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Although it doesn't have as many editing tools as its competitors, the user-friendly interface makes up for it. With an impressive feature set and an easy-to-use interface, Debut Video Capture Software is a top choice for video capture software. In addition to the desktop video capture and recording options, Debut offers scheduled recording, something that the best video capture tools typically offer, to the already expected real-time recording option. Cursor capture, which allows you to record your cursor as you move it around, is easy to use and it's an especially convenient tool if you are creating a tutorial or video where viewers are required to follow the movement of the cursor. Debut does not offer the majority of the editing tools we were looking for, such as splicing and converting audio files to MP3, WMA or WAV.
Debut Video Capture Software offers a simple interface that makes navigating the application easy. In order to access all of the help and support resources available for Debut Video Capture Software, you must purchase the application. NCH takes the unusual approach of charging you for technical support plans, which is a huge drawback. Through the application, you can access help and support resources that should provide enough information that you don’t need to pay extra for the additional customer support.
Although we were not thrilled about the paid customer support plans, Debut does offer a number of free support resources. Whether youa€™re an emerging Twitch broadcaster or simply a gamer who wants to share your epic gaming highlights with pals, recording your video gameplay is all the rage these days. We played with five of the most popular free gameplay capture tools arounda€”Open Broadcast Software, Nvidiaa€™s ShadowPlay, Raptr, MSI Afterburner, and Plays.tva€”to try and answer that question. Leta€™s start with an overview of each of the programs in no particular order, followed by a look at what sort of performance hit each program inflicts on games. If youa€™re looking to start livestreaming specifically, be sure to check out PCWorlda€™s guide to game streaming with Twitch. Of the five game recording programs wea€™re covering, is by far the easiest to use. As for the actual game recording features, when the app is running it starts recording your gaming sessions automatically. Once youa€™re done with your gaming session, pops up a window with your recorded gameplay, offering very simple tools for cutting down your video into a shareable 30-second clip.
Nvidiaa€™s GeForce Experience software looks straightforward, but ita€™s not always the simplest to use.
To get started with ShadowPlay you first have to click the ShadowPlay button in the upper right corner of the GFE window. By default, ShadowPlay records up to five minutes of gameplay at any given time unless you turn on the manual recording feature, which captures your action until disabled.
Raptr, the company, has a desktop client of the same name that also records your gaming. The Raptr client used to have its own dedicated game recording software, but now has integration currently in beta. Raptr also comes with built-in integration, allowing you to broadcast your live gaming with just a few clicks.
If youa€™ve been thinking about getting into Twitch broadcasting but youa€™ve been putting it off because of the technical hassle, or because you think you need a dedicated broadcasting PC to get going, Raptr kills all those excuses for you. OBS is a popular open-source solution for recording gameplay, and specifically, for blasting it out to the world. For starters, OBS is very complex, and that complexity is not a result of the programa€™s powerful features but its design.
In my tests, I also had serious trouble getting OBS to record my gaming session, succeeding only after setting OBS to capture my entire monitor. Unless youa€™re willing to put in some time to learn this software or have needs beyond simple game recordinga€”professional Twitch streamers swear by OBS and its deep, configurable powera€”look elsewhere.
This program isna€™t exactly game capture software, but it is a popular program with gaming enthusiasts, and anyone who already has it could just use this instead of downloading a separate piece of video capture software.
MSI Afterburnera€™s primary use is for overclocking your graphics card, but it can record video, too. Recording gameplay can potentially take a toll on performance, so we benchmarked what sort of frame rate drops you can expect from using these particular programs.
We didna€™t use a top-of-the-line rig for our tests, but a laptop with an external GPU set-up. Gamers with a budget system will have to be prepared to suffer a performance hit of varying severity running recording software at the same time as a gamea€”but thata€™s the price you pay for a video folder full of memories and the ability to share your greatest gaming moments with the world. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Learn how you can easily leverage your time, energy and resources by using this powerful and simple tool! When I first started marketing online, I couldn’t find a clue if it slapped me in the face!

