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Fujifilm says its instax SHARE SP-1 printer is a convenient portable option for printing smartphone images. New print technology is a handy portable option for printing smartphone images, according to Fujifilm.Fujifilm says its compact and stylish Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-1 printer is a handy portable option for printing smartphone images. Hotshare.pl ,to nie moderowane forum wielotematyczne sluzacy do prowadzenia luznych dyskusji i wymiany pogladow pomiedzy internautami w poszczegolnych dzialach tematycznych. Users can download Fujifilm’s free instax SHARE App, and follow two steps after they shoot their photos with a smartphone.

Administracja serwisu nie ponosi odpowiedzialnosci za tresci i komentarze publikowane przez uzytkownikow na lamach forum oraz informuje, ze zaden z materialow prezentowanych na stronie nie jest hostowany na serwerach strony. First they send the images wirelessly (via the app), and then they print the images on the Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-1. Fujifilm says with its Instax Mini colour film, credit card-sized photos can be printed in around 16 seconds on the instax SHARE SP-1 smartphone printer, along with the option of duplicating copies using the Reprint button. With five template options available, photos can be customised according to certain themes.

As well as producing high-quality colour images, sepia and black & white filters are available. The price for the Fujifilm instax Share SP-1 was yet to be confirmed at the time of writing.

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