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As yet another year comes to a close, marketing agencies and bloggers rush to get their 2013 predictions out the door. Tobacco companies incorporated doctors in their ads, such as this 1930 Lucky Strike campaign, to convince the public that smoking wasn't harmful.
Years after the 1964 surgeon general's report on smoking, tobacco companies continued to downplay the dangers of smoking in their ads, such as this one from Winston in 1970. This anti-tobacco campaign from the United Kingdom's Health Education Authority warned about the dangers of smoking while pregnant. More recently, anti-tobacco campaigns have gotten more graphic about the negative consequences of smoking, such as this poster from the American Cancer Society's Nasty Effects campaign. Tobacco company brand ads are among the most spoofed in advertising history, like this "Joe Chemo" ad from 2001. Before the surgeon general's 1964 report, people didn't know about the dangers of smoking, as this 1949 Embassy cigarette ad reveals. Originally published on January 8, 2014 3:22 pm Saturday marks an important milestone in public health – the 50th anniversary of the first Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), prescriptions for OxyContin increased 20-fold within four years from the prescription drug’s market debut.
With its controlled-release feature, OxyContin is the longest lasting oxycodone on the market, with efficacy up to 12 hours and dosage availability of up to 80 mgs. Tampering with its controlled-release feature in these ways, the potent OxyContin became to many a cheap way to get high. The abuse and misuse of OxyContin became evident as early as 2000 when authorities got wind of more and more teen deaths or emergency room cases associated with this drug.
Hundreds of families have sued Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin, precisely for this reason. Perhaps because fake OxyContin pills have started to circulate in the market, Purdue Pharma has announced that it would introduce a reformulated version of its very popular drug, which it said would have tamper-resistant properties.
But you don’t have to wait until then to act on OxyContin addiction, if it is in any way affecting your life. From my personal experience of battling porn addiction, I have found that Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy really works.
Their lists echo industry trends throughout the past 6 months – quality content, mobile influences, deeper analytics and so on. We realize that marketing, social media and SEO are words that you wish you could rid from your vocabulary. Few if any documents have had the impact of this one — both on the amount of disease and death prevented, and on the very scope of public health.
Intended for the pain management of cancer patients and others with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, or sickle cell anemia—all patients who endure prolonged periods of pain, the increase in OxyContin use can only be described as phenomenal. OxyContin is in fact the most frequently prescribed brand-name narcotic drug for moderate-to-severe pain in the United States, as pain reliever for injuries, bursitis, dislocation, fractures, neuralgia and post-operative surgeries.
It proved superior to other oxycodone products like Percocet, Percodan and Tylox because the controlled-release feature of OxyContin allowed it to carry more of the active ingredient in a single tablet. Otherwise upstanding individuals, including medical professionals, have been lured to prescription fraud by big bucks from the illegal distribution of this drug. In court cases all over the country, parents say the manufacturer is criminally liable for deaths induced by OxyContin because the latter overpromoted the drug and failed to prevent its illegal use. The new OxyContin version would not only look significantly different than the ones in circulation in terms of size and markings, but would transform into a gummy substance when tampered with—thereby preventing its intravenous intake.
The telltale signs of OxyContin addiction are extreme weight loss, nausea and severe stomach cramps, cold sweats, a bad combination of diarrhea and constipation, insomnia which then leads to falling asleep at odd times, muscle or bone pain, as well as tremors, twitching or excessive scratching. A person who has become addicted to OxyContin associates his or her happiness with the drug.
I commend them on their research and industry prowess but I decided to take a different approach. Before the surgeon general's 1964 report, public health rarely concerned itself with hazards beyond infectious disease epidemics. An analysis in the JAMA, the American Medical Association journal, estimates that 8 million Americans avoided premature death as a result of tobacco control efforts launched by the 1964 report. If zero to 6 million in four years (from 1996 to 2000) is fantastic, how about the leap from 6 million to 50 million in eight years? Its active ingredient is oxycodone, a central nervous system depressant derived from opium.
Thus, when the OxyContin label warned against dissolving the drug in water, crushing or chewing it, that’s exactly what some people did and so discovered a new upper.
Aside from the heroin addicts, OxyContin found a market as well with cocaine users because it is said to be a downer for these folks.
Regular opioid users develop tolerance for the drug so for instance, if they were taking 60 mgs of oral morphine per day or 30 mgs of oral oxycodone per day, they wouldn’t have a problem ingesting 60 mgs or 80 mgs of OxyContin.
All of a sudden, pharmacy heists became a law enforcement problem, with addicts resorting to this quixotic tactic to get their supply of OxyContin.
The reformulated OxyContin will be distributed by the third quarter of this year to totally replace the old pill version, according to Purdue Pharma.
OxyContin addicts also seem to be frequently sick, have watery or sunken eyes and constricted pupils, and may appear to be drunk even without alcohol intake.
