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A new feature has been rolled to all Twitter users recently: You can now upload image directly to Twitter, instead of using third party services. As you can see, I went ahead and used that image as an example, and actually tweeted about it on Twitter to see exactly what it looks like. At least they’re using a 301 Permanent Redirect to do the redirect over to your Twitter status URL. However like Facebook & Google+ you need an image with a minimum resolution or dimension of 1252 x 626 pixels (px). New profile pages with header image and improved positioning (as explained in the above paragraph, center-aligned).
Twitter is just tweaking a bit for a more presentable image – or you might really say that Twitter is just going with the flow that Facebook started, LOL! Mani Viswanathan is the founder & owner of Daily Blogging, who is a Blogger, Web Developer and also an aspiring Entrepreneur from Mumbai, INDIA. Security expert Ebrahim Hegazy has found another serious vulnerability in Twitter, he has discovered an Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability.
The popular Ebrahim Hegazy has found another serious vulnerability in Twitter, the cyber security analyst and Consultant at Q-CERT has discovered a flaw in the social media that allows Unrestricted File Upload. The image Uploader will check for the uploaded files to accept certain image extensions only, like PNG, JPG while other extensions won’t get uploaded. Pierluigi Paganini is Chief Information Security Officer at Bit4Id, firm leader in identity management, member of the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security)Treat Landscape Stakeholder Group, he is also a Security Evangelist, Security Analyst and Freelance Writer. Editor-in-Chief at "Cyber Defense Magazine", Pierluigi is a cyber security expert with over 20 years experience in the field, he is Certified Ethical Hacker at EC Council in London.
Pierluigi is a member of the "The Hacker News" team and he is a writer for some major publications in the field such as Cyber War Zone, ICTTF, Infosec Island, Infosec Institute, The Hacker News Magazine and for many other Security magazines.
Pierluigi Paganini is Chief Information Security Officer at Bit4Id, firm leader in identity management, member of the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) Threat Landscape Stakeholder Group, he is also a Security Evangelist, Security Analyst and Freelance Writer. Several recent improvements to Direct Messages in particular have helped to better facilitate the private side of the business-consumer conversation, and Sprout Social has been quick to incorporate these updates. Today, as we continue building upon these enhancements, we are excited to provide an even better experience for our customers. When troubleshooting a technical issue, customers can safely share screenshots that may contain personal or confidential account information. Social customer support agents can save time by attaching a visual asset, such as a step-by-step tutorial, to their DMs rather than transcribing instructions as text only.

A brand can demonstrate personality in the same way it might on a public Tweet by including a lighthearted image after resolving an issue. As detailed in the Customer Service on Twitter Playbook released earlier this summer, “Twitter offers a one-to-one-to-many interaction, which allows the broader community to form an opinion on your service interaction.
What’s more, as an increasingly important backchannel, Twitter DMs empower businesses to meet growing customer expectations with a tailored, one-to-one experience. As Twitter expands upon its platform, Sprout will continue working closely with the company to incorporate any new features in a timely manner. Sprout Social is an advanced, collaborative social media management platform for teams of all sizes.
The twitter as we all know that is one of the big social media where peoples combine together and share their views, pictures, and sms and make friends on it. As for the information of the user I want to tell u that this application (Twitter) is a free application. The main objective behind this update is sharing and uploading multiple photos with the single tweet.
These above mentioned facilities can be viewed by mobile users also because twitter update its application for window phone also and now the mobile users can take full advantage from it and with that get free enjoyment also. From home time line the users are now able to follow someone, retweet or reply to them with the single tweet only.
For using this application and all the above future the user need to download and install the twitter application on their mobile devices.
You can now click on the little camera icon on the left side of the Tweet box and upload an image. I personally like to resize my photos or screen captures anywhere between 300 width and about 1000 width max.
Bill Hartzer formerly managed the Search Engine Marketing division of Vizion Interactive and MarketNet, leading interactive marketing and website design firms in the Dallas, Texas area.
Now the header image acts as a background image above which your profile picture (or DP, as commonly known on Twitter), bio, etc are center-aligned.
Remember the minimum dimension should be 1252 x 626 px and it’s size should be under 5 mb. Pinch-to-zoom will make it easier for device owners to zoom in to any photo available on the stream or Twitter timeline.
Instead of the horizontal navigation bar, it has a vertical one with identical features & UI.

Although they recommend uploading under 5 mb, large file sizes do have an effect on the load time of a site. An attack against a social media could have serious repercussion on the users and on the reputation of the platform, if hackers sell the knowledge of the flaw on the black market a growing number of cyber criminals could benefit by it. The passion for writing and a strong belief that security is founded on sharing and awareness led Pierluigi to find the security blog "Security Affairs" recently named a Top National Security Resource for US.
From asking for store hours to reporting a service issue to troubleshooting a technical difficulty, Twitter provides the right channels (both public and private) to help people solve everyday challenges.
Because of our deepened partnership, Sprout is one of the first Twitter Official Partners with access to new functionality for attaching images to Direct Messages. There are several instances where including an image would help both parties communicate more effectively. Whether replying to a DM from the Smart Inbox or initiating a conversation, simply click the camera icon in the lower left of the compose box, then upload your file.
In doing so, Twitter not only offers businesses a platform to deliver exceptional social customer service, but it also can enhance operational efficiency to save time and money. This will ensure you have the most up-to-date and powerful set of tools to communicate as openly and as effectively as possible with your customers. We use Direct Messages primarily for messages that either contain sensitive information or to take a conversation offline to better assist our community. Now the big deal is that the twitter updated its application and provided to their users facility of multi photo uploaded with that also improved the photo sharing.
It looks like we are finally getting a much-needed upgrade to the Twitter web interface, which is really just a new small option. Then, when you tweet, your tweet will include an image link to the photo or screen capture that you have uploaded.
If your Twitter header is too big, it will take longer for your page to load on Twitter which can have an impact on whether or not people click through to your site from your Twitter profile.
After the 10.000 characters limit for DMs, the ability to also upload images through SproutSocial is even better, helping customers send us screenshots and also helping people exchange images much easier and faster. All NHL logos and marks and NHL team logos and marks as well as all other proprietary materials depicted herein are the property of the NHL and the respective NHL teams and may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of NHL Enterprises, L.P.

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