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What do you think about Big Beautiful Women - Latest Collection Launch by Kiran Uttam Ghosh - Event ? Are you sick of us doing this thing where we slap our faces on your computer screen and do ridiculous stuff? This time it's sort of special though (or something) because we're having a big, huge birthday party for Jess on Thursday, July 11th at 6:00pm PST. All you have to do to get in on this birthday present action is sign up to be a contestant in the epic birthday party game we'll be playing.
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We've done something sort of like this before if you are wondering what the heck we're even talking about.

It can become maddening to perform hours of exercise in those problem spots and not see results.You can lose fat around trouble spots like your thighs and hips, but first you must understand how fat loss works. That means if you burn an extra 3,400 calories of energy above what your body needs to survive, you will lose one pound of fat.Fat loss, unfortunately, cannot be pinpointed. The best offense against unwanted fat is to burn more calories than your body requires, a lot more. Your body will take the extra calories from fat and you will see your body trim and tone up. It has been clinically proven that eliminating carbs altogether from your diet can be harmful to your health.
Some doctors even claim that one can of soda a day can significantly increase the risk of metabolic syndrome.

It is not unusual to start an exercise and dieting program and not see satisfying results for a few weeks.
Remember, if you are moving more and consuming less calories, your body has to lose fat, it has no choice.
If the fat does not come directly off from your thighs and hips right away, stay the course; your body will get around to it. In the meantime, you may be pleasantly surprised at fat loss and toning in other areas of your body along the way.

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