In the book Kill the Craving: How to Control the Impulse to Use Drugs and Alcohol, the authors present a self-administered form of ERP, which is focused on what one gains from staying clean and sober. Our team of display advertising professionals will make eye catching display ads that will dramatically increase name branding, sales, brand awareness, conversions, profitability, product interest, and website traffic.We will distribute your custom designed display banner ads on the top performing banner ad networks directly in front of your clientele, buyers, and target demographic. Below you'll find my top 3 bold predictions for getting found in next year's crowded Internet space.
They want relevant, real content on the internet that people want to read and tell other people about. Those efforts range from cigarette warning labels to escalating taxes on cigarettes to proliferating restrictions on where people can smoke. It is just like morphine though more recent studies have found that oxycodone is twice as potent.

Hundreds of teens, many of whom were first-time users, have died from OxyContin complications in a span of just 10 years. It is a powerful tool to deal with any form of addiction because as any psychotherapist or recovering addict will tell you, there is no end to addiction until the psychological and emotional aspects are addressed. Our banner ad network inventory includes the top 250 ComScore ranked websites in the world.Display Banner AdvertisingDisplay Advertising provides cost effective solutions for small, medium and large sized businesses to get your marketing message in front of millions of customers all over the web.
All of this is centered around my long-standing thesis: Google is turning the Internet into its own form of brick and mortar. They were augmented by a series of high-profile surgeon general reports detailing the dangers to smokers, unborn children and bystanders. If not managed properly, the use of this drug could also be fatal to those who are on muscle relaxants and sedatives or those who have bronchial asthma.
Results from the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicate that about 500,000 people aged 12 or older were new non-medical users of the drug. Among its known street names are OC, OX, Oxy, Oxycotton, Hillbilly heroin, 80’s, beans, Orange Crayons or simply kicker. Usually done one-on-one with a professional, psychotherapy addresses the individual’s motivation or the underlying reason for an addiction. I have compiled a list of 12-step programs you may want to check out, particularly the link to Pills Anonymous. With our advanced targeting and our extensive network partnerships we will expand your market reach beyond the search engines to reach over 90% of internet users.Display Banner Ad CampaignsDisplay advertising campaigns deliver intuitive rotating display banner ads directly to your potential customers on every major banner ad network. Even this search giant sees the need to level the playing field to ensure our economy stays afloat as more and more stores are rushing into eCommerce to stay alive. But the impact of the 1964 report is even broader than that, according to Harvard historian Allan Brandt. Persons who are on such drugs as erythromycin, ketoconazole or ritonavir are also advised to take OxyContin only under doctor supervision. In short, approximately half a million people were using OxyContin illegally in the United States alone. With the recent introduction of the Knowledge Graph, Google’s cognitive reasoning is on the brink of sensing words and phrases that logically go together.
But all that impact unfolded over decades, and for many years it didn't appear the report would launch such a revolution. In order to protect them, Google has been slowly introducing components to their algorithm that justify my three bold predictions for 2013.
They then narrow down the possible websites to show this customer by things like geographic location, industry and then popularity.
Finally, they'll reveal whatever websites feature the best mix of this criteria and that's the result this customer will find for this given search. Certainly there are strategies behind how they're doing it but in an age of increased transparency, deeper analysis and incredible tools, the why makes you scratch your head. They'll have complex explanations, in-depth tools and industry jargon that surely help you sleep at night. Sure, it’s slowed down a bit which is why, for just a few dollars a month, you could get your company name front and center on the search engines for cheap! Really, back then nobody knew what we know today." In large part that's because the tobacco industry maintained for years that experts still disagreed about the evidence, Brandt says.
If you have trouble finding where these tags are, feel free to ask me in the comments below and I'll show you on your specific website. I've realized that I don't care what random people with enough time on their hands to write online reviews have to say about my favorite restaurant because I already know I love it and they're stupid heads. In the 1950s, highly regarded studies had already made the link between smoking and lung cancer.
By the early 1960s, there was mounting concern among public health officials and cancer and heart disease specialists. Most importantly, don’t forget to include structured citations like your phone number and address. When you think back over your advertising decisions, did you throw your company in the local paper or directory or even in some cheap SEO, only to find that it was priced so low for a reason? Stick to the websites listed above because Google likes them the best which will result in the largest impact for your business. Kennedy was not eager to take on the tobacco industry, Brandt says, because Kennedy needed the support of tobacco-state Democrats to further his civil rights agenda.
Most potential customers going to your website are looking to:Find out more information about why they should choose youContact you to get started with their project asap With that being said, the two biggest returns you'll see are going to come from high-quality photos of your work as well as reviews from customers you've already done work for. But companies like ours and Angie's List, where reviews are collected proactively by trusted sources that indeed have used the service they're rating, offer a true reflection of a business. Back then, public health rarely concerned itself with any hazards beyond infectious disease epidemics. When you couple that with healthy review volume per company, the ability to judge businesses by their past performance is almost absolute. And the American Medical Association wasn't keen to have government officials preach on the dangers of smoking. We've studied our ratings and have found that our collection process creates just a 3.7% overall ratings difference on an advertising company, whether it's based on 5 reviews taken or 30. With that said, we're confident that if we collect at least 10 reviews on a given company, the results stand to be an incredibly accurate portrayal of what you can expect from said company.If we can't base future success on historical results and previous customer experiences, what else is there?
