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We also included a handy SD Adapter to ensure that it will also fit the older SD size shields. I opened it and cut off  the USB-Adapter part as I am only interested in the SD-Card part of the adapter.
The result may not be the visually most convincing hack but it works perfect and reduces the chance of accidently pulling out the SD-Card. The problem is that you cut through an IC chip (which is not shown in the photos as it is on the other side).

The PCI-E Mini Card passive adapter is designed for desktop PCs that converts Mini-Card to USB port or standard PCI-Express 1x slot.
You can insert your USB type minicard to this adapter then plug to USB port through USB cable.
There are existing mPCIe 'form factor' SSD's that present SATA and PATA interface, but none that use the standard mPCIe pinout (i.e. Those are too thick to fit in a laptop, do you see something as thin as the solution above?

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