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We offer our sincere apologies as this week’s Chip Shop Awards ‘Ad of the Week’ contains traces of horsemeat. The penultimate ‘Ad of the Week’ winner comes from Rocket on behalf of Adam Heath and Neil Thompson and is for fast food chain Burger King which along with Tesco and Findus found itself wound up in the horsemeat affair.
Entered into the Best Use of Plagiarism category the ad’s copy is a play on the word whopper and its commonly used second meaning – a big fat lie. The deadline for this year’s Chip Shop Awards is but a mere seven days away so if you have a great idea and want it to be put the Chip Shop’s panel of judges which includes Marcantiono and Partners Alfredo Marcantonio, The Creative Circle CEO Jeremy Green, and Coy!
One more ‘Ad of the Week’ will be decided by the public from the entries so far on the Chip Shop Awards site.
As this year marks the awards 10th anniversary there has never been a better time to be part of the Chip Shop Awards as 2013 promises to be better than ever before. The Chip Shop Awards will close for entries on Friday 8 March so if you fancy being our last ‘Ad of the Week’ or even a Chip winner later in the year be sure to send your entries in now. In the next days I will post some other really cool and creative ads, for example ads that speak to your conscience or ads which are perfectly combined with the environment. As far as i suggest Your Web site acts a great role in providing information to targeted visitors. Wow Fred, that is a huge collection, thank you for your link, some I didn’t see before. My favourite has got to be the London for Lovers ad – a good adverting job although I am biased being from the UK.

I like these ads as our world is changing and we need these type of fresh ideas for advertising.
I normally have a dash of lime in most of my drinks, but after seeing your Pepsi advert, I’m not sure I will look at my drink in quite the same way anymore. In response to today’s increasingly competitive business environment, Michelin has decided to launch an unconventional global campaign to explain to consumers the benefits of using its tires. Michelin tires simultaneously deliver enhanced braking power, greater longevity and superior fuel efficiency. The worldwide campaign will launch initially in the United States and then be gradually deployed in 55 countries.
Created by TBWA, the new campaign reflects Michelin’s commitment to maintaining its market leadership.
WHAT A WHOPPER!” and has cleverly turned the blue circle around the classic Burger King logo into a horseshoe. Communications creative director Mark Denton then now is the time to submit your entry via the Chip Shop Awards site. As always the Chip Shop Awards aims to celebrate creativity and ideas without restriction, submissions don’t need to have run and you need not work with the client. As ambassador of the Michelin brand, he comes to the aid of motorists in trouble, replacing their faulty tires with Michelin tires that he pulls from his body, thereby enabling them to keep driving. The campaign shows that by using the right tire, consumers can reduce fuel consumption, increase driving safety and extend tread life.

Categories open for entry include Best Use of Shocking Copy, Best Reject, Best Consumer Ad or Campaign, and Best Viral.
Image: WWFWhile Sharks Aren't Really 'Horrifying', a World Without Them Sure IsThe World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is known for its ads (which are sometimes pretty surreal and strange, like the Fish Head ad reproduced below for your viewing pleasure). The new Michelin Energy Saver tire is so efficient that can save you 109 gallons of fuel more the tires of competition. I don't really find sharks anything close to 'horrifying', in fact, I'd say that I find them really fascinating. Two more commercials where we should see how right tires can increase driving safety and extend tread life coming soon.
But I understand what they were going for with the ad, and why they needed to write that to make the concept work.
Seriously, depending on the price of the tires, many would be better to buy a less expensive tire and replace them. It should be obvious when Michelin claims to save 109 gallons in their advertisement, they do not say over what period of time.

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