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The teeth have been animated so that the wheels move round.  This could be used to demonstrate the action of gears and gearing. There is even an example that shows what happens when you do not have your gearing ratios correctly aligned. If you liked this PowerPoint Template we would appreciate you liking it on FaceBook or Tweeting it.
You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag. My group and I will use this power point to make our project presentation on gears for an Engineering class. Thanks a lot, used it in my presentation to show the synergy of microbes, nutrients and enzymes in bioremdiation processes. Hi, I will be using this to demonstrate to my group the alignment between different components of Data and Information Management.

Your animated cogs are excellent, however I have managed to find only one circulating text box per cog. This is just the design i need to emphasize ideas of alignment, and correct matches in outcome based education. Sample of my data: first column is time multiplied by a factor, the others are coordinates. There used to be a commercial product M for ActiveX from Episoft that allowed the inclusion of M in PP.
1) Avoid PPT, - use built-in Mathematica slideshow templates, they were recently updated and are beautiful.
3) The last exotic option is to make a CDF file, embed it into a web page and then use LiveWeb ( tutorial ) to display the webpage in PPT. I didn't try with LiveWeb, but I can confirm that a WebBrowser object will display a functioning CDF embedded into a web page. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged export animation office or ask your own question.

Does Mathematica support variable frame rate for any video format, in analogue of GIF-style “DisplayDurations”?
Are there an infinite number of prime numbers where removing any number of digits leaves a prime?
Since it seem you also posted the same question on Wolfram Community, it is a good idea to include this information in your question to avoid redundancy.
I want to show the random walk of an electron, so the location of the electron must be shown through all the animation. Now I need some time to go through all the suggestions and find the one which fits my needs the best. For Any other format ppt links to an external file, resulting in unending headaches should you ever move your files around.

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