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That was Facebook's market capitalization, based on where the stock is priced for its IPO on Friday, May 18.
So we decided to do a comparative analysis of the world’s largest online display advertising networks: Facebook vs. For now, we believe that the Google Display Network (GDN) provides advertisers with significantly more value than Facebook advertising in terms of the five key areas outlined below.
Google Display Network Ad Targeting Options: Facebook doesn’t offer mobile advertising (a huge hole, especially with mobile use growing so fast), retargeting (or remarketing), advertising on partner sites, or keyword-based contextual targeting options for display ads. From an advertiser’s perspective, Facebook currently falls short in all five areas when compared to the Google Display Network.
To put it another way, Facebook (currently valued at half as much of Google's entire business) offers advertisers less advertising value than what’s offered in the Google Display Network, which makes up just a quarter of Google’s total business, makes 3x more revenue than Facebook and is growing faster, too. Now, to be sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the Google Display Network – it was originally called the Google Content Network and was for a long time considered painfully inferior to the Search Network by most AdWords advertisers.
Given its impressive global reach, Facebook has the potential to be as much of an advertising behemoth as Google.
For Facebook to prove its worth to shareholders, they need to change this nearly hostile attitude toward advertising. Only then will Facebook be as much as it's believed to be worth – we’re easily looking at 5+ years of work here, based on how long it took Google to get where they are today (for a fascinating glimpse into this long journey, check out our list of 26 crazy Google facts). While there are other display advertising options, few others have the reach that the Google Display Network offers, reaching over 83% of unique Internet users around the world. On the Google Display Network, your Google ads can appear across a collection of partner websites and specific Google websites, such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube . Different advertising methods work differently depending on your business and ideal audience. Google Display Network retargeting allows advertisers to communicate with people who’ve previously visited key pages on your website as they browse the other websites in the Google Display Network.
Ad retargeting, also known as remarketing, can extend brand awareness, increase ROI, and bring in customers that might have been lost otherwise. There are a wide variety of sites that your ads can appear on when you advertise on Google Display Network, ranging from news sites to hobby blogs. While the best way to determine which banner sizes and placements are most effective is through testing, many advertisers have noted that traditional right-side 300x250 banners often perform well. The Google Display Network site has a list of the partner sites that can display your ads with the GDN. You can find more information about Google Display Network pricing on Google’s advertising page. The Google Display Network site is a great resource for learning how to optimize your display ads. Google Display Network Reserve lets advertisers guarantee impressions across brand-safe sites on the GDN. Google Display Network Reserve is great when you want to achieve brand awareness in a set time period.
Google Display Network refers to Google display ads on YouTube, Google Finance, Gmail, Google Maps, Blogger and Google’s display ad partners.
The Google Display Network offers several reporting tools to help you get the most out of your campaigns. In order to have your advertisement shown on the Google Display Network, you must meet Google’s ad requirements and specifications. Google pays attention to which websites and partner sites you visit on the Google Display Network, and uses an advertising cookie to link your browser with your interest and demographic categories.
Is the data on the ads I click in the Google Display Network connected to my Google search history, Gmail, or any Google Account information? Google associates you with interest and demographic categories based on the types of websites you visit in the Google Display Network.
Yes, you can opt out of Google Display Network’s tracking by clicking the "Opt out" button in Ads Preferences Manager. Yes, advertisers can use the Google Display Network to have ads appear on mobile sites and on apps that show ads. Organized content is the best way to display or post an article, thank you for making it easy to digest your post. As a digital media planner we are often asked how each of these two channels compare against each other. Sheldon, keep in mind that we're only comparing the Display advertising portion of Google vs.
It's tricky to effectively measure the real value of the "soft selling" Facebook advertisers have to employ. Hi Larry, good comparison, if Facebook doesn't include additional features in its platform this still won't be good advertising platform for e-commerce.
Although well written and informational, it seems like an infomercial that's slanted towards Google. Larry:Do you ever recommend advertising ONLY on the Partner sites versus a spread of Google Network and Partner?
Thanks for sharing - yes there are flaws but good starting point and more then Google does.To me the CTRs on display seem very high. Back in early 2009 when I was doing mobile advertising mashups at Nokia, I spent a lot of time thinking about how to use someone’s Facebook social graph to create mobile ads that would be more engaging for users. I started to really get stuck into Facebook Advertising, which is Facebook’s ad network used for running those tiny ads you see around the sidebar and various other places on the site.
This means that not only can they add your real time location to the list of targeting data, but also all your friends locations too. There’s already rumours of Facebook testing a Places powered deals service which rewards a user with freebies for checking-in at a location with 3 or more friends.
It’s not hard to imagine what a easy transition it would be for Facebook to become a fully fledged mobile advertising network. Think about this – mobile ad networks can already track when a user passes from one site to another.

