the way a user works on a particular project.
From file sharing and file saving to photo uploading and video downloading, this application takes the user around the world of communication. This takes you to the photo storage on the iPhone, so select the ones you want to transfer and hit Upload.
Well known for its friendly usage, easy to use interface and reliable usability, 4Shared increases the productivity of one’s work and performance of tasks. File sharing feature allows one to share, upload, download and search for music, pictures, videos and documents within few minutes. Whether the user is at office, home or on the go, he or she can easily gain access to all the files.
It is designed for all types of operating systems so that all users can easily download it and get access to all the required files.
The main aim of this software is to help in the management of uploading numerous files at one time. Further, the user can even share files with other 4Shared users with the help of 4Shared email service.
Video and music sharing features allows an upload of unlimited number of videos, thus, making a collection of files in the cloud.
After the download, the user needs to run the program and save the application in the desired folder. This application provides the user with free online and high quality hosting and sharing services.
The user can even create a personalized music album in which numerous songs can be uploaded and stored from internet. Systematically the process will continue and installation will be carried out without any interruption to your work. The team hired by software companies comprises of dedicated experts and specialists, all of which are proficient in the areas of web designing, programming and marketing communications. There are easy-to-send links, which are automatically attached to emails so that the user gets immediate access to the shared files.

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