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SoundCloud has been a game changer, not least for the number of CDs that haven\'t been burned & binned since it came along. Just last week our making a mixtape series got loads of feedback proving how popular mixtapes are with DJs wanting to promote themselves.
But after spending so much time getting your mix just-so, the last thing you want is to post it online for it to sit there, unlistened to and unloved, for eternity.
If you really don't know, SoundCloud is a place for musicians and DJs to upload, download and stream their music.
Just as you have to be a loyal user to get the most out of Twitter, MySpace or Facebook, you really owe it to yourself to get involved on SoundCloud before you upload a mix and expect something back. To start with, you should pay for a subscription rather than go for the free, limited service. The free version limits your music to only 100 downloads, and to two hours - that's two DJ mixes at best, and hardly enough downloads to get you up there with the kid in the next street, never mind with deadmau5. From samples to artist tracks to royalty-free loops to DJ mixes - it\'s all on SoundCloud, so make friends and join in. Once you're one of the minority of users who have shown they're taking it seriously by paying, make sure you look serious. Look at other users and you'll instantly see who is to be reckoned with and who's just messing. Another time-tested trick is to use your SoundCloud mix as the signature in forums you post in - but be careful not to join up and post your mix without first joining in, or you'll be accused of spamming, which is of course what you'd be doing.
If SoundCloud can promote itself with stickers on corridor walls, why can\'t you promote your SoundCloud mix the same way?
Whenever, wherever, you've got to promote that mix - and we're talk ing away from the web now.
Getting offline people online and to your mix is one of the most powerful things you can do to promote it.

Join 100,000 Digital DJ Tips members and get access to free training, our friendly forum, plus twice-weekly emails with the best of our tutorials, reviews and DJ news. No, no ,no, the main reason people prefer Souncloud is because the listeners can actually download the mixes as opposite to Mixcloud where you can only listen to them. MP3 files only but I believe the file size is unlimited (Mixcloud has a 100MB limit, this sucks, bigtime).
I have been using SoundCloud for a little over a year now, and I did a pile of research before I started paying for the Pro account. If people have other tips that they would like to share to increase the number of hits on your mixes… please share your secrets to success. Join a whole bunch of groups and get involved with other peoples work there and add you tracks to the groups too.
Hey guys, I know that you can get a lot of followers on the Cloud by sining in to Cloudkillers. I would really appriciate it if anyone reading this excellent blog post took the time to listen to my mix. Indeed, I want to promote my mixes and finally living and breathing the Pro DJ experiences. I have only been using Soundcloud and Mixcloud combine with facebook, twitter, stumbleupon and myspace to promote my mixes. By the way, if someone wants to listen a nice mix of progressive house here’s the link! The question how to upload music to an eclipse 180 sl mp3 player has been asked 595 times by our users. Of course, they're not mixtapes or even CDs a lot of the time nowadays, and it was obvious from your comments that your favourite place for posting digital mixes is SoundCloud.
If you just post there, or go through the motions but only pay lip service to the many functions and features it gives you, you shouldn't be surprised when you don't do well.

Taking the time to learn about it, get a feel for it, and explore its features first is time well spent. Get a good designer to make your logo, and ensure it's someone who understands the web, too, because your logo is going to have to look great at full size and as a thumbnail. Make sure every track in your mix is tagged, so people searching on SoundCloud for the tracks you've used stand a chance of finding your mix.
It comes with widgets galore, and so get out there to where you hang out and round the online crowds up. Here's how: get a business card made (by the same designer who did your avatar, probably), that features your SoundCloud address prominently. Shyness never got anyone anywhere, so be smart and make sure you give your mix the best chance that you can by shoving it in people's faces whenever you get a chance. I have to say the people that operate it, and keep it up to date are very cool to work with and they get back to you immediately when something goes wrong. Other than that follow people with similar music to you and they will often follow you back.
It's easy enough to add it to Facebook (and customise your widget), and also if you have MySpace and Twitter accounts, or your own blog or website, advertise your mix there too. You have to comment on a certain amount of Soundcloud pages and if you done so your own track will be promoted by them. Join now to comment, and to get access to exclusive site content including our friendly forum, plus weekly news and offer emails.

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