With that same logic think about how many people use Facebook on the mobile web, if users check their account then move off to other places on the web, your profile goes with you meaning that the ads you see on sites will be super targeted which will be better for you and the publisher. Realistically I think Facebook would need to expand their online advertising first, then move onto mobile. Planning is especially essential for the businessperson approaching broadcast advertising for the first time. Establish your target market by asking yourself who your customers are and, therefore, who you want to reach with your advertising. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Lists the various advertising options for running ad campaigns on the top social networks including: - Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin - Youtube - Instagram - Pinterest If you are looking for the best ways to advertise on the biggest social networks for business or consumer traffic and followers, this presentation is for you! Nowadays dental social media should be a proven prerequisite to any digital dental marketing plan worth it’s salt, and a clearly identifiable complement to every internal referral system.
Hopefully they have a handle on your organic SEO; but that doesn’t mean Google+ Local, online review management, authorship, or citation building are part of the plan…if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.
Most of us will soon be accessing the internet from a tablet or mobile device more often than via the desktop computer.
Dentists do dentistry, and most don’t have time to study Facebook advertising, local seo, or mobile dental websites & apps. Sure, the only people that are going to Like your page are that small cross section of your existing patient base who’re tuned in to your practice already. If so, so hit up their friends with newsfeed and sidebar ads to scare up some new page Likes – you can target them directly. On the other hand, aside from emailing invites to your existing patients, blogging, and using dental social media tools like Fan Gates on your Facebook page to drive new Likes to eventual new patients, you can also target people on Facebook in your immediate area with an offer to Like your page.
You can drill down to things like age, location, interests, and more with advanced targeting. Maybe you have a Free Whitening Day, or a Wounded Warrior donation drive; whatever your event is, socially savvy dentist can use Facebook advertising to build awareness and increase attendance. What better way to showcase that sterling local news write up, or the Top Dentist in All of the Land award you just purchased? Here’s where the real force multiplication of new dental patient acquisition comes into play.
The competitively cunning dentists out there can employ a dynamic strategy of retargeting and piggyback tactics to broadcast new patient offers and their digital word of mouth through the roof with smart-bomb precision. Dentists going all in with social media advertising watch their new patient acquisition numbers go BOOM!
In our experience, word of mouth is one of the primary new patient acquisition vectors local dental practices rely on to continually increase their gross production. Whether it’s a teeth whitening offer, a local charity drive, or just a simple blog post, Facebook advertising for dentists could provide you with piles of the new social currency that is cost-effective & sustainable new patient acquisition. A look into the future reveals an ever-expanding social graph on Facebook combined with a shrinking (free) real estate market on the first page of Google search results…dentists better start thinking seriously about advertising on Facebook and deploying Google Adwords as part of their new patient acquisition arsenal. Check out this infographic then envision how your dental practice can identify patients by email address, mobile phone number, or profile ID…then serve up some digital word of mouth amplification.
DS2G’s Thirst Channel in association with Aqua Pure and the University of Scranton Dining Services are offering the amazing opportunity to advertise your business on our Thirst Channel Water Cooler “Digital Ad Screen”. As yet, Facebook’s advertising platform hasn’t kept pace with the explosive growth of its social network.
The Google Display Network (GDN) has more expansive reach (it has the ability to reach more unique people across the world), but Facebook has more pageviews (fewer people spend more time on Facebook, meaning it can hit the same people on the head more times with ads). This is paltry compared to Google’s display network ad format options: text ads, image ads, flash-based image ads, in-video ads, as well as ads for mobile web and mobile games.
Zuckerberg is in denial here – he wants to be this cool company that’s all about "connecting people," but 85% of his revenue is driven from internet advertising. Mark Zuckerberg has said that he doesn’t want advertising to "ruin Facebook" – but it really doesn’t have to. Google partner sites are sites that allow Googe Display Advertising on their site, enabling you to reach audiences through their favorite sites and blogs. Many advertisers find Google Display Network effective because it allows you to connect with customers across a million websites. It lets you show your ads to people visiting their favorite news sites or blogs, which is a unique benefit. Just set your targeting options, impressions, and timing goals, and Google takes care of the rest.
Most advertisers use Google Display Network Reserve to launch new products, promote a limited time offer, or get word out about a specific event.
