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In this weeka€™s roundup of new Mac apps, we bring you a cure for bloated storage, a number of tools to maximize the value of your desktop, a solution to all your geometric problems, and much more. If your hard drive is starting to feel a little tight around the midriff, Tunabelly Softwarea€™s $4 Disk Diet (Mac App Store Link) can help you get it back into shape.The app analyzes the contents of your drive, looking for files that can be safely removed to save space without losing any important data. The Alchemist Guilda€™s $5 DockShelf (Mac App Store Link) is a handy little utility that allows you to create additional docks for your desktop.The app places docks on the sides of your screen, and lets you customize their contents to your hearta€™s desire, adding links to images, documents, apps, and websites anywhere you like. Geometry is hard, but the International GeoGebra Institutea€™s GeoGebra 5 (Mac App Store Link) makes it a little easier to digest.Designed for educational needs of all levels, the app helps you understand and visualize all sorts of geometric problems, from complex formulas to observational diagrams. In case you missed it, Apple has updated Pages (Mac App Store Link), Numbers (Mac App Store Link), and Keynote (Mac App Store Link) so that they can take advantage of new features in OS X El Capitan.All the apps now support split-view fullscreen multitasking, and come with a variety of improvements and bug fixes, including the ability to open and edit documents originally saved using legacy versions of Applea€™s office suite. Mach Software Designa€™s $3 Mach Desktop (Mac App Store Link) brings beautiful high-definition dynamic wallpapers to your Mac.The app displays great sceneries rendered in realtime alongside several panels full of useful information like the weather, time and date, and more. Innoveghtivea€™s $5 Magpie is now compatible with OS X El Capitan.Magpie is a handy utility that lets you quickly capture a video from any webpage and play it later at your convenience.

Editing hex files may seem like an esoteric problem in todaya€™s world, but if you need to do it, Andreas Pehnacka€™s $40 Synalyze It! Developer Daniel Alma€™s $25 Timing (Mac App Store Link) tracks all the time you spend at your Mac using an ingeniousa€”and completely automatica€”method.The app simply monitors the software you use while youa€™re at your computer and then lets you review the daya€™s activities so that you can both keep tabs on your work habits and fill your timesheets whenever you need to. Activision presente la 1ere bande-annonce du nouveau Call of Duty annonce pour le 04 novembre 2016. Le magazine japonais Mac Fan a publie un schema de ce que devrait etre le smartphone premium qu'Apple prevoit de lancer en septembre prochain. Pour celebrer la sortie de Captain America : Civil War, la branche tricolore du geant americain propose une console aux couleurs d’Iron Man.
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Once the app has done its magic, a simple click immediately erases all the dead weight, leaving you with a lighter (and probably faster) system. The app supports most popular formats, keeps a history of the videos youa€™ve watched, and saves its data in iCloud, which allows you to sync and watch your files on all your devices. Pro (Mac App Store Link) has got you covered.The app offers a number of advanced features, including the ability to map data to one of many known file formats, color-code various data elements, and perform advanced search-and-replace capabilities. You can even assign each of them its own cute animal icon as an easy way to tell it apart from the others.
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