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The “free internet” concept, promoted by Facebook in India and other countries, might not be useful for the local market, because telecom operators always need to invest in networks, said Catalin Marinescu, the president of the Communications Authority ANCOM.
Facebook launched three years ago the idea of a free internet, a collection of apps and services made for people in poor countries and distributed without charge. Marinescu also spoke about the project, which ANCOM launched a few years ago, which compared offers of different telecom operators. It is nice to see that there are still great internet browsers for the aging Windows XP.  I do suggest people start to upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as they can though as Windows 7 has a lot of great features like jump lists and the thumbnail previews in the start menu bar that makes it even easier to browse the internet. Why would you rank IE ahead of Opera and Chrome both of which are faster and offer more features? Actually Opera is slow by comparison, I like the layout and features of IE better than the other browsers, I hate the way Chrome looks and it just needs more options easily available. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As far as current major browsers that support Windows 2000 there is only one, Opera.A  So which browsers are the best for Windows 2000 and are some of the lesser known browsers maybe a good choice in this case. I like Windows 7 (on a newer laptop that I got), but I had to make a few changes to adjust to it.
Hey thank you for that, well I would not suggest an Apple but I do highly suggest any of the new computers running Windows 8.1, I really like it I admit. To all of you helpful folks who are computer-savvy: Garage sale this weekend, bought a Dell laptop with Windows XP. Awesome, Windows XP is really not that different from Windows 2000 and will continue to get security updates until April 2014.
Thanks for the info and the compliment I will have to check and see about Firefox 10 I thought all ESR versions that were still getting updates were after 12.

Yeah Nigerian websites are sketchy The ntuser.log is just that, a log, if you want open it up in notepad, delete the entries and save it, it should be fine but you might want to make a backup copy of the file just in case.
Suddenly Google Drive (former Docs) has decided to become so heavy to break my CPU with Firefox and I was searching for alternative browsers for my Win2000. Normally I do not learn post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do it!
Also, will put this computer with Windows 2000 Pro into another room so I can use my Quicken DOS. Linda I am sorry you are still having issues, I hope I have been a help, I am still looking into your issue. Hang in there and you can learn to Master Windows 7, if you have any questions I will do request articles too just let me know. If you click on the links I provided in the reply they will take you directly to the correct download.
People would basically have access to free internet, although with limited options compared to the real one, if they have a Facebook account.
The project helped decrease the number of offers from 3.4 million in 2010 to only 300,000 now.
Everything you need: acrylic templates, paper pieces, books, notions for fans of traditional hand piecing.
Some people cannot afford to upgrade and, like me (senior citizen), become frustrated trying to learn something new.
Opera didn’t work well (Google Docs never supported Opera) but then I stumbled upon this articole!
And because there are many who continue to use older operating systems your posts are a savior to many, I am sure.

Sadly, think I have to throw in the towel before I drop dead in front of this (almost) useless piece of machinery.
In this post I will tell you some very useful Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts which can save good amount of your time browsing. Custom made templates, acrylic rulers, paper pieces for your individual projects upon request. I was quite sad when I dismantled my Windows 2000; so sad I took pictures of the thing, along with all the dust inside of it! Without a doubt, this website has been extremely helpful to me, and my gratitude continues. There is no SIMPLE way to download JAVA; don’t know difference between JRK, JRE, and whatever! I NEVER have gone to any porn website, so what are these words doing in my ntuser.log file? Now all I have to contend with is Firefox’s popup telling me to update, update, update.
Even figured out which “hole” to plug my speakers into so I even have voice now!

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