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Instead of releasing a standalone video app, this update expands the usability of the Instagram app. With your video recorded, filter applied, and cover frame selected, sharing the video is the same as sharing a photo. Right now it doesn't look like you can tag people in video like you can with photos, but this may be a possible update in the future. This update puts both social networks head to head again, but Facebook was smarter by releasing identical updates for both Android and iOS simultaneously, instead of Vine releasing a very basic version for Android compared to iOS.
Instagram allows us to vicariously live through others, experiencing their moments with them.
It seems that the folks over at Instagram are always pushing out something new for their filter loving followers, and today they’ve launched the 3rd version of their app, Instagram 3.0. The first time you use the new version of Instagram, you’ll be given an overview of what Photo Map is, and then you’ll be shown all of your geo-tagged photos, which Instagram will ask you to either approve or deny for use on your Photo Map.
I'm a creative 22 year old from Pennsylvania, who's passionate about art, design, music, and technology.
In an attempt to remain a mobile-exclusive app, Instagram doesn't let users upload photos or videos from their computer.
Step 2: Verify Your AccountNow, either on the mobile app or the website, verify your account on Instagram in order to give WeebGram access to post on your account. Step 4: Edit Your ImageThe editor feature, which is powered by Adobe Aviary, is definitely something to take advantage of.
Neil, doesn't this violate Instagrams TOS, using an emulator could boot you from the community, right? In case you are using Instagram on computer then you can sideload #SquareDroid apk on ARC welder– a chrome extension to run Android apps on the computer.
While Twitter's Vine supports 6 seconds of video recording, Video on Instagram allows up to 15 seconds.

Both iOS and Android are receiving the update at the same time today, but iOS is getting one exclusive feature: Cinema stabilization, which will stabilize video shaking. After you launch the app and your feed has refreshed, you will see the Instagram photo icon. Unlike the photo filters, the video filters are a little harder to differentiate from each other, but this will probably depend a lot on the recorded video.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. It's an enormously popular application and has already garnered 100 million users, but it has only been made available for download on Android and Apple devices. Some people just prefer to have other phones and this is a less costly alternative to buying a device that can use Instagram. Not much has changed in the overall look of Instagram, since they set out to make your preexisting Instagram photos easier to find.
Instead of having to hit “show more,” users are now greeted with a little loading animation while they wait for more photos to load in. Like other applications that map out geo-tagged photos, photos get grouped together the closer they are as you zoom out on the map. The new upload page is a lot cleaner than the previous version, and features better looking sharing switches as well. While no one can say for sure, I’d love to see them roll out an iPad client (since the Android app already scales to the tablet screen size) and an online client.
On the Instagram web app, you can pretty much only like and comment on items in your feed, but what about all of those photos on your computer that scream #tbt?Whether you want to upload from your laptop to make your social media job simpler or because you have some old Throwback Thursday pictures you want to share more easily, it is possible using a third-party app, and a new one on deck is WeebGram, created by developer Denis N. If you're worried about entering in your Instagram username and password directly, the developer is exploring other possibilities, so stay tuned.
As stated on the website, users are limited to only two images a day, but if you need to post more than that, donate $1.99 to the developer to unlock unlimited posting.

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I'm the dev of WeebGram", I'm sorry for asking this, but the WeebGram version of the post is old :( I might be redone, new one is much better!! While 9 more seconds doesn't seem like a big difference, creative users will appreciate the extra time. It's easy to tell that Cinema stabilization was implemented on iOS because of standardized devices. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. The maps interface is really clean and well done, and it actually reminds me of the maps interface that Apple will be rolling out with iOS 6.
Scrolling through my Instagram feed has become something I do in my pastime, and I’d love to have more devices that I can do that on. Note that WeebGram does not let you upload videos, but hopefully that will be available in a future update.
While I’m not really one to geo-tag my online photos, I can definitely see the appeal, especially when traveling.
Instagram has already make it possible to view and comment on specific photos via the browser, they just need to add in support for full-profiles and the actual photo feed. After it's uploaded into your feed, all you have to do is tap on the cover frame for the video to play.

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