Previously, advertisers would display ads on partner sites through the Google Content Network. These tools include Placement Performance Reports, Demographic Reports, Reach and Frequency Reports, Campaign Insights, and View-Through Conversion Reports. Google then uses this information to show you ads based on your interests and which sites you visit. Your ad data is not linked to your Google Search, Gmail, or other Google Account information. Google scans the pages you visit to understand the content and interests associated with that site. Google can walk you step by step through the process of getting started with the Google Display Network. This provides an easy explantion of how they differ and what advertisers can expect when they invest in each channel. Facebook advertising (we're excluding Google Search entirely, which is a completely different thing). If they start allowing keyword targeting, we might be interested again, but as of now we (and our ad $) are staying far away. As an analogy, google is all about the hard ROI (sales, leads, etc) and they have all of Google Analytics to help you figure out the ROI of your paid search campaigns.

Getting the business page going was a breeze, but then I made crucial mistake - I decided to advertise with them too. Wow, what a mess!
Google supplies an extremenly useful service, it brings huge ammounts of information on virtually any subject to a user instantly. I am currently cross-testing both methods and have found my CTR to be significantly higher with the Partner ads and more cost-effective, however my overall conversion to my end goal is lower.Thanks! My main goal was to combine the features of the Nokia device (location, music, games etc) with the immense amount of data Facebook has about you and your friends, resulting in highly relevant and targeted ads. Anyone can go in and place an ad but the killer feature is the huge amount of targeting options available to you. If this happens then Facebook can track you between your PC browsing and mobile, and I can’t imagine anyone other than Google that can really compete with that. But while national TV advertising is out of the entrepreneur's price range, advertising on local stations and, especially, on cable television can be surprisingly affordable. When you're first starting out, it's important to educate yourself about the media, and the only way you can do that is to talk to a lot of people.
Come up with an amount that won't strain your business but will allow you to give broadcast advertising a good try. Their click to Like is the first step toward your front door…that you nurture with unobtrusive reminders of what your patients say, how much money your offers save, and how great of a team you have. Since both Google and Facebook generate most of their revenue through advertising (advertising accounts for 96% of Google’s revenue vs.
It may be Facebook’s relatively slim offerings in terms of ad formats and targeting options, which are the key for driving ad relevancy and CTR.
They need to embrace advertising’s potential to build value for both advertisers and end users.
The Google Display Network also allows a variety of targeting options to help ensure you reach relevant audiences. You can change and edit the categories your browser is associated with through Google’s Ad Preference Manager. For example, if you visit a softball-related site in the Google Display Network, Google will add a softball preference to your cookie. While it's not fair to compare both each channel against each other it at least provide ammunition for those who need to provide rationale for the recommendations.
What does FB offer to help advertisers track, understand and analyze the value of their advertising investment?
I have done $10K or more in annual advertising with Google and Yahoo, but Facebook advertising process is terrible. From age all the way through to interests, and you can also target by applications installed, even events!
Armed with the right information, the small-business owner may find that TV advertising can, in fact, deliver more customers than any other type of ad campaign.
This includes advertising representatives from TV stations, other business owners, and your customers. 86% of Facebook’s), we can definitely weigh in on the worth question from an advertising perspective. This is a specific comparison of the display advertising capabilities of Facebook against only the display advertising component of Google's business (The Google Display Network), which makes up roughly 20% of Google’s total advertising business. Google has industry-standard analytics tools, whereas Facebook is very thin in terms of reporting. The sooner he figures this out, the higher the chances that Facebook is actually worth +$100 billion.
This means helping businesses connect to the most relevant audience possible, deliver their message in more engaging ways, and manage and report on their advertisements more easily and completely. Then, as you visit other websites that are part of the Google Display Network, Google may continue to show you ads related to softball, such as softball game tickets or softball equipment. I went through the process of setting up the ad, but when I added my credit card as a payment option, it all went crazy. I like to say that Facebook is like our diary newletter or mobile phone if we need to comunicate with someone.
The key is to have a clear understanding of the market so the money spent on TV Advertising isn't wasted. The Google Display Network allows advertisers to place contextual ads on a network of sites across the Internet (including Google properties like YouTube, Blogger and Gmail as well as over 2 million other participating sites), rather than in the search results. Another possible explanation is intent – people may be less responsive to banner ads within a social network than when using other types of websites. Our conclusion is that display ads on google network websites are 10x more likely to be clicked on than display ads on facebook.
Apparently, FB (who, by the way successfully charged my card for $1 as a test), decided that my account activity is "unusual".
The problem with google CTRs are if these campaign include the 600+ flash gaming sites google has in their network CTRs are higher. Radio generally costs a little less, although rates vary widely depending on the size of the market, the station's penetration, and the audience of the show on which you want to advertise. Click through Rates on Google Display Network were nearly 10x higher than Facebook Advertising. First, how can my activity be "unusual" when all I did was to add my credit card number and open the account that very day. They use no-reply email addresses to email me, so I cannot have 2 way conversation with Facebook. They may be worth $100B, but if they treat their advertisers the same way as they do general public, will their revenues keep coming in?

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