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JWT has embarked on a crowdsourcing journey for campaigning using social media along with print, radio, outdoor, etc.
How to Get Gigantic Laser Targeted Traffic from YouTube (Training Video Included): YouTube Advertisement Secrets To Grow Your Business On Fast Track!!!! Advertising students were asked to share their thoughts on advertising using the hashtag #whatithinkaboutadvertising by the Twitter handle created for the event. This poster is a tweet sent in by a Twitter user.This tweet-turned-video clip seeks to demystify the myth that advertising is quintessentially English.

Aspiring students have many misconceptions about the industry, hence resorting to social media as a platform to reach out to the youth is a cool approach for this campaign. Portfolio Night Mumbai, hosted by JWT, is carrying out an array of activities on Facebook and Twitter around the theme this year ‘An Eye-Opener. Crowdsourcing from the community and then converting the best among them into posters and videos is a brilliant thing to do, what do you think? Follow their pages on the social platforms, contribute and see your ideas being made into posters and films.The event to be held at JWT’s Mumbai office on the 22nd of May 2013, will see the country’s top creative directors who will also choose the ‘All Star’ of the evening, after interacting with young creatives.

The ‘Portfolio Night All-Star’ is an event where the most talented young creative from each Portfolio Night event is selected and flown to New York to compete at Portfolio Night All-Stars competition in New York City in August 2013.

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