So when he put together the expert panel that wrote the report, he allowed the industry to veto any member without cause.
And he carefully balanced the committee – there were five smokers and five nonsmokers among the scientists and physicians, and none had a publicly declared position on the question of smoking and health. Feel free to include a coupon here – if you can afford it - as your customers will undoubtedly be looking for one. During the meetings there were ashtrays on the conference table, and smoke filled the room.
We weren't in it because we lived and breathed patio heaters, for example, but because we saw a hole in the sector to make some money.

If they can't find one with you, you can bet they'll find one from one of your competitors. And please, please, please make sure your phone number is listed in the top right corner of your header! Here's my point: Google and the other search engines want to feature the best of the best from any and all industries.
But for the honest, trustworthy companies, SEO is simply making your customers fall in love with you. It was held on a Saturday morning to minimize impact on tobacco stock trading, and also to guarantee good play in the Sunday newspapers. The effect of that declaration has been enormous, according to Theodore Holford of Yale, a principal author of the JAMA analysis published Tuesday.
This means we're entering a seemingly archaic age where web users find you not because your link-farm is well established or because you're a whiz at producing 1,000 word articles to fill your blog.
You're once again being found because you add value to the eco-system in which you work just like, you guessed it, your neighborhood plumber (funny how similarities to brick and mortar keep finding their way into this argument, huh?). This amounts to about 157 million years of life – about two decades for each of those lives that were saved as a result of tobacco control efforts." And many of those years of life – 42 million years of human experience – were among Americans who would have died before the age of 65. Multi-billion dollar internet giants are striving hard to align their search results with your company because after all, that's what web users want – a passionate, hard-working company that knows their business and puts the customer first.
Since you've already accomplished step 1, your basic business information will be listed on these websites already.
With each new customer you serve, staple a card to your invoice with a call to action for the customer to write a review about your company and the steps to do so (I'll provide the steps in a later post). It may not be this year or next but 2013 is going to be an exciting year for the good guys! And each year more than 440,000 people die prematurely in this country from tobacco-related disease. I'll try not to sound biased since I run a website devoted to reviews but the importance of it cannot be overstated enough.
Not only do positive reviews provide prospective customers with the social confidence needed to move forward with their interest in you but the fresh content is awesome for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. And that Harvard chemist on the surgeon general's panel who smoked four packs a day was diagnosed with lung cancer within a year of the 1964 report, and died of the disease.Copyright 2014 NPR.
Both are putting immense pressure to collect this valuable, unique content in order to further validate their websites. Transcript ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: This weekend marks 50 years since the surgeon general, Luther Terry, released his landmark report on smoking. Yelp is the main driver of this pressure as Googlers are leaving the search giant to find information on local companies through Yelp now. SIEGEL: Today, new research suggests that Terry's report may have had an even bigger impact than first thought, as NPR's Richard Knox reports. Google has almost no qualms in taking reviews off the street but Yelp and Angie's List are not so lenient. Angie's List will allow anonymous reviews but they require your customer to have a membership to their service in order for the review to have any significant impact on your business listing. The surgeon general's report had come out six years earlier, but she says she had no idea smoking was dangerous. KNOX: In large part, that's because the tobacco industry maintained for years that experts still disagreed about the evidence, says Harvard historian Allan Brandt.
ALLAN BRANDT: Their campaign, their invented controversy, was actually enormously successful. If you asked people on the street: Do we know whether smoking causes lung cancer or not, many would say, well, you know, there's a very significant controversy about that.
KNOX: But in fact, Brandt says by 1964 there was very little controversy among scientists outside the tobacco industry.
But when asked about it publicly in a press conference, it became harder and harder for him to back away. KNOX: Now, it's important to understand that surgeons general had never been given such an assignment.
In fact, public health rarely concerned itself back then with any hazards beyond infectious disease epidemics. And the American Medical Association wasn't keen on having government experts preach on the dangers of smoking. BRANDT: There were some people in the profession who would say, you know, this is really between a patient and his or her doctor.
BRANDT: The committee was made up of 10 scientists and physicians, five of whom were smokers, five of whom were not. And a new analysis, in this weeks' Journal of the American Medical Association, documents the enormous impact of that declaration. Study author Theodore Holford of Yale says eight million Americans would have died if it hadn't been for the tobacco control efforts sparked by the report. THEODORE HOLFORD: So this amounts to 157 million years of life that were saved as a result of the tobacco control effort.
BRANDT: If we look at the history of public health - from the safety of cars and roads, other dangerous products, the environment, clean air, the workplace - all of these issues really have their origins in a moment 50 years ago around the first surgeon general's reports.
Joanne Iuliucci, whom we met earlier, eventually stopped smoking after her mother died of lung cancer. By the way, that Harvard statistician on the surgeon general's panel who smoked four packs a day, within a year of the 1964 report he was diagnosed with lung cancer and later died of the disease.

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