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If you're like me, you want a PHP upload progress meter that is actually useful in your web applications. The demo below will show you how to display a progress upload meter while also entering other information within the same form. You must have APC (Alternative PHP Cache) and PHP 5.2 installed on your server for any of this to work.
This is really the only potential problem for those who don't have root access to their server. I believe Sandeep's issue was that he was testing it locally, so the file uploaded instantly, thus not showing any incremental progress on the progress bar.

Phani - I would need to see your current code to determine how you should integrate the progress bar.
Is there a way to check the size with APC and then stop the upload if the file is bigger than 10 MB ? Note that the file upload tracking is not threadsafe at this point, so new uploads that happen while a previous one is still going will disable the tracking for the previous. I have your demo running quite well in my local server but I would like to integrate it in a complex form that I am developing.
This form has a lot of hidden input fields and several buttond to download files and go back to other form which uses the hidden input field in this one.

If you are just entering information in the text fields, then the progress meter will not show. It's not that difficult to install, but you either have to have root access, or your hosting provider will need to do this for you.
But when I executed this file it will show uploading file window but progress bar is not moving and file uploading is not done.

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