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Chris Barnes lead singer of one of my favorite death metal bands of all time Six Feet Under stars in a used car commercial.This video is absolutely killer. We all need a great laugh these days, it doesnt matter if you like metal or not you will still get a chuckle out of this. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive THE BOMB SQUAD contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE.
20 Everybody wants to be the llmpany that came up with the brilliantly clever video or ad or Tweet that got shared by millions. In the same article, though, the reporter talked about EZ Grill which made a video in which it grilled various smart phones to see which would last longest. There was no explanation about why one would buy a portable grill or what made EZ Grill a better option.
There was no connection to the company’s website or any other outlet, so consumers had to figure out where to get one on their own: friction. There was cognitive dissonance between something high tech, like smart phones, and the music, which sounded like something from a Charlie Chaplin movie.
A great example of this is Poo Purri, a company that makes a spray with essential oils that traps the odor of poop in the bowl. But this video tells you exactly how Poo Pourri works, where to find it, what its Amazon rating is, has a “click here” call to action and a money back guarantee. One reason humor works is that it engages the brain in such a way that people kind of forget they’re being sold to.
According to a paper published by the Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute, the beginning of a joke triggers your frontal cortex—the executive part of the brain—to look for pattern recognition. A study on How Humor Breaks Resistance to Influence, conducted at a university in the Netherlands, show how humor distracts audiences from the fact they’re being sold to. Normally, any content that might cause us to spend money or make a decision triggers all kinds of defense mechanisms: skepticism, criticism, refusal to be moved. Last year we found an average of 23.4% more sales, leads and phonecalls for our clients in the first six months. One company that uses humor to distract is Yesware, which sends out the email below to customers who haven’t responded to sales pitches. It was the only commercial video that made it to Time Magazine’s top 10 viral videos of 2014, with 12 million views as of the end of 2014. Sam Elliott, in his gravelly, dead-pan voice nails the intention of the pictures of happy, beautiful people and scenery to influence viewers’ perception about the product being sold: “Lest you think we’re a faceless entity, look at all these attractive people.
The video generated articles in Fast Company, Ad Age, Adweek, Mashable, Gizmodo, Mediaite and TIME, according to the Shorty Awards where it won Best of B2B.

One of the brilliant things about the Dissolve video was that, while it was making fun of itself, it was also making the case that its beautiful footage sells powerfully.
Susan Lahey is a journalist, copywriter, author and all around multipotentialite wordsmith who loves to write about brave people doing cool things. Feature image by S.Hart Photography, licensed through Creative Commons and adapted for this post. Anyone who needs a quality used commercial truck should come and see me at 5612 NW 8th Street, Margate, FL 33063 or call me at (954) 935-6803. A BMW compilation video made by a fan could be just what you've been waiting for if you needed convincing to buy a BMW! It showcases all kinds of hot BMWs from the 1970's E9 2800 CS (which looks amazing to this day) all the way up to the brand new F12 6 Series and F82 4 Series. Of course both drifting and beautiful girls have a special place in the video as they are part of the everyday routine of a BMW fan or owner.
If you think this video deserves to become a BMW commercial or if you think you have a better one, leave your comments in the comment section below. The one where, if you dare to admit you haven’t seen it, everyone else at the party will jump on you demanding, “You haven’t SEEN it?” But here’s the thing: While there are many companies that have made such ads that quickly translated into rapid sales, other companies with viral videos and other funny content never increased their sales at all, despite millions of shares. Consider that most comedians will work a joke over and over before they bring it to audiences.
The result was a 13,000 percent increase in visits to the site and more than double the company’s revenue. They might share the video over and over, watch it over and over, never realizing that they’re cheerfully and voluntarily propagandizing themselves and spreading your message. The humor in it, of course, softens the fact that the email is essentially saying “What gives?” Typically, Yesware reports, replies to follow up emails are around 21 percent. The trouble is, Singapore and Malaysia are crazy about technology and Ikea is a very low-tech company with furniture you build yourself.
The video—which was created BBH Asia Pacific marketing company—increased sales .8 percent in Singapore and 13 percent in Malaysia.
Just showing how pretty their stock footage was would only serve to keep them in competition with every other stock footage company. Just listen to a lineup of comedians and it’s clear that some people know how to do it and others don’t. If you had your doubts about becoming a BMW family member, they will surely be put to rest after watching this.
As I said I am huge Six Feet Under fan and have one of their many logo’s tattooed on my bicep. That’s because, from a scientific standpoint, humor provides all kinds of payoffs for the brain.

A case study by London branding and marketing firm, Cream Global, showed the video also garnered articles in Time, WSJ, Buzzfeed, The Daily Mail, Mashable and more. But Dissolve decided to spoof itself on the fact that stock footage is designed to create mental associations that may or may not have anything to do with the actual product.
Poo Pourri founder Suzi Batiz said in several interviews that some of the writing for that first viral ad made her cringe. It’s a visually attractive video of a gentile, British, girl-next-door, in elegant clothes, sitting on a toilet talking about the basest human functions. And if the payoff is good, we’re flooded with good feeling neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. And, the study said, even if consumers don’t consciously remember the association between the brand and the thing that made them laugh, it will positively impact brand perception and influence buying. So, just before the release of the iPhone 6, Ikea posted a video that spoofed its own catalog. Robert Wagner was only pulling in about $30 a month, selling 10 Orabrushes, until he created a funny video. But myriad studies have failed to find a direct correlation between a funny ad and widgets flying out the door.
These are the neurotransmitters that flood us when we’re in love or we accomplish a challenging goal. During the Generic Brand Video launch week, visits to the site increased by 9x and signups and sales revenue both increased by 6X.
So find someone who knows how to do it right, and don’t forget that the whole point is to get people to buy your product or service. A study on funny Superbowl ads showed that sales didn’t immediately go up on the products with the funniest ads.
Ikea’s revenues have climbed every year but global sales in 2014 were up nearly six percent from the previous year.
Within two years, the company sold more than a million Orabrushes online and the video was viewed more than 15 million times. So just by the act of being funny, your blog, email, video and other content can reach through the screen and make customers feel good. The Dollar Shave Club, which got 12,000 people to sign up for the service in the first 48 hours after they first aired their comic video, for example.
What was so great about the video was that, in addition to being funny, it clearly explained what causes bad breath and why the Orabrush is the best solution.

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