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As a wii owner, I was devastated to find out how much could be accomplished with half-hearted waggling. WHENEVER we see hateful, harassing speech, take a public stand against it and make the gaming community a more enjoyable space to be in. We are asking indie developers, AAA developers, and other folks to stop branding gamers as neckbearded, misogynistic, hatefueled, ignorant, homophobic, idiots.
To say that the past two weeks has been a rough ride for gamers would be a severe understatement. With accusations of the corruption of game journalism, disturbing threats of violence, and unwarranted harassment directed towards game developers, critics, and fellow gamers flying around the internet, it’s safe to say there is a lot happening in the video game industry. In response to recent events, over 600 (at the time of this writing) prominent industry figures have rallied together against the hate and harassment that has been setting the gaming population aflame as of late.
They are doing so through signing and support of an open letter addressed to the gaming community, which can be described as a call to action for gamers to take a proactive stance against hateful or violent conduct, instead of sitting apathetically on the proverbial sidelines. If you see threats of violence or harm in comments on Steam, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook or reddit, please take a minute to report them on the respective sites. Developers from video game companies such as Bioware, Epic, Riot Games, Blizzard, Bungie, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Sony, and Double Fine (among a slew of others) are among the 600-plus individuals that signed the letter. One thought though, there should be an automatic right to respond to the criticism of games in a respectful fashion however. You mean like the hate and violence game ‘journalists’ and bloggers and social justice trolls levy at gamers? Gamers want more women in the industry, they just want those women to earn their place, like men, because to make it in a creative industry, all that matters are your skills and portfolio. Anita just whines about how terrible games are through lies, manipulation, and contextless arguments, instead of actually making her own game, and Zoe made a game that would never have made it past Steam Greenlight were it not for cronyism. All I ask is that women achieve the same standards men aspire to; to earn their place in our industry and community, like plenty of women have. And now, when light is shone upon the incestuous, unethical nature of games journalism, they all paint us as the bad guys!
Oh and when the likes of EA, Blizzard and Activision make a public PR statement, then maybe, they could claim the high ground. What we have here is a load of individuals, interns and indie devs, with a scattering of people working in big publishers and devs being used to claim legitimacy for their position. I do enjoy that some people no matter who, or how flawed their logic may be, are participating. I don’t think those companies will ever make a PR statement on this kind of situation as the situation has become so polarised that were they to do so one side would take it as an affront.
At least IMO, that’s why they seem to be fighting tooth and nail and censor or dismiss everything leveled at them.
Yeah, I think (in my case), it’s more of the reasons behind the actual act that I like.
This is just more deflection from the real issue that has caused all of this harassment in the first place.

An industry accused of a serious ethics violation publishes an open letter calling for a new code of ethics… for their readers. Congratulations, you talked about the petition to stop gaming journalists hate targeting gamers, that makes you a better journalists and 80% of these gaming journalists, if you can call them journalists at all.
Any individual that considers themselves to be part of the gaming community (or simply wants to support it) can find the petition here. Adding fuel to the already raging flames by being hostile or venomous to your fellow players will not, in any way, amend the current situation. However, until they stop treating us like subhuman trash there is no reason to go along with them. There are women in the industry who got where they are because of their merits, like Jade Raymond and Amy Hennig and Rhianna Pratchett, and probably a ton of female artists and probably even a few coders.
We’re the disgusting basement dwelling manchildren who don’t want to play fair and share our little clubhouse!
But they won’t, because those companies know better than to get dragged into this and would happily drop those media outlets as soon as a better alternative comes a long. Hypocritical at best, considering the click bait title on Kotaku, claiming support of these companies, when they don’t have it.
Just because someone who works at EA has signed the letter, doesn’t really mean the entire company shares his or her opinion. The irony is that the more they try to distract and suppress the more credence they give to the information piling up. While trying to end harassment on the Internet is an admirable goal it is ultimately not achievable and I think everyone reading this knows this to be true.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Is it a futile effort, or do you think that we, as the so-called gaming community, can change the way people see us, and possibly the way we see ourselves? But you can’t censor, and hate, and destroy artistic license and creative freedom, and the freedom of speech. This is like saying we are going to convince Lions to stop eating Gazelles because they are meany heads for doing so. If they would just stop all of this BS and just get there own houses in order a lot of the harassment they claim is so awful would just stop.
The large companies that we know and love are publishers as well as owning development studios.
I thought gamers had differentiated themselves from the bad eggs pretty clearly by getting outraged that they were being lumped together.
It’s as if the game industry is asking US to deal with the bad people and not just realize that some people are beyond reprimanding. There are high upfront costs, so a failure of a game will hurt and a huge success will help. As long as you can look at the company and account for the competence of management you really have a lot of the information regarding the next earnings and a few after that.

Activision-Blizzard (ATVI)The big daddy of the video game world in the eyes of some if not most. It is the market leader with fantastic games, great cash reserves, no debt, and some of the strongest IPs in the industry. Skylanders is the closest thing, but its revenues are helped along by sales of physical toys. There has not been another Call of Duty like IP that is not just a subset of Call of Duty like Black Ops.
I suppose if each of your franchises broke records every time they are released you would not go bumbling into other ones that might hurt the overall brand.Activision never used to move, but a company can only make so many sales and make so much money and remain flat.
Perhaps the volatility for the stock will increase in which case playing new game releases could be a great move.2. It is a game publisher that takes games from other development studios not just its core group. All of the publishers have studios that they own, but EA takes games from independent publishers. Overall, it tends to be far less of a force compared to Activision when it comes to profit.
It is still a major video game publisher and major releases can see it padding its bottom line.The most recent release was Dead Space 3, which in addition to its sticker price has some microtransactions and DLC. It is expected to make a ton of profit despite all the expenses.The company has a bit more volatility associated with it so the rise into and out of GTA V should be nice. GTA V should fill its coffers nicely, and that period should be looked at carefully for profitable trades.Conclusion The very nature of game development involves upfront investment on any endeavor with an uncertain return. Normally the solution is to make more games to even out the problems, but there will always be big expensive games that falter somehow.
Consumers of content tend to be fickle and even an amazing game might not sell quite enough to justify the massive budgets. The industry is also going into transition with the new consoles as well as the rise of platforms like Steam and mobile devices.
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