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Till alla er som inte fick tag i en invite till Google + slapper nu Google sitt sociala natverk till alla.
USGSSYDNEY - An magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck southeast of the Pacific island nation of Tonga on Sunday, the US Geological Survey said.
The quake hit 277 kms (172.12 miles) south-southeast of the capital Nuku'alofa at a depth of 66 kms, the USGS said.

The USGSA initially tweeted that the earthquake was magnitude 5.8, later upgrading the number.
A powerful earthquakes hit Ecuador on Saturday, killing more than 70 people, and two consecutive nights of earthquakesA rocked Japan Thursday and Friday. De som bloggar har ar framst Anders Tufvesson, Digital strateg med inriktning pa Gamification.

08 februari 2016 Anders TufvessonNystart for bloggen – Gamification och Omnichannel 03 februari 2016 Anders TufvessonHur positiv far du vara pa Facebook?

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