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Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD), a public agency charged with providing water and sewer services to Dublin, San Ramon, and Pleasanton, recently drew tremendous public outrage when its board of directors approved obscene compensation packages that included one-quarter-million dollars in bonuses to DSRSD’s top brass. Will the all-white DSRSD Board of Directors resurrect the spirit of the literacy test with 'Policy for Submission and Tabulation of Written Protest?' Editorial cartoon from the January 18, 1879, issue of Harper's Weekly. DSRSD’s attempt to silence free speech is allegedly spearheaded by DSRSD General Manager Bert Michalczyk, with Board President Rich Halket, Board Member Pat Howard, and Board Member Georgean Vonheeder-Leopold as his accomplices.
Given that no oversight legal entity exists to hold DSRSD accountable for its actions, public protest is the last and perhaps the most powerful means of keeping this water and sewer services agency honest. Since the public revelation of the shenanigans at the City of Bell, people have collectively wondered how did Bell’s residents and their elected officials let things get so out of hand. Compare to its neighboring cities in the Tri-Valley, Danville has seen the lowest unemployment rate since the economic downturn. Since DSRSD suspended its water rate study until after the 2012 elections (I wonder why), they won’t be sending out any Prop. I posted my San Ramon Observer blog on this at 4 AM Monday morning after spending six hours wading through the League of California Cities’ legalese on Proposition 218.

I also attended the Finance Committee meeting and summarized what was discussed in my reply to Mary at the bottom of the comments thread.
Although I am sure that the finance group will be collecting data all the time, we were told (and the reports for agenda item 8A of the December 6, 2011 board meeting appear to confirm) that the board is no longer considering rate adjustments in March 2012.
Well if the Bell City Council were caught squandering the taxes of their constituents and charged with crimes, could the same be done here? DSRSD is taking steps to terminate the controversial pay for performance (bonus) program along with a wellness program. If our elected board members aren’t watching out for us, the solution is a political one. I would have hoped that we would have gotten a little bit of accountability at the local level but these people are no different than big government. If you’re looking for a creative advertising agency based in Ireland, with offices in Belfast and Dublin, you’ve come to the right place. If we sound like the mythical agency that you’ve been quietly yearning for but didn’t think really existed, view our work.
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Our process is simple: we craft each project and strive to create meaning and value for our customers and their users. The excessive bonuses have been financed by a series of rate hikes at a time when families and local businesses can least afford them. Once adopted, this new rule will require a majority of all DSRSD customers in Dublin, San Ramon, and Pleasanton to mail in protest letters before the Board would even consider listening to the ratepayers’ concerns. If ratepayers cannot keep their protest a secret before the public meeting, DSRSD will claim the authority to dismiss their concerns and invalidate all protest letters that have been collected on that particular issue. Residents who wish to protest going forward are encouraged to improve their English by practicing with these old literacy tests, if they do not wish to have their letters thrown out due to what the DSRSD Board considers to be poor writing style.
This requirement will effectively eliminate the ability for families that live in multi-family housing such as apartments and condos to protest rate increases.

According to sources close to DSRSD, General Manager Michalczyk is said to have a rather brusque management style in dealing with employees and various boards of directors over the years. Just as Rome was not built in one day, the road to Hell always starts with that very first step.
Perhaps DSRSD General Manager Bert Michalczyk of Central Danville is too disconnected from the ratepayers he serves in Dublin, San Ramon, and Pleasanton, many of whom are still struggling to make ends meet, to understand why the excessive compensation packages for DSRSD's top brass has sparked such public outrage.
It is one thing for workers who haven’t gotten a raise to help with the economy and forestall some money. They should be knowledgeable about water issues and be willing to familiarize themselves with the concerns of district employees (not just management)and ratepayers alike.
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All these barriers are to ensure that the majority threshold will never be achieved, so DSRSD top brass may continue to rob their customers blind and feel good about it.
Given that most below-market-rate homes are either condos or apartments, DSRSD will be marginalizing the low-income and senior population in Dublin, San Ramon, and Pleasanton and deny them their due process. If residents take the time to attend one of their rate hearings and speak during the public comment portion, why should they have to submit additional written protests? Since DSRSD has a history of not admitting to or correcting their mistakes, I wouldn’t expect any protests to be reinstated on appeal.
I didn’t expect the cheering section from Rich Halket or Georgean Vonheeter-Leopold, but I appreciated their input.
The matter will be brought back to the finance committee in the fall of 2012 with the possibility of rate adjustments in 2013. Thanks to some squawking on the blogs, DSRSD is looking at accepting rate protests by email and by fax. We also wanted to engage, interact, evoke curiosity, and show our audience why the new Clio was so interesting. Could the current DSRSD board of directors be bullied by General Manager Michalczyk into betraying the trust of the residents who have elected them to office?
Next Board member election is 2012 and there will be three Board members up for re-election.

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