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Residential Communications Network launched two retail stores in Boston and NY featuring the RCN Video Wall. Developed packing concepts for M&M MARS changemaker counter displays including STRARBURSTA® and MILKY WAYA®. Play Pick The Pistone, with your hosts Hall-of-Fame goalie Bernie Parent and Flyers hockey analyst Steve Coates. Harris Advertisinga€™s New Media team designs professional, custom, clean, inviting, easy to navigate, well-organized, aesthetically appealing websites. Please fill out our "Contact Us Today" form found over on the left and we will be happy to discuss your web design and development needs.
Depending on the size and scope of your project, Harris Advertising will employ particular elements or all of our Web Project Guidelines in order to ensure we deliver your website on time, on target, and within budget.
Planetarian is the Journal of the International Planetarium Society (IPS) containing resource and review articles.
Vertical ads will always bleed to the top, bottom, and either the left or the right, depending on placement on the page. Bleeds (a piece of art or an ad that extends to the edge of the page so that a white frame or border is not visible) are available on cover and full page ads at no extra charge. If a full page or cover ad is to bleed to the edge of the page, the Editor must be informed at the time the ad is submitted. To receive the significant discount from 4-time insertions, advertisers must have a pre-paid contract on file with the IPS. Advertisers will be billed for each issue within 30 days of the advertising deadlines listed above.

We reserve the right to return advertising materials that we deem inappropriate for the journal. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Competitions and for the following FIVB Official Competitions: World League and World Grand Prix. Only uniforms homologated by the FIVB are authorized in FIVB World and Official Competitions.
This week, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced new guidelines for mobile native ad formats that were developed by the MMA Mobile Native Advertising Committee.
These recommended mobile native ad formats are intended to help both buyers and sellers plan, transact, execute and evaluate mobile native ad campaigns.
The Committee reviewed and categorized each type of native ad on mobile to address the unique attributes of mobile and to provide increased opportunity for marketers. MMA committee member companies will provide quarterly reports to the MMA on the adoption of these formats to track, measure and provide further guidance. It serves as an informational and educational forum for its members and is published on a quarterly basis.
Our readers include those involved in planetarium administration and show production: presenters, lecturers, artists, musicians, photographers, teachers, technicians, and writers, as well as vendors and others who do business with planetariums.
Accepted file types are pdf (first choice), tif, and jpg, and they must be readable on a Windows-based computer. I can also download ads by guest ftp, or you can set up a login on your ftp site if you desire.

Contracts are handled through Dale Smith, the advertising coordinator, who also receives the payments. If you care considering these sites, please see complete policy for cover and centerfold advertising.
By identifying a limited but robust set of ad formats, the mobile advertising marketplace can more efficiently adopt and include mobile native ads into the repertoire of effective mobile marketing tactics. Best results are obtained with press quality pdf files and uncompressed CMYK tif files with a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Checks should be made payable to the International Planetarium Society and sent to the IPS Treasurer at the address listed below.
Advertisers should submit a sample disk and sleeve to the chair of the IPS Publications Committee well in advance of the standard deadline to ensure it meets mailing requirements.
Getting it right the first time makes any project cost efficient and effective.The first step in building a successful website is to define the a€?stakeholdera€? a€“ the owner of the site a€“ the individual who provides ultimate approval and the team and their project roles. Jpeg files are compressed by their nature and care must be given to keep the image detailed enough to print well. And finally, we select appropriate analytics, creating benchmarks in order to measure performance.We create the project blue print. We scrutinize every last detail because your website is one of your most important marketing vehicles.Please request a copy of our Web Design Questionnaire.

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