Now before I realized the importance of masterminds and live events (which we’ll talk about another day), the only way I would learn from them is through online training videos or webinars. So for the first tool that you can start playing with right away is called Jing (by TechSmith). Mainly because it’s SUPER easy to use, and you can get started right away without any technical background needed. Now if you want to take it up a notch, then you’ll want to get a hold of Camtasia (made by the same company). Enter your best email address below to stay updated with FREE tips and the latest marketing strategies to explode your business growth and exposure!
Microsoft Project makes it easy to manage projects and to interact with employees from almost anywhere.
Although Debut does not offer as many editing tools as other products in our video capture review lineup, it offers all the necessary ones, such as resizing and watermarks. You can record your desktop or screen, including PowerPoint presentations or steaming internet content like Hulu and YouTube. The toolbar has a number of options: device, network, screen, schedule, recordings, options and help. There are also options for encoding, changing the edit output, the file format, text captions, color settings, watermarks and an option to record only a certain area. NCH Software, the manufacturer, has a FAQs page, video guides, and purchasing and sales information. We were impressed with the usability of Debut's interface, which is why it ranks as one of the top video capture programs we reviewed.
But which recording solution should you use if youa€™re just dipping your toes into capturing gaming videos? Each serves a different purpose, such as recording and sharing highlight clips, broadcasting your gameplay to the world, or creating a complete archive of your favorite game. It makes it really simplea€”and funa€”to post short gaming clips online, and it barely affects your gamea€™s frame rates (which wea€™ll get to later on). By default, will record up to 10GB of gameplay at 720p resolution and 30 frames per second. The interface can be confusing at times, and it may take a minute to understand the inner logic of the program. One nice touch: ShadowPlay will save the last five minutes of your gameplay if you press Alt + F10. Like, Raptr automatically records your gaming sessions by default when you start a game. As its name suggests, OBS can be used to broadcast your game streams on platforms like Twitch, and OBS is also used for creating screencasts. Essential parts of the set-up process to record a gaming session are buried under a right-click.
Now to be fair, I tested OBS on a laptop with an e-GPU set-up, and OBSa€™ guide says it has trouble dealing with laptops running two graphics processors.
MSI Afterburner is predominantly a graphics card overclocking suitea€”not just MSI graphics cards, eithera€”that comes with a second download called RivaTuner Statistics Server. The point wasna€™t to see a tremendously powerful system can do, because tremendously powerful systems wona€™t have much of a problem running anything.
The performance hit created by video capture software can vary wildly among different PC configurations. But these benchmarks still provide a helpful general idea on recording software performance. Game-wise, we used Metro: Last Light Reduxa€™s built-in benchmarking utility running on High graphics settings at 1080p resolution. Activating many of the recording options on this dual-core Core i7 system invoked a serious decline in game performance despite its HyperThreadinga€”but not all of them. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. You see, Camtasia allows you to not only do the basic video screen capture, but you can go in there and edit your video and instantly link it to other social sharing sites after you’ve done so.
Another cool feature is that if you use Microsoft PowerPoint, there is a plugin that is embedded into it by using Camtasia. Sometimes they just use the screen capture software to take screenshots of their results to prove it to the naysayers. You can also record footage from a webcam, a network IP camera or even another video input device like a VHS recorder or DVD player. Located on the main page of the interface, you can name the recording and choose the video source, the audio source, the date, and the start and end time.
The options allow you to edit the color of the cursor as well as highlight the movement and clicks.
You can resize your recording area and focus attention on certain aspects of the recording through zooming in or capturing the cursor.
The interface is one of the best compared to other software we reviewed because of its simple design and clean look, making it one of the easiest programs to use.

If you haven’t purchased either a support plan or the application itself, your question will be lower priority.
It opens a resource page on topics such as watermarks, saved selections, scheduled recording, color settings, text caption settings, hot keys and more. We were pleased with the high-quality results of the video captures as well as with the captured audio. Therea€™s no shortage of video recording tools out there vying for your attention, many with unique hooks or features. If youa€™d like to tweak the maximum storage capacity, resolution, bitrate, recording framerate, or other technical aspects of the video, all those options can quickly be changed in the softwarea€™s settings.
The URL for your new clip is automatically copied to your clipboard for easy sharing on email, instant messaging, or social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Once ita€™s active, youa€™ll be able to tinker with the quality, audio, activation, and length of recording options in the pop-up panel. Tapping Ctrl + F2 saves your last 30 seconds of gameplay, and those clips can then be easily uploaded to
All you have to do is log into your Twitch account via Raptr, turn off Raptra€™s automated game recording settings, and start your game.
The only trouble: At first it wouldna€™t recognize my webcam, but after I chucked my eight-year-old webcam and bought something that wasna€™t pre-Windows 8 it worked just fine.
Ita€™s a powerful program, but OBS is most definitely not recommended for anyone who just wants a quick and easy game capture solution. That said, OBS is the only program I tested that had an issue figuring out which GPU to use. RTSS is a great tool for limiting the frame rates of your games if your GPU is working harder than necessary.
By default, you use F10 to start recording, but you can also set it to automatically start recording every time you start a game.
Using this setup shows how a mid- to low-end system fares while gaming and recording at the same time. And note that the unique features of each of the gaming capture programs discussed here may lead you to pick one over another regardless of potential performance concerns.
Pretty much everything else that could be turned off was turned off, including SSAO, motion blur, tessellation, V-Sync, and Advanced PhysX. The best all-around performer was Plays.TV, which lost a little less than 6 percent of performance compared to the baseline. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Once you start to capture not only videos, but still screen shots too, you’ll be able to look like an instant expert providing value in a variety of ways.
Once you capture your video, Debut offers a text tool that allows you to add captions throughout your video or on a single frame.
However, if you purchase a Silver, Gold or Platinum plan, it becomes one of the most costly choices. The settings also let you disable automatic recording of full gameplay sessions if youa€™d like, and allow you to enable configurable hotkey-based video capture instead. Ita€™s Nvidiaa€™s hub for all kinds of graphics cards settings and for automatically optimizing your gamesa€™ graphics settings for maximum visual effect. If you close the small ShadowPlay pop-up and navigate to Preferences > ShadowPlay in the main GFE window, youa€™ll find additional settings options.
Yes, it helps to have extra features hidden away for power users, but essential basics that everyone needs should not be hidden beneath the non-obvious right-click.
There are other settings below that if you want to change any video capture settings, such as the recording frame rate or the default video file type.
Nvidiaa€™s ShadowPlay was a close second, with a performance hit of a little over 8 percent. You can select a microphone as the audio input to provide a narration to your video, speakers to record whatever audio is streaming on your computer, and mouse clicks to accentuate your clicks.
While Debut lacks the ability to split or join audio and video files, the application does offer basic editing tools, such as resizing and adding watermarks.
ShadowPlay showed Nvidiaa€™s software performed far better with GeForce graphics cards, for example, and AMDa€™s recording solution shone brightest on Radeon graphics cards.
Just remember that if you don’t use the consultations in the allotted time, between one and three months, you lose them. Likewise, when my editor conducted some quick tests on a more powerful gaming machine with an overclocked Core i5-3570K and a GTX 980, the performance hit was far less severe than I saw with my system. OBS (full monitor capture mode) and Afterburner created healthy performance hits too, with both underperforming the baseline by about 31 